Sunday, November 15, 2015

Poetry Pantry #278

Garden Parks of Vancouver, Canada
by Wendy Bourke

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden 

Nitobe Memorial Garden – Japanese Garden

Queen Elizabeth Park – Bloedel Conservatory

Queen Elizabeth Park – Rock Quarry Garden

Stanley Park - Oceanside

Stanley Park - Path

Greetings, Poets!  We are greeted this morning for more photos contributed by Wendy Bourke.  Thank you, Wendy, for sharing the beautiful park scenes with us.

If you haven't read Rosemary's I Wish I'd Written This, scroll back one post. She featured the poem The Confessor of Winter Fields by Brendan MacOdrum, a poet whose work we sometimes see posted online at various sites.  Rosemary does such a tremendous job with these articles that it is always nice to see comments of those who read them.

Tomorrow Sherry will be sharing poems of the week of three regulars here at Poets United.  You will recognize each of them. Smiles.  Do return and enjoy their poems & support these regular poets.

Susan's prompt for Midweek Motif is Mercy.  Definitely a prompt that can be taken in so many different directions.  We hope to see you join us.

Before I end, I just want to say that all of our thoughts are with the people of Paris & all of France after the horrendous terrorist attack Friday night.

Now, with no further delay, link your poem below...using Mr. Linky.  Say hello in comments! Then visit others who post their poems as well, getting to know others within our community.  Have a good day and a good poetic week.


  1. Beautiful photos.


  2. What a wonderful place.. These days it's hard not to remember France.

  3. Hi All,

    it's been a while so I feel like a newbie again haha.

    Wonderful photos Wendy, thanks for sharing.

    Also, I hope and pray that no more terrorism-related attacks will happen in the world.

    Hope my post can bring a smile on your face.

  4. Thank you for opening the pantry doors - and the photographs are a real tonic

  5. Wow Wendy you are very lucky to have so many stunning gardens close by. I would be visiting them regularly...what a delight to see them. We have another gorgeous week ahead with temps in the 60s here...looks like autumn is holding on and I will be doing some gardening....I'll be by soon to visit. Have a great Sunday everyone.

  6. Thanks for sharing these garden treats Wendy; a happy Sunday to Pantry poets

    much love...

  7. Wonderful photos, seems such a fine place.

  8. good day, everyone!
    Wendy, thanks for sharing the photos! :)

  9. Hey everyone,

    Hope you're all doing well this weekend.. just came home.. attended a certificate giving ceremony here at Movenpick Hotel.. which was hosted by the British Council :D

    Sharing my poem "Winter arrives" hope you all like it. Thank you Wendy for the beautiful pictures. Also I m glad to announce that "The Learning Curve" is now available :D please visit my blog and subscribe to get your free copy!!

    I heard about the horrific attacks on France.. its terrible! Praying for peace and end to terrorism around the world. Amen.

    Lots of love,

  10. So wonderful photos...reflection in Japanese park, colors on path and mountains beautiful thank you to Wendy.....and what a contrast to ugly events in France...... hope for better ~ Happy Sun-day, Poets United!

  11. Beautiful photos, Wendy, reminding me of familiar places I always loved. I have not been to the Sun Yat Sen gardens, but always wanted to. Thanks for hosting the Pantry, Mary. Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely peaceful Sunday.

  12. Hi all--I may not post today. I am off teaching this morning and have to make a grocery run after that--but I will be back to read a bit--see if I get inspired--Happy Sunday to everyone!

    1. And happy Sunday to you too, Audrey. How nice of you to stop by to say hi.

  13. Beautiful and soothing photos. Happy Sunday to all the wonderful poets here :)

  14. Happy Sunday to everyone here!! To bed now.. !! Shall be with you again tomorrow to read the other entries...smiles. G'nite!

  15. The photographs are beautiful, Mary!

  16. To all - please forgive me this week for simply posting- Some of you already have heard that I have some sort of eye strain that has me off all 'screens' however the horrific attacks in Paris called for a bearing of witness I share here a very rough albeit from the heart short poem ... Je Suis Paris - Je Suis Monde - this spinning blue marble will never crack under the hatred of a few devoted to self annihilation and murder.


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