Sunday, November 29, 2015

Poetry Pantry #280

Photos Taken in the State of Virginia
by Toni Spencer


Green Forest


Trees and Sky

Winter Clouds

Hello Friends!  Hope everyone is doing fine and is ready to share some poetry with us today!  Can you believe it is almost December?   I haven't been around much in the blogosphere this week due to celebrating Thanksgiving; but I am hoping to get back into the swing of it now!

Today's photos are shared by Toni Spencer (Kanzensakura) who Sherry has just interviewed.  The interview will be published tomorrow here at Poets United, so be sure to stop back and learn more about one of our newer posters.  Always fun to get to know some behind-the-scene details of people's lives, I think!

Did you read Rosemary's feature this week on "I Wish I'd Written This?" She shared a most excellent poem by Tanya Levy.  It is called "I Trust My Truth."  I really think some of the best poetry is shared by the un-well-known poets in the 'sphere,' and Tanya's poem is one of them.  Take a look.

Be sure to stop back on Wednesday as well.  Susan's prompt for Midweek Motif is "Energy - Vitality."  Doesn't she come up with wonderful ideas to challenge us?  I think so.  Smiles.  And I love reading the poems that people come up with.

With no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your ONE poem below. Stop in to comments to say hello.  And enjoy each other's poems.  I will see you all on the path!


  1. resiliency -
    weighted by the snow
    branches bending

    Love your pictures - and I want to look skyward.

    1. Please do! I have a long running love affair with them.

  2. beautiful pictures & 'sky' is magical...a very happy Sunday to you all :)

  3. Thank you for the pantry and the photographs - a lovely place to escape to - apologies if i can't get around to everyone this week as ever your visits are always appreciated

  4. Hey everyone,

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :D sharing my poem "What I miss" hope you all like it. Thank you Toni for the fabulous pictures :D

    Lots of love,

  5. Yes, gorgeous photos indeed!

    I think many of you are staring to feel the cold where you are. Here I am sweltering after a huge thunder-and-hail-storm which did little to cool the temperatures down. Either way, a good time to stay indoors and write, I guess! :-)

  6. Good morning, Poets! Nice to see such an active pantry. Look forward to reading your poems on this cold wintry day.

  7. good day, everyone! nice to see the pantry filling up!
    thank you, Toni, for sharing the photos. :)

  8. Wonderful photos Toni...nature and winter....such a beautiful muse! Getting back in gear after the Thanksgiving festivities! Looking forward to visiting everyone today...

  9. How fresh and reminiscent the first haiku poem about it...thank you for beautiful photos, Toni. Cold weather and more snow ahead...indeed, for writing and reading....thanks for hosting as usually, Mary! Happy day, everyone!

  10. Good afternoon to all! Thank you all for featuring my photos and for the interview. It means a great deal to me. The sky photo was taken on New Year's Day and a haiku was written for it. The link will show up in the interview. Again, thank you all for your kindness to me and for the support of your community.

  11. Good morning, poetry pals! It is foggy, frosty and cold here today, a good day to make a cup of tea, stay inside and read poetry. I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Toni, the blue skies are welcome on this grey morning....reminds me there is blue up there above the fog. I especially like the photo entitled "Branch". Very cool.

    1. That branch inspired several poems and haiku. It for some reason so intrigued me! And thank you for the interview!

  12. Hello all! The last of my family left this morning after the holiday. The dog is walked, the singing is done. Looking forward to reading!

  13. Good Afternoon,

    I am a bit late but, I am looking forward to reading some poetry.


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