Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Verse First ~ MOVE

Welcome to Verse First, where simple notions prompt amazing poems.

Today's notion?


... because after 20 years in the same community, that's exactly what I'm doing; and by next week I hope to be ensconced in a new, albeit temporary, studio space wherein I can resume my writing and painting routines. I can't wait. I miss you people!
Now, consider Khalil Gibran's words of wisdom below, and then write.  Only rule ~ no more than 20 lines. After you post your work on your website, use Mr. Linky to share it here. Leave a comment below if you like, and remember to support fellow poets by visiting and commenting on their work.

March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life's path.

~ Khalil Gibran

I look forward to reading your unflinchingly pared-down poems. ~ Kim

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  1. Just feeling like shouting loud...I am first!...TOP SLOT GIVES GREAT FEELING

  2. Feels like shouting aloud...I am..first!
    top slot gives great feeling!

  3. Can't wait til your settled, Kim... I miss you!

  4. Your essay inspired this sonnet. In it, I skim the top of what is simmering below the surface. There will be more, so I Thank you. May your move be smooth and your new home just right.

  5. How exciting for you, Kim!

    I found some tanka I wrote when Andrew and I moved house a few years ago, reposted them as a sequence and linked to that

  6. Making advances, one step at a time... in life and in rhyme. What else is there to do? ;)

  7. Timely topic, kiddo. I hope your move lifts your heart and energizes you.

  8. Ack! I only now remembered the 20 line limit. Sorry, Kim. How I do run on!!Hmmm....they're short. I'll go back and buddy them up!

    1. While reading I wasn't conscious of it being 'too long' or anything, just got swept away by the poem!

  9. Thanks for the opportunity. I am glad I found this website.

  10. I have moved my bit a bit! :)

  11. This is the first time, I am attempting a prompt from this blog. Do read and let me know, if it churned out well:)

    Thanks so much!

  12. I am struck by the consistent beauty of responses to this prompt.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. You have given me a perfect prompt since a week back only I have moved to this new place, travelling over 3000 kms. Thank you :) Hope you like what i have pen down.
    Good luck with your move.

  15. All the best with the move and have fun in your new home.

  16. This is the first time that I'm attempting a prompt. Hope it clicks with everybody.

    Thank You

  17. Thank you for the prompt and best wishes for your move

  18. Very interesting prompt, couldn't help writing. Its past midnight now, shall come back to read others tomorrow. Till then, ciao...

  19. Kim,

    I miss you too, but appreciate your time to post these weekly prompts. Good luck with your personal reorganisation:)

    I could have written about several facets of 'Move,' but thought back to my old Belfast roots...


  20. This prompt is wonderful! Enjoyed it very much :)

  21. I'm now moving on with my life, so I thought I'd better come back to a place I call home on the web and revisit some old friends.

  22. All these great prompt responses makes me want to write a poem about my search for moving companies. Good luck in your new studio space!


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