Friday, November 27, 2015

I Wish I'd Written This

I Trust My Truth
By Tanya Levy

I trust my truth

Even if my truth goes against the group

I trust it

Even if my truth allows a chance to grow into the unknown

I trust it

Even if I am off center and need to ground again

I trust it

Even if I keep it to myself

I trust it

Even if I shout it from the mountaintop or write it upon a page

I trust it
When I honour my intuition it allows my truth air to breathe

When I honour my intuition I find my own center

When I honour my intuition I can be totally myself

Vulnerable and open in each moment
I release what is not my own

I allow myself to remember

I am born of stars and moonbeams

Soil touches my feet and leaves sprout in abundance

Balls of blessed energy and helpers of all dimensions surround me
I remember to trust my truth

As it flows in abundance in all directions and is trusted by all elements

I let my truth out to breathe and leap to the heavens

So healing can get through on earth
I remember to remember

All the things Sacred 

All the things known and unknown

All the things written upon skin, sinew, heart tissue

Tongue and teeth

All the things written bone on bone

All the things felt in our tissue

All the music that sings upon the wind

And settles upon the water

All the words of the animals and songs of the birds

All the messages coming to me from all energetic beings

All that is, was and will be
My truth is universal, sacred, and personal

Known and unknown

Mysterious and hidden in plain sight

Held within one raindrop and written in each

Tree trunk

In each blade of grass

Each leaf that falls

I trust my truth for it speaks

Most loudly in the silence

And most deeply in the heart

© Tanya Levy 
September 24, 2015

When I selected this poem, the terrorist attacks in Paris had not yet happened. In the light of them, and their aftermath, it seems now more important than ever to follow our own truth, not a received truth imposed by others (not indoctrination, not brainwashing, not public opinion, etc.). 

Tanya Levy is a counsellor, a writer and a photographer. She says she enjoys taking pictures of heart-shaped clouds, nature and light; and that, from the age of two, she had a journal and pen in her hand – which has not changed. Known for humour, sensitivity and passion, she also has a love of signs and synchronicity. 

You can find her taking random sky photos in shopping marts and writing poetry on coffee shop napkins, or at her facebook page. Also she has recently opened an etsy shop.

I know her online, through a facebook poetry group. She writes in various styles and forms, including micropoetry. 

Some of her longer poems, like this one, are also meditations. I appreciate this one in both ways, and enjoy the powerful use of repetition. She also creates pieces which are intended specifically as meditations. This photo of her, with a radiant smile and the light above her, seems very appropriate! 

You can hear her speaking some of her work on Soundcloudor on YouTube. 

I enjoy her light-filled photos too –

Poems and photos used in ‘I Wish I’d Written This’ remain the property of the copyright holders (usually their authors).


  1. This feels like an invocation to me, an invitation for the inner truth to glow strongly amid the true phenomena of Mother Nature. Very fine and calming

    1. Thank you Susan. It felt like an invocation when I wrote it. May your inner truth grow strongly ♡

  2. this is as honest as as it can get. repetition can be a great tool to use. i think this poem should be spoken aloud, to realize its energy. :)

    1. Thank you. It spilled out when I spoke it on soundcloud ♡

  3. Oh what a wonderful introduction. So happy you featured this wonderful poet and that I got to read this beautiful meditation on listening to one's own inner voice - the voice that always tells us the truth. It does give a meditative feeling as one reads and transported me off into the ether............wonderful photos as well. Thank you for this, Rosemary.

    1. Thank you Sherry. I am honoured by your words and blessed to hear it gave you the meditative feeling which I had hoped for ♡

  4. Rosemary, I am sorry to be late responding to this poem. Really, it is a good and strong one. I also like the message very much. It has such strength to it. And it is CLEAR and easy to understand. I do think it is very important to trust your own truth, things you know in your heart at soul. I wonder if she has a blog or only shares poetry on Facebook. Her poetry is another reminder that sometimes it is the uncelebrated, un-well-known poets of the world whose poetry packs the greatest punches!

    1. Mary, I couldn't agree more with your last remark! I find so many truly wonderful poets online, little known in more 'established' literary circles. Perhaps we can persuade Tanya to start a blog and join our Poets United community! (Smile.)

    2. Mary I am very honoured and blessed by your words. I hope to start a blog in 2016 and appreciate your encouragement. I would love to join your community Rosemary ♡

    3. Tanya, I hope that I will see you in the blogosphere soon! I'd love to read more of your poetry.

  5. This is wonderful in so many ways - the meditation. Straightforward, honest, reverent and full of life. The photos reflect the light in this poem - we all need that light in these dark days. Thank you for the introduction to this wonderful woman and poet.

    1. Hayes thank you for seeing the light that I endeavour to share in my poetry, photos & meditations. Your words bless me.

  6. Stunningly authentic and the photographs are majestic!

    1. Thank you so much PKP. Truthfully I know no other way to be than authentic ♡

  7. To follow a truth so well constructed can never be wrong, too many just repeat what other say, and never contemplate and find that truth, but just repeat what other say.


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