Sunday, November 8, 2015

Poetry Pantry #277

Beautiful British Columbia (Canada) Lakes -

Photos by Wendy Bourke

Como Lake - Burnaby, B.C.

Harrison Lake - Harrison, B.C.

Osoyoos Lake – Okanagan, Fresh Water Lake in Desert

Pinecrest Lake – in the Pacific Range

St. Mary Lake – Salt Spring Island in the Gulf Islands

Good morning, Friends.  This morning we have Wendy Bourke to thank for our photos.  Wendy mentioned, when she sent them, that so many visitors to her blog had commented that they find photos of bodies of water soothing and conducive to poetry.  I do think that is true.  Smiles.

I hope you have taken a look at Rosemary's The Living Dead post this week.  She featured a poem by the poet Arthur Rimbaud that I think you will enjoy.

Do return on Monday to see Sherry's update interview with someone you often see around Poets United.  We will keep you in suspense.

And for Midweek Motif this week we have Sumana Roy prompting.  Rivers!  There are so many directions you can take that prompt, and it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with!

With no further delay, let's share some poetry!  Add your link below.  Greet us in the comments.  And begin to enjoy the feast of poetry you will find offered here.  Have a great poetic week!


  1. Aah that bench looks like a wonderful spot to sit and think and maybe rustle up some words for the pantry too....thank you once again and happy Sunday to all

  2. Thanks Mary, and Wendy – those water photos are lovely indeed.

  3. Such beautiful pictures! Thanks Wendy.
    Happy Sunday everyone :)

  4. Wendy these are many gorgeous spots to was warm last week so I was able to get out in nature too as I worked in my garden. Now it is raining as I sit to read poetry and wait for the sun to rise. Enjoy your day everyone!

  5. Such beauty in that landscape Wendy.. So happy to see this a morning when we have a totally different darkness here.

  6. Good morning everyone,

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :D sharing a shape poem "Wanderlust" hope you all like it :D

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures Wendy :D

    Lots of love,

  7. Good morning once again, Friends! I just love awakening and seeing so many 'poetic faces' from all over the world! See you on the trail.

  8. good day everyone! already enjoying the good stuff in the pantry. :)
    Wendy, thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

  9. Photos are very soothing, good morning to you all! Thank you Wendy for sharing/Mary - for posting! Peaceful Sun-day, PU friends.

  10. I had to smile when I saw the photos, water is calming and brings a sense of tranquility into the day. I would gladly sit there and relax for a bit and perhaps to dream. Wishing everyone a great day!

  11. Hi, kids! It always amazes me, the abundance of fresh water we have everywhere. Once I looked down from a plane flying over the Okanagan, and saw a pristine small lake perched on a mountaintop! Wendy, your photos are beautiful. Thank you. And thanks, Mary, for hosting the Pantry, as always. I will be babysitting all day so anyone I dont get to before I go, I will visit tonight when I get home. Have a great day!

  12. Great photos. Thank you very much. On to reading!

  13. Beautiful photos of beautiful lakes!

  14. I slept and slept and slept after Holy Mas this morning so good afternoon to all at Poetry Pantry

    much love...

  15. Good morning! and to be able to greet the day with such beautiful pictures - thank you! Everything is always better by the water - eating, resting, playing - all of these views are wonderful!

  16. Oh, I love those pictures. Wish I were by a lake now. I've been absent for a little while, but glad to be back. Thanks Mary for always being here on Sundays. I'll be reading the wonderful poetry today and tomorrow.

  17. What beautiful photos! Thank you Wendy. I have found I can't post with my WordPress account. So I'm posting with blogspot, even though the poem is on WordPress. If there are any techie people who can give me advice on how to fix this, please do :-)

    1. Sara, as I mentioned on your poem.....I have two sign-in's: one WP & one Blogger. I use them both....depending on which blog I am commenting on. Both LOOK the same, as that as how I have set them up. Your issue is 'usual.' Just the way it works.


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