Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Verse First ~ The Red Wheelbarrow

Verse First ~  The Red Wheelbarrow

Welcome to Verse First, where simple notions prompt amazing poems. 
Today's notion?


Mary Oliver, in her oft-referred-to A Poetry Handbook and Natalie Goldberg in Writing Down the Bones, each dedicate a number of pages to the reading and discussion of William Carlos Williams' sweet, simple-yet-complex poem The Red Wheelbarrow.

Only eight lines long, this poem teaches volumes. Every word has both literal and figurative meaning. The design of the piece adds impact. The lack of punctuation is purposeful and significant.

Your assignment? Read The Red Wheelbarrow, then write an eight line poem of your own whose simplicity is equally complex. Post the finished work on your site, then link up here. Be sure to give feedback to other participants. Can't wait!  ~K

The Red Wheelbarrow

William Carlos Williams

                                                           so much depends

                                                           a red wheel

                                                           glazed with rain

                                                           beside the white 

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  1. Hey, Poets United, HARD! and essential. I wish I could have managed colors too. The Red Wheelbarrow, the white chickens--so rich and rewarding.

  2. Loved Williams' poem, Kim; I had never read it. As for mine, it's my best attempt, but this was difficult, if only because of the call for brevity! Thanks so much. Amy

  3. So much said in Williams' poem, I really found it a challenge to write something in response, especially in eight lines. A very thought provoking prompt.

  4. ...a lovely poem Kim... though i got a bit confused... are we suppose to write our own version of the poem 'The Red Wheelbarrow' in 8 lines? or write only a poem in 8 lines for any subject/s? anyhow, i went for the latter.... hihi... smiles...

  5. Kim,

    A difficult prompt this week, but I wrote what was inside my head at the time...Prompted by the clever prompt.


  6. have always like this Williams verse, and have tried to emulate it many times.

  7. little confusing, yet tried my level best!

  8. Brevity without the levity; nice work, if you can GET it!

  9. I will write to this, later today, kids. My week whapped me upside the head, I am way overloaded. But this evening is MINE and I will be back. Great intriguing prompt, as always, Kim.

  10. Ha. One popped into my head. I will be back to comment later today, kids. Yippee!

  11. 8 lines it is! a bit different though and hope it stands up to the theme! Thanks Kim! ll be back soon to catch the others here

  12. I tried to work with the theme, Kim. It's difficult...but, I have that never-say-die fighting spirit. LOL..
    Shall come back to read others later..:)Thanks!

  13. Know I am late, but was interested in this particular prompt, but busy with other things. When I finally got some free time, realized I had already done the prompt last weekend with a wordle. Whew!


  14. The Red Wheelbarrow, a favourite of mine :-) Difficult prompt; tried.

  15. Evidently it has given many of us a deeper appreciation of Williams's deceptively simple piece! I am no exception. Well worth attempting, though.


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