Friday, May 27, 2016

I Wish I'd Written This

Returning From a Flower Viewing
by Angie Walker

If you make tea for people returning from a flower viewing, displaying a painting of flowers or birds, or a flower arrangement in the tearoom is inappropriate. – Sen No Rikyu
But, if someone’s strumming a harp’s G-string in a concentrated, concerted effort in the tea room, as if it were a guitar G trying to make out like a mock machine gun, well even this is a luminous labor of afternoon love-making compared to the halting slap-in-the-face from coming in from the out-of-doors fully drenched in leggy flowers, the jazz of bees, pistils and petals, to face a fragmentary and ridiculously pasty-painted landscape some hack thought encompassed all. It cannot encompass all. I’ve just seen the stamen and pistil, for God’s sake.


This is another of the poems I fell in love with during April Poetry Month. There were many more, of course, and I don't propose to treat you to them all, particularly as you may well have seen them already anyway. But this one is so deliciously quirky and different, whilst at the same time so succinct and sane, I simply couldn't resist it.

Above all I love her delight in the real beauty of nature. What the quotation that served as her prompt conveys obliquely and with restraint, she says uncompromisingly, exuberantly.

Angie, who blogs at angieinspired says of herself:

"I am a writer. I like words. I especially enjoy temperamental verbs and nouns duking it out in alliteration and assonance. Twenty-six characters (the ABC's if you must call them that), rearranged in a gazillion different ways make me happy. But remember, it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing...and a good tap shoe finish!"

And if you haven't caught up with her blog yet, it's full of good stuff!

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  1. Hahaha. Love it. And when you think that the history of the bouquet still life has something to do with the expensiveness of real flowers, it makes even more sense. And yet, I love my still life paintings, which meet at least one definition of the word "still."

  2. "....fully drenched in leggy flowers....." What a delicious poem this is. I am so happy you shared it, as I missed it first time around. Yay, Angie!!!

  3. Angie is right. All those 26 characters dance to her tune in whatever ways she pleases them to dance. Thank you Rosemary for featuring this 'different' poem :)

  4. From the girl who fully believed "average" was a four-letter word...I thank each of you for typing 'different,' 'quirky,' and 'delicious.' Keep poeming:)

  5. What delicious language in this poem, Rosemary! A delightful share. One to savor. And I do think I have run into Angie a time or two. I think she has participated in the blogosphere. Thanks for this treat, Rosemary AND Angie.


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