Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Verse First ~ Lock

Verse First ~ Lock

Welcome to Verse First, where simple notions prompt amazing poems. 
Today's notion?

~ Lock ~

Virginia Woolf once said, "“I thought how unpleasant it is to be locked out; and I thought how it is worse, perhaps, to be locked in.”

Upon consideration, one realizes that being locked - in  or out- can be literal, emotional, medical, figurative.  And there are other meanings to ponder. A lock can be 
a fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed. It can be a section of canal that can be closed to control the water level; used to raise or lower vessels that pass through it. Or a lock can be a simple strand or cluster of hair.

Write a poem around the notion of a lock, using whatever meaning sets free your creativity. After you post your work on your website, use Mr. Linky to share it here. Leave a comment below if you like, and generously visit and comment on one another's work.

Your perspective is key. I'm looking forward to sharing it.  ~ Kim

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  1. Hey...
    it's good to be here ...that too on the top of the list!

  2. ...i am sharing a not too old poem... just wrote it last week & was thrilled the prompt today is 'lock'... mine i think has something to do with the notion of how it feels like to be 'locked' or 'jailed'... smiles... thanks Kim for the prompt... we're missing your poetry... hope you are doing well .... smiles...

  3. Great prompt, Kim... love that quote!

  4. It doesn't feel like Wednesday, Kim, but here you are constant as the sun with a thematic burst of Light to get us going. Mine is a bit unreal.

    1. Thank you, Rosemary. I put my comments back up. I miss them.

  5. I resurrected and finally posted an old draft of a poem - & I think Virginia Woolf has a point...

  6. Politicians take actions that shock.
    On stupidity, most have a lock.
    But there's one saving grace
    In their steep downward race:
    They at least give us something to mock.

    Thanks for the prompt!

    Madeleine Begun Kane

  7. Some things need to be opened up, others...keep them locked!

  8. You are troopers! I just came in from lifting brick pavers and trimming trees for 9 hours. Thank you for your loyal participation while I am in the reno/demo trenches.

  9. Hi Kim,

    Joining you before I go on vacation ~ Hope you are well ~


  10. another great prompt Kim. Locks and keys especially the old fashioned kind stir up so many images

  11. Kim, Virginia had it right. I've been on both sides of the door, both metaphorically and emotionally.

    Guess what, my 700th post is for Poets United today! Thanks for a brill prompt... Amy

  12. I am late to participate this time. The prompt triggers stuff thats too recent and traumatic for me to poem about yet - but I found one from 13 months ago, which only a couple of people have seen, that is right on topic.

  13. I am also tardy to the party this time but "locks and being locked up" trigger some very specific memories for me and I have many poems that address issues surrounding them...hard not to go there, I guess...

  14. Sorry, I am late, but couldn't help writing about my experience..:)


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