Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Verse First ~ Water Table

Verse First ~  Water Table

Welcome to Verse First, where simple notions prompt amazing poems. 
Today's notion?


I live in the Sonora Desert, an arid, rugged, often inhospitable environment. Yet oases exist. Verdant canyons, riparian zones and mesquite bosques dot the landscape. As the water table rises with monsoon downpours and winter rains, desiccated flora springs back, Lazarus-like. Miracles and wonders occur.

Today I want you to work wonders. "Capability is like a water table below the surface of the earth," according to Katagiri Roshi. "No one owns it, but you can tap it... and it will come through you."

So do that. Tap the water table. See what springs forth. But remember that resources are finite. Conserve. Limit yourself to thirteen lines.

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  1. Hope everyone is having a good week. I look forward to reading each and every one of your poems....and also reading your reflection on mine.

  2. Good morning, everyone. I work today but will make the rounds when I get home in early afternoon. Raining lightly today which is nice for the garden. I love your prompts, Kim!

  3. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  4. Have a hectic week. but glad to be here, been quite a while. will come back again!

  5. I need water to save me from the heat ... I do ... too
    I hope you like my contribution... Catching up ASAP

    Hugs to all of you my friend-poets


  6. And I finally respond to one of my own prompts! Happy Wednesday, friends.

  7. Stay safe and hydrated if you can. Another scorcher!

  8. Thank you for the prompt and its challenge.

  9. Refreshing...greetings to all!

  10. Each week ....a new word...a new poem and a new me
    Thank you Kim....for the wonderful prompt!

  11. Kim,

    I would respond if only I had time right now. Water is a most necessary commodity right now,as I am writing in a hot 43c temperature. I'm on the last week of a two-week holiday to Portugal and Spain. Based in Seville, which is hot, hot, hot. Agua most gratefully received:)
    I shall resume writing, when I return to my cooler normality!!!


  12. My Lord, it is hot in Wisconsin. Even the cheese is scared. The beer wants to hide in the freezer. So do I!

    Between tooth extraction, pain meds, and withering (really, insulting) heat, I'm amazed I've had the wherewithal to post this. Actually had to wipe off sweaty keyboard... but ANYTHING FOR YOU, KIM!! This was the perfect prompt for planets coming into alignment (or are they dwarf stars??) Love and air conditioning to all, Amy

  13. PT, I can't find a way to respond to your poem. I know I have responded to your poems before. There is something different. If anyone finds a way to respond to his poems, please leave me a message and I will try again.

    1. Thanks, Rosemary. I will try again then.

    2. Nope, I still do NOT see a way to respond. I know I have in the past been able to see a 'comment box' on his blog.

  14. My mind is on water. I am praying for rain. Thank you, Kim, for the prompt and the company.

  15. I popped one up late last night. What welled up in me to spring forth was a very recent event, almost a 'found poem' (but it is crafted a little). Oh, how good to get it expressed! Now it is morning; my busiest day of the week ahead, but I'll treat myself to everyone else's poems asap.


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