Monday, November 16, 2015

Poems of the Week ~ from Hannah, Donna and Truedessa

For a change of pace this week, we are featuring three poems on somewhat similar themes - the beauty of nature linked with spiritual beliefs. Hannah Gosselin, of Metaphors and Smiles, Donna Donabella, of Living From Happiness,  and Truedessa, of True Wanderings,  make this connection so beautifully in their poems. In our first selection, Hannah describes her moving encounter with a praying mantis.

photo by Hannah Gosselin

I held hands with praying mantis
today on an abandoned road – prayed
I silently thanked Source for span of life.
Tan and lengthy – leggy –
pinpoint pseudopupils in planet-round-eyes
took in my form – unmoving – quiet.
Lying on tar of a barricaded way
I waited to hear what your last words may be
what might you – so alien-wise – say?
Would you tell me secrets of field –
stories of loam and tales of summer feast?
Would you whisper echo of ancient ones
generations that’ve flown to land of forever?
With weight of sky fire on our shoulders
boulder of gold balanced in blue
this burning immense dot –
pupil in eye of universe…
Does it look upon us and listen
pause to gather this strange scene?
Your tiny hand poised on my pointer finger
taking last breaths of another season…together.
Copyright © Hannah Gosselin and Metaphors and Smiles, 2011-15

Sherry: This just takes my breath away, Hannah. You have the gift of seeing the small miracles, and helping us to see them, too. Tell us about this encounter, and its poem, won't you?

Hannah: I nearly stepped on this amazing creature! I was out taking a walk with my dog, Finley, and I looked down just in time to see what, at first glance, appeared to be a curled autumn leaf. Once I realized what I was looking at, I instantly dropped to my belly and placed my pointer finger under its front leg and sat very still, watching its eyes, and wondering about its life and thoughts.

I was so moved by this encounter with the Praying Mantis.  It was one of those moments when time seems to stand still, and tiny becomes consuming and enormous. This poem played in my mind for a while before I got the chance to sit and write it.  Sometimes that's a good thing; things occur to me over time that may not arise if I immediately write of the experience.

Thank you for enjoying this poem, Sherry, and for sharing it with our community!

Sherry: Just reading about that encounter fills my soul right up to the very top. Thank you for the gift of describing it in a poem, my friend.

Truedessa recently wrote of her own close encounter with a small leggy insect. 


In autumn's warm sunlight
a leaf traveling wherever
the golden winds blow...

there's a crispness to the air
leaves swirl in a riot of color
orange, yellow and red

driving southbound
listening to distant songs
blue skies await ahead

suddenly, I sense company
running my fingers in my hair
plucking him from a loose curl

what message do you bring

green grasshopper, harbinger
of glad tidings, stirring my heart
lifting my spirit for the journey

I see life through different eyes
listening to soft chirping lullabies
soundtracks taken from my life

so, my friend, we travel together
may our musings never fall silent
let us dance to our own steps

grasshopper speaks to me
in a language I can understand
thinking forward is the way

where will our quest lead

recalling summer songs
tuning my inner antenna
detecting energy & clarity

seeing beyond boundaries
into the realm of mystery
new discoveries & adventures

grasshopper clings to my hand
& I to the circle of life
connected in the journey

poetry in my heart flowers
chrysanthemums in bloom
inspiration in a song...

following signs
following new roads...

grasshopper whispers
"take a leap of faith"

author's note: This is to honor
the grasshopper that recently
took a road-trip with me...

copyright Truedessa 2015

Sherry: This is an amazing encounter. Grasshopper himself took a leap, to hitch a ride in your hair. Smiles. 

Truedessa: I am once again honored to be featured at Poets United. This particular poem was birthed in a peculiar way.  I was planning a trip and I hadn't been feeling well but, on the date of the trip it was a beautiful day. I still had second thoughts but, decided to go. As, I was driving I had this feeling I was not alone. I felt something in my hair and I pulled out a grasshopper. How he got in my hair is a mystery?  

I think it was one of those moments when the universe is trying to tell you something. He stuck to my hand as I drove. I started thinking about grasshoppers and how they are always hopping forward in their journey. I was awestruck by grasshopper's appearance.  I felt lighter in spirit, and I truly believe he carried a message for me and others in the journey of life.  

I believe grasshopper teaches us to follow signs and move ahead on our path with confidence. To take a leap of faith. I've found that, often in the journey, animals act as guides to help us find our way.  The next time you see a grasshopper, reflect on your life and listen with your heart.  The grasshopper is a great musician and will play his song.

Sherry:  Our insect friends are sending us profound teachings these days, it seems. I love the message Grasshopper brings! Lord knows, this world needs Faith, now more than ever.

Let's take a look, now, at Donnabella's Uni/Verse, for another glimpse of serendipitous beauty, from microcosm to macrocosm.

photo by Donna Donabella

It gathers on the wind
With each wave strewn,
Across the tiny grains of sand
To be washed out to sea.

And then deposited once more on a new shore.
Repeating, moving, gaining strength.

This one song - a Uni/verse,
Sung with a peaceful voice.
First a ripple, then a diverse chorus rising
Gathering once again to be born on the wind.

Our true essence shared
Free of judgment, compassionate heart
Turned inward on ourselves.
Serves all; one world.

This one song I sing - this uni/verse….

© Donna Donabella 2015

Sherry: So beautiful, Donna: "this one song I sing...." When we read your words, we sing it, too.

DonnaSherry, this poem ...really a soulful song....sprung from me during one of my writing sessions recently.  I have been contemplating a more compassionate way of life, and how to bring this way of compassion to more people in the world.  And when I thought of the world as the Universe, then it all clicked.  

The word universe quite simply means, one song.  And from this thought, the words came forth to be born and shared here in this poem.....perhaps giving people pause to consider compassion as a universal song in this rather violent and cynical world.  So in times of painful news stories and tragedies I am reminded to sing this compassionate song.

Sherry: How I adore this explanation! You remind us, too, that we are all singers of the universal song. Thank you for that, my friend.

I hope you have enjoyed this little interlude as much as I have. It is always so good to tune in to the beauty, the small daily miracles, the oneness of all life, to counter the negatives we are bombarded with daily. Poetry fills that niche wonderfully, as poets put words to those small shining moments, so we can experience them, too. Do come back and see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you! 


  1. Yes, Sherry, I totally enjoyed this! And I felt familiar with all three poems as different images from each had stuck in my consciousness: praying Mantis, Grasshopper and Uni/verse. I am very happy to read them again and notice new reasons to love them. I think this reading is now my favorite feature of yours! Thank you, everyone for the truths you see and use to create a more beautiful world.

    1. I'm happy you like it, Susan. I am thankful for this feature, for sure and there is no shortage of wonderful poems to choose from. Smiles.

  2. Thank you for these uplifting images and words. In challenging times they serve as saving harbor, and really point on the little treasure in every days, when we willing to see them around...Important feature of week, Sherry. Thank you.

  3. It is SUCH an honor to be featured at PU and especially in the same post with these talented and inspiring writers! Thank you, Sherry, for weaving together our voices and yours in such a meaningful and graceful way. Thank you, SO much!! :)

    Trudessa: Your poem and your philosophy about creatures and their messages for us speaks straight to my heart. Your poem gave me goosebumps and I'm thrilled to be able to learn of its back-story. I love this portion especially:

    " grasshopper clings to my hand
    & I to the circle of life
    connected in the journey"

    I LOVE that!!

    Donna: Your poem speaks deeply to a truth to be grasped and this, " giving people pause to consider compassion as a universal song in this rather violent and cynical world." is such a powerful statement and explanation. Beautiful!

    Thank you, both for sharing your exquisite poetry!

    :)'s to all!

  4. It is nice today, after the events of these past days, to read such uplifting thoughts, and hear about gentle encounters in which the creatures were speaking and the poets were carefully tuned in and listening. A message of connection is especially meaningful at this time, though the timing is pure synchronicity.

  5. I feel blessed to be part of a compassionate poetry community. I am honored to be featured with two other very talented poets.

    Hannah, Your first verse really stands out for me and the whole poem holds a message of promise. It is truly amazing how these small creatures can speak so loudly to our hearts.

    I held hands with praying mantis
    today on an abandoned road – prayed
    I silently thanked Source for span of life.


    You sing a beautiful song of compassion and it is my hope the world will some day sing as one.

    Sherry, thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts. The staff and community at Poets United are amazing.

    1. So are you, my friend. And you are most welcome. It is we who thank you.

  6. What beautiful poems from all three poets! Three of my favorites over at Poetry Pantry. I am so thankful for each of you!!! (And for Sherry who managed to find the BEST poems from the most remarkable poets.)

  7. All wonderfully talented poets.

  8. It is a gift to be featured here at PU and with 2 talented poets....I am a wildlife gardener so these poems speak to my soul. The encounters in our lives with special creatures even those that others would find ordinary is the beauty life holds....I cherish each day with critters as they are the source of life as you both so eloquently remind us...

    grasshopper whispers
    "take a leap of faith"

    I held hands with praying mantis
    today on an abandoned road – prayed
    I silently thanked Source for span of life.

    Powerful words from both of you, Hannah and Truedessa!

    Thank you Sherry for including me here in this special place of amazing people.

  9. Three wonderful poets here - linked and yet unique...there is indeed magic in the little things and creatures of this world ..thank you all this blustery Monday :)

  10. Hannah, i so loved your poem on the praying mantis, and how you try to communicate with it. to us Chinese, the mantis is about calmness and contemplation. a style of martial arts is evolved from the movements of this creature.

    Truedessa, there's such a joyous tone in your poem. you wrote "green grasshopper, harbinger of glad tidings,..", and it's true, grasshoppers are symbols of luck in our culture.

    and Donna, your poem here is certainly a song for peace. i like the quiet power in those words.

    Sherry, thank you for bringing 3 wonderful poets who care so much about nature, together. :)

    1. Thank you for your comments which taught me something I didnt know about your culture. Just lovely.

  11. Thank you, everyone for your kind words and extension of the spirit of's a blessing indeed! :)

  12. I am so glad this feature came to be on this day. Thank you Sherry. Thank you Hannah, Trudessa, Donna - poems of such prayerful hope, gratitude, beauty, wisdom. We truly learn from nature if we will be still enough. The events seen through the eyes and hearts of the poets are heart lifting. Beautiful works, beautiful words. Awesome in the most true definition of the word.

  13. Hannah, I had read your poem and it struck me so deeply. It is a lovely prayer in itself.
    Trudessa, I love the journey, your explanation and I definitely see grasshoppers differently now.
    Donna, how beautifully you express our unity. We are a song. Lovely.
    Sherry, I enjoyed all three of these poems. Each has a deep meaning for me. Thank you so much.

  14. Indeed, a beautiful interlude, Sherry – revisiting poems which had already delighted me in their deep appreciation of the minutiae of life, reminding us how important every tiny part of life is, and that we ourselves are equally tiny and important (not less, not more; part of the intricate fabric). Thank you all.

  15. Wonderful!!! I am touched an in awe and there voices unite the wonder we all see~ I am so happy you shared these gems with us~ Bravo, to seeing the world with fresh eyes and tuning into nature's gifts~ Thank you, ladies!!! Thank you, Sherry @>-----------

  16. Great selection Sherry..enjoyed these poems by the three wonderful poets set against the intricate yet infinite tapestry of nature.

  17. Its lovely meeting these three poets on a more close up basis. Thanks Sherry

    Much love...

  18. Rosemary has expressed what was in my heart after reading those beautiful poems. Thank you, Rosemary and most of all, Hannah, Truedessa and Donna for sharing again these beautiful thoughts.

  19. I liked the triptych of poets idea and the selection from these nature versifiers - Donna's 'living from happiness' thought-full poetry I know well but appreciate the introduction to the others and their marvellous insect encounters


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