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Blog of the Week ~ Pics and Poems

Kids, I'm sure you have encountered this well-known poet, on your travels around the blogosphere. Poets United member Dave King, gentleman poet extraordinaire, posts with style and wit at  Pics and Poems.

Dave has been blogging since 2006. He is faithful about participating in prompts, and making the rounds to comment on others' work. Here is one of his recent posts, one that I love:

This Be the Planet

This is the planet that nurtured life
from the moment life began,
the way a man will blow on a spark
in order to kindle a flame.

This is the planet that welcomed life
and awarded it top spot,
gave it the keys to its atmosphere,
and the freedom of ocean and rock.

This is the planet that stocked its shelves
with all the essentials for life:
trace elements, carbon and vitamins --
and left it to fashion its prize. 

This is the planet that held its breath,
preserving what others had lost --
and preserved it well until man appeared
and fiddled with all the controls.

This is the planet that healed itself
with feedback, nudge and tweak,
until it was pushed way over the edge
into Chaos and Prospect Bleak.

This is the planet out on  a limb
in need of a settings change.
Its final, desperate hope is to
recapture its maker's range.

I so love this poem! And here is another

Ere the First Sad Petal Falls

It always was this way. My age perhaps,
my inner age, the age I've always been,
that I see beauties in a flower long past it's best --
not there when it was in its prime.

The rose that blooms a step too far,
gets over big, too heavy for its stem,
its face too blown. Perhaps
too sated for the bees that visit it,

but in whatever cause, it oversteps the mark,
cannot contain its shape or hue.
If only nature had a reset button for the flower --
as that hid wrapped inside the human brain.

I understand the present beauty of the flower.
Inclusive loveliness.
A montage of the graces that have flown.
To me it says: Perfection never was.

Decay rips silently inside the ache for more.
The artist knows not when to stop.
There is no point at which two visions meet:
This vision of the future on a view of now.

What once seemed consummation of
our hopes, the rose's full potential, its
maturity, was but the master's small 
maquette for what was still to come.

Back then I gave it all my admiration,
but now it has me locked in its embrace,
defenseless in the face of these new charms
and ravished into ecstasy.

So lovely. And one more, my favorite

Great Aunt Min

In Islington
did Great Aunt Min
keep a pub
she called an inn.
And there, within,
in golden cage
a regal bird
(then all the rage),
a parakeet
elective mute.
Though quite absurd,
no syllable
would pass its beak
until it heard
the magic words:
"Time, if you please!
Time ladies and
good gentlefolk!
Ti..i..ime... if you please!"

At which the bird
would stretch and shake
and lift its beak
as if to say
"Who reckons me
too dumb to speak?"
And loudly then,
with raucous squawk
would demonstrate
his fruity talk:
"Aint you buggers
got no homes?
Aint you buggers
got no homes?
Aint you buggers
got no homes?"
until Aunt Min
turned out the light
and locked them in
to pass the night,
when meek and mild
as any child
he'd settle down
and wait for her
to cover him.

Thank you, Dave, for your lovely gentlemanly presence in our community. We so appreciate you. I love  your stories of the past, and your kindred view of the present.


  1. Sherry, what wonderful poems of Dave you have shared. Dave is a poet I follow regularly, and he has the most amazing perspective on life. So often he sees things in a unique way. Of the poems you shared of Dave's my favorite is the second one. Dave, I really think that we have an inner age that we identify with. I won't tell you what mine is....but it is not dependent on chronological age. Dave, you are definitely one of the bright lights of the blogosphere!

  2. Hi Sherry - I have long really loved Dave's work -- it is sso varied and clever - funny and philosophical both, and with a painter and novelist's eye for detail. I especially love the stories of his youth, which are so vivid. Thank you very much for highlighting Dave - these are terrific poems from a very wide-ranging writer. Thanks. k.

  3. most excellent...dave is an incredible writer and a good friend as well...smiles...i love his perspective and story telling ability....always look forward to his words both in poems and in his drop ins....great person to spotlight....

  4. What a wonderful assortment of Dave's work. I have long enjoyed meeting him around the blogosphere... and Dave, I'm so glad to see you here. I hope all is well with you.

  5. Thank you for sharing Dave's work! This is a great sampling of great writing. I look forward to reading more, Dave!

  6. A beautiful bouquet of words from Dave ~ I have long been an admirer of his work, so deep and meaningful are his verses ~ Terrific choice Sherry ~

  7. This is a lovely bouquet of words from Dave ~ I am a long time admirer of Dave's writing as he is a real storyteller ~

    Thank you for featuring his work Sherry ~

  8. It is always my pleasure to feature the many wonderful poets we have in this community. Dave, thank you so much for what you contribute to Poets United. We appreciate you, kiddo!

  9. Wonderful Dave! You are so deserving~ Dave has a brilliant voice :D
    I am happy he was your pick!

  10. I don't visit Dave's blog enough, I can see, as I missed these. I enjoyed all three, but "This Be the Planet" snuck into my heart with its slight variation in repetitions as the lead into each rhymed quatrain. He dares to point out that even letting the planet heal itself isn't enough now, something more, a return to the creator ...and that thought, the entire procession of thoughts, seems hymn- like and holy.

  11. I am yet another who has been enjoying Dave's work for some time and also much appreciate his commets on mine. These are wonderful choices, Sherry, showing his range.

  12. Thanks for reminding me to visit Dave more often. The first poem was breathtaking for any environmentalist... such a potent plea for the planet we so take for granted. The third one was so damned funny I almost fell off my chair! Sherry, thanks for sharing Dave, who also sports some of the best punctuation I've seen among poets on the Web. He's a hero on that score. And now off to visit him... Peace, Amy

  13. You really picked a winner Sherry. I like all three poems. The second is my fav. It has a melancholy feel to it, and I guess I can relate to the rose past its prime.
    Dave I really enjoyed reading these. Must visit your blog.

  14. Thank you so much for showcasing my blog. It came as a great surprise, particularly as have not been able to spend much time on the blogosphere this last week or so due to my health. I was truly overwhelmed by the honour. The choice of poems also pleased me greatly. Once again, thank you so much.

    1. You are most welcome, Dave, and I hope your health improves. Take good care. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful work.

      p.s. I just got such a kick out of the Aunt Min poem!!!!!

  15. Kids, if you zip over to Dave's blog, today he posted an absolutely brilliant poem called The Trees Are Pulling Up Their Roots. A fantastic write.

  16. Love the poems. Thanks so much for the post!

  17. I love Dave's poetry an the poems you have selected are absolutely wonderful!

  18. These are super, Sherry. Dave has a wonderful way with words, and I haven't seen any of his poetry lately, so thank you for presenting these three poems. My favorite is the last one. My grandparents had a parakeet named Joe who talked a lot, and who loved my grandfather. Let out of his cage, he'd perch on my grandfather's shoulder and say "Joe's a good boy. Joe's a pretty boy." until my grandfather gave him a treat...usually a sunflower seed Joe would gently pluck from between my grandfather's lips.
    So, that's why I love Great Aunt Min. But the first poem resonates with me because I agree with it so wholeheartedly. Not having many more years on this planet I am very concerned about what we're leaving for the babies who are born today.
    — Great Aunt Kay

  19. Sheery what a wonderful grouping of pieces--I don't know Dave's work very well but will look him up--Thank you to both of you !!

  20. I enjoy Dave's poetry and comments always.

    Great spotlight, Sherry and Dave, hope you feel better soon!

  21. Shery and Dave,

    I have just returned from holiday and so am catching up with things at Poets United.....
    What a fantastic choice for this feature. I have enjoyed following Dave's writing for some years.
    I wish him well with his health issues and hope to catch up with him very soon.


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