Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's Father's Day in the Poetry Pantry!

image from Wikipedia Creative Commons

Dad, the sky was 
never as beautiful
as when I saw it from
your shoulders.

Kids, it is Father's Day, a day when we express our appreciation to dear old Dad, who quietly gets up every morning and works a long day to earn a living, but still has time for baths and stories when he gets home. Dad shows us the world, makes us laugh, helps us dream, coaches our growing and points the way to a limitless horizon. Because he believes in us, it is easier for us to believe in ourselves. Because he is kind, his daughters learn how to choose a kind partner. Dad's boys are the apples of his eye. His daughters are Daddy's little girls. When Dads turn into Grandpas, they have a special twinkle in their eyes for their grandkids, and they get choked up easily around them, because they know how vulnerable children are, and how hard life can be.

Today let's remember our Dads and Grandpas, in whichever way feels right to you.

You know the drill: post the link to your blog in Mr Linky, and make the rounds to read some of the other offerings. It will be wonderful to read about all of the Dads!

Happy Father's Day, Big Guy!

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  1. happy fathers day to all the fathers and those thrust into the position in lack of one...

  2. My poem this week is not about my father at all, but in each piece I write, I carry a bit of his encouragement to observe, to write, and to honor. Thanks, Dad.

  3. Father of 4, grand father of 3; all found in Eden. :-)

  4. sharing a very old poem written in memory of my father!

  5. I truly wish I'd had a good father.

  6. Oh, what a beautiful poem and sentiment. Fathers do tend to be larger than life...

  7. Happy Father's Day to all ~

  8. ....when I saw it from your shoulders. Beautiful lines.

  9. Love your poem!

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads.

  10. Happy Father's Day to all!

  11. It's a sunny father's day in my neck of the world........Fathers havent had much staying power in my family. But the little wayfarer with whom I share many laughter-filled hours wrote my poem for me just last night! Kudos to all of the loving fathers I have met through the blogosphere. Only those without one can fully appreciate the scope of your importance in your children's lives. It is so good to know you are out there - in the millions, I am sure.

  12. Whoops!! Just posted twice. Cracking up today. Sorry about that :-)

  13. heading out to go see my dad now...caught up except those that never back in a bit to return comment

  14. Just called my dad and put a picture up on Facebook. There were days when being with Dad wasn't ideal, but when I look around I have to wish everyone's father experience were at least as good as mine. The thing he did best, and still tries to do at 88, is come around and help us solve problems. He was great in emergencies.

    PS: I like these dedicated days that arise now and then.

  15. Frazzled Limerick
    By Madeleine Begun Kane

    A frazzled new father named Jim
    Bought his kid model trains on a whim.
    When his wife saw the gift,
    She was terribly miffed,
    So she yelled, “That’s for you. What’s for him?”

    Madeleine Begun Kane

  16. Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads, past and present.

  17. Happy Father's Day! So grateful for my wonderful loving dad :)

  18. In Australia, Father's Day does not happen until September. However, as I had two Dads, I'm posting now a poem for my stepfather and will save one about my birth father until later on.

  19. Well, a day late in IST, posting on monday. Well, you dont need one day in particular for dads! But well, will come back to read others.

  20. I'm late too Akila--father's day was consuming :-)

  21. Am late too. My poem is not a happy one. Not all stories or fathers are.


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