Monday, July 29, 2013

Poem of the Week ~ White Lucidity

Kids, summer often brings a feeling of everything being white-hot, pared down to the bone. At life whispers recently, our beloved Nene articulated this perfectly in his poem White Lucidity. Please enjoy our Poem of the Week. It will lift you right up into those blue August skies!

white lucidity

This sphere upon which
I now ride
allows me to soar
it gives me space
when before so much
clutter had dark’nd my space
and now that I have emptied
all that is of less worth to me
the space is blank, it’s white

in this order
my home is supported
by pillars of this form
all of which were built
onto each other

they’re painted in coated
layers of passion reds
emotional blues
translucent yellow tears
purple grit

the grit is made
from smiles and many
caring embraces
from reveries and dreams
of special places
heartfelt honesty
they’re sturdiness
and strength
from Love

What a beautifully uplifting poem, Nene. Thanks so much for your always heartfelt contributions to our community.


  1. Nene, what a beautiful and heartfelt poem. Sherry, what a wonderful share.

  2. Wow...what a beautiful poem, Nene...Loved the colors that you attached to the emotions....very fresh and intense imagery!
    Thanks Sherry, for this share...lovely!

  3. How did I miss this one! Nene your poem is gorgeous~
    So happy I came back to visit and discover your gift :D


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