Sunday, May 22, 2016

Poetry Pantry #303

Artistic Photographs of Macau
by Luk Lei

(Luk says: "These next 5 are the artistic shots I am currently developing.  They are double exposure shots that I have designed to contrast and envelope places and sights in Macau.")

Ascension - This photo is a double exposure of a staircase in the Sao Lorenzo district of Macau and St. Paul's Ruins.  The regligious motifs around Macau are rich and plentiful and felt the 2 locations complemented each other well, As if one is stepping into the heavens while the tourist represent our self absorbed ways.

City Lights - This double exposure is the combination of lanterns in Senado Square and the Monkey King display, which appears to be floating away on a cloud.  This combines local tradition with it's gaudy and wonderful display.

Nature Engulfs - In a city like Macau where population density is very high and homes are stacked one on the other,  Getting any nature is nearly a miracle to observe.  This large tree proved to be the best subject to engulf the fog ridden city.

Nature Gives - Another Urban garden double exposure.  This time a palm tree is filling the content of a historical structure.

This combines 2 common public services in Macau - The bus and the multitude of small library's found through out Macau. While great services do exhist here, sometimes it can be lonely packed inside these locations.

Greetings, Friends!  I hope you enjoy the second series of photos by Luk Lei.  I really enjoyed the artistry in the photos.  If you did not see Sherry's interview of Luk, be sure to look back at last Monday's article in which he was featured!

This past week for Midweek Motif Susan's prompt was 'bullying,' and there were lots of good poems shared in response to this serious, but very timely, topic.  Take a look!  Rosemary's feature for "The Living Dead" was the poem "There Will be No Peace" by W.H. Auden.  There was an interesting story behind that poem.  Do check back if you haven't read it.

This Monday Sherry has a wonderful chat with one of the most loyal participants here at Poets United.  None other than Jae Rose (And Alice too!).  It is a chat you don't want to miss.

Wednesday Susan's prompt for Midweek Motif is "Picnic."  Yes, it is beginning to be that time of year, isn't it?

Well, with no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your one poem below. Stop in to comments and say hello; and read some poetry!  It is important to visit other poets, as that is an integral part of our community.  See you all on the trail.


  1. Double exposures can be such fun! I love "City Lights" and "Nature Gives" best. So lovely.

    Happy Sunday, everyone! ♥

    1. Absolutely! the process and hunting is some of the more fun aspects

  2. Good morning.. Love the artistic effects here.

  3. Good morning everyone,

    Hope you are having an amazing day so far :D sharing my poem "Fidus achates." Thank you Mary for opening the doors to yet another gorgeous pantry and Luk for sharing these lovely pictures :D

    Lots of love,

  4. What amazing images!

    Thanks for hosting, Mary.
    Happy Sunday to all.

  5. Thank you for another pantry - and what fantastic photos - happy Sunday to all

  6. Good morning all. Nice photos! And there's already quite a crowd gathered in the Pantry! Happy reading, everyone.

  7. How nice to see so many people bright & early Sunday morning (here)!

  8. The first photo, is my favourite for today, Thanks for this rich sharing of Macau blessings

    Happy Sunday all

    much love...

  9. Good Morning Poets, Always nice to see the Sunday Photos. A different perspective on city lights.

  10. good day, everyone!

    Luk Lei, interesting concept! the 4th picture looks like a Transformer. :)

    1. Lol, yeah it really transposed nicely when I took the second shot. But now I'm never going to look at that building the same way, autobot or decepticon, who knows.

  11. Such interesting photos! My fave are the shimmering orange lanterns. Wonderful shots! I'm looking forward to prowling through the Pantry this Sunday morning.

  12. The photos were very neat! I need to go on a picnic I haven't in so long! Lol!

    I linked my poem that I wrote for Toads. I'll be around to read this week. Have a good one.

    Hugs! Bekkie

  13. Luk Lei's pictures are lovely, poetic. Thanks for showing them Mary.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful Spring week. Perhaps I'll go on a picnic.

  14. Sanaa and Bekkie, for some unknown reason, I have left several comments at each of your sites that is not posting. Bekkie, only a testing comment went through but not the others. Sigh. I blame Windows 10, new on my system and not user friendly. I did try hard.

  15. Glad to be back!
    So sorry for not reading you all, as I have been ill and now feeling better. I look forward to reading and posting again. Thank you for all my followers that have written to me. Especially those that have written to me without having me to write and visit their posts.

    1. Glad you are feeling better, ZQ! Always good to see your work.

  16. Awesome photographs! The orange lanterns are pure magic! Thanks for hosting at the Pantry, once again, Mary. Looking forward to making the rounds this afternoon and tomorrow!

  17. Thank you everyone for your kind comment this week on my photos. I greatly appreciate it! I hope you all had a great weekend, and a wonderful week!


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