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Life of a Poet ~ Therisa

Today, my friends, we are featuring one of our newer members, Therisa, who writes at  Therisa's World. Therisa lives in eastern Canada, in Toronto, Ontario. She is a cat lover, and so we will be meeting her three adorable feline companions in this interview. As this is Canada, while we chat, we'll enjoy some of our famous Tim Hortons coffee and doughnuts, eh? I'm buying!

Toronto skyline -

Sherry: Therisa, I am so looking forward to chatting with you!  Have you always lived in Toronto? What do you love about it?
Therisa: I was born in Richmond, BC, and “kidnapped” by my parents, at the age of 2 years old. (My quip is to explain I have never felt comfortable here.) I spent most of my life in Brampton, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. Minus the five years that I spent living in Ottawa, Ontario, as a university student, first, and then, a year later, looking for work, as the federal government went through one of its periodic slicing and dicing of the civil service workforce.
In June 2007,  I lost my apartment and moved to a homeless shelter in Toronto.  As a kid, growing up in Brampton, a ‘burb of Toronto, as it was “the hub” for everything: shopping, concerts, and clubbing. Later on, it became the focus point  for the services and support programmes I need, as a transwoman. Also, the atmosphere is so different from Brampton, I don’t feel trapped, like I did there.
In Peel Region, there are no specific by-laws protecting a transperson within the shelter system,  like Toronto has. Peel Region (consisting of the cities of Mississauga, Brampton, and the town of Caledon), as a county with a population over a million people, is very unfriendly towards the LGBT+ community. The PFLAG chapter for Mississauga just started on April 18, 2016. Otherwise, living in Peel Region means having to travel to get access for any support services, concerning one's transitioning.

Toronto waterfront, with swans

Sherry: It does sound like you made a wise move, to Toronto. Tell us about your three kitties, Therisa, as we are all animal lovers.                  
Therisa: On April 7, Venus and Squeak celebrated their seventh birthday together, as they came from the same litter of 5 kittens, of which 4 of them are orange Tabbies (2 girls and 2 boys) and one, black with multi-coloured patches girl, (the runt of the litter).

Venus and Squeak

Happy birthday
Venus and Squeak.

I know
Your birth hour is
Between 7 and 8 pm
My loves.

Which happened
On a Sunday
Seven years ago.

I couldn't resist
This impulse
To kiss you
Happy birthday.

Wouldn't surprise me
If you think
I'm daft
At times.

With my behaviour
And actions.

Your very presence
In my life
Has had
Very profound effects
Upon me.

In a positive way.

For I can say
Without your love
And compassion
Would have killed

The holiday season
Of 2010-11.

The numerous times
That you have helped me
During my PTSD flashbacks
And severe anxiety attacks
By being there.

So enjoy
This special day
My loves.

I promise
Will serve you
A very special treat
Of Salmon

It'll have to be
From a can
And not
A fresh fillet.

Therisa © 2016

Sherry:  Our animals give us such love and devotion, they see us through our darkest hours, yet ask so little in return. I am smiling, at the can of salmon, rather than a fillet. But I’m sure they enjoyed it hugely.
Therisa: Venus, the smallest of the three cats, is also the most aggressive of them, in defending what she views as her domain: me. With reckless abandon, she will charge Squeak and Star, triggering me, especially when the girls go at it. She constantly needs to be petted or held by me, to acknowledge her and share my love with her. Often, during the night, she will place her paws upon my back or walk on my legs, and look to see where Star is sleeping, before going back to her resting place.
Venus feels this need, to be constantly reassured that I am there for her. In having me, either holding her in my arms, or just petting her, while talking to her. Sometimes, it get too much for me, as I have to place some distance, between us. But I do love her, just not as much as she wants, at times.
Squeak, a male, largest of the three, has a quiet demeanor, as he watches everything that happens around him. His original name was Gentle Ben, before he arrived at my apartment, on June 7, 2009, which I changed, given his higher than normal pitch to his voice, when he communicated with me or Venus. Of the four, of us, Squeak is the neat freak, if the litter box isn’t to his standard of cleanliness, he will protest vocally, until I fix it. Heck, he even does windows  for me.
As the perfect gentle Tom, he lets the girls go first, at the food dish, waiting until they had their fill  before eating himself. And he loves to walk my hallway floor, getting the latest cat version of gossip, by sniffing every single doorway at least twice. I think he knows more about what happens on my floor than the CC camera does! And yes, he runs back to the apartment at the slightest noise that signals the approach of another person. So much for my knight Errant.
But what I love the most about him is his incredibly soft and deep fur. I could lose my hand, if it wasn’t attached to my arm. Especially when I hold him against my body, with his paws resting upon my shoulders, and my head against him. And he loves the attention, when it comes to groom time, leaning in to the comb, his eyes, are rolled back, and a gentle purr can be heard.
Sherry: I am enjoying this so much, Therisa. I do love the critters! And you take such loving care of them, which does my heart good.
Therisa: Star, the newest member to my household, was taken in as an abused and abandoned kitten, in November 2011. Upon entry in the apartment, Star hid herself  underneath the toilet cistern, and refused to move from there. Not sure why I thought of the faerie tale, Hansel and Gretel, but I did, as I laid out a small trail of kibble, from  the toilet area to myself, at the entrance of the bathroom. Cautiously, she ate the kibble, until I could gently pet her, and tell her what a good kitten she is. From there, our relationship has grown over the years, helping each other in our healing.

Star as a kitten

Not sure
Why our paths crossed
As they have
Over 4 years ago

Your very presence
Has offered me
A very rare gift
Of love and compassion.

From someone
Who has known
The toxic touch
Of being abused
And abandoned.

Of how
On your first night
You hid
Under the toilet cistern.

Out of your mind
With fear.

As I laid
A trial of kibble
From the bathroom
To the centre
Of my heart.

Did I know.

The healer
Would become
The one
Who is
Being healed.

As I watch you
Over the months
Grow and heal
Into your true self.

Greeting me
Every time
I enter
Our shared apartment.

With your deep purr
And a gentle kiss
For me.

Forever leaving
Your paw print
Upon my beating heart
As you snuggle
Against me.

Laying down
To rest
For the coming day.

As I give you
My daily thanks
For your being
A part of my life.

Therisa © 2016

Sherry: This poem is so tender, Therisa. I love the trail right to the centre of your heart...and the healer becoming the one healed. That is what our critters do for us, with their unconditional love. Your love for your cats is so heartwarming. Bless you, for rescuing three of them. And I know they bless you, in return, with their love.
Therisa: One of my nicknames for Star, is the “Purring Panther”, given her almost pure black, silky soft coat, which has a triangle burst, upon her chest, and a white stripe, from each of her legs. And the fact she has a very loud purr, when she’s contented.  Almost every night, since day one, Star loves to snuggle against my body, whenever she comes to me. As she kneads my blanket, purring away, before sighing and settling down, for the next hour or so. Spending most of the night within arm distance of me.
Sadly, from her abusive past, Star still cries out, when I touch her unexpectedly, and this hurts me, deeply, despite the years of gentleness I have shared with her. Although, she does love to sit upon my lap, after a bath, and let me groom her. Only stopping to remind her, “no claws”.  
I know cats are supposed to hate water, but Star loves to play with water. Moving her paw through running water, as if to bring it  closer  to her. You imagine my surprise, when Star hopped on the ledge of the bathtub, with me in it, and started to drink. Never mind, the water container was about a meter away from her. Could only shake my head in wonderment. Since then, I offer her one of my legs, as a platform to stand upon.
Sherry: She sounds adorable! Therisa, when did you write your first poem? And why did you choose poetry instead of prose?                                           
Therisa: My first poem that I wrote was March 29, 2007, which I posted on my newly minted MySpace account. Have to admit I cringe, whenever I think back to it.
As for choosing poetry over prose, there are several reasons, Sherry. The first reason  is my various learning disabilities, which has, in the past, made writing out paragraphs an exercise in frustration for me. As I remember my university days at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario. And the long hours of a blank screen before me, as I attempted to write one of my numerous essays for my courses.  
Not sure if this is part of my learning disability, but I tend to write in short micro sentences, which drove my profs nuts, due to sparseness in detail, which I felt covered the question being asked of me. As an intuitive writer, it feels right, to be writing in my minimalist style.
Sherry: Yes, once we find our voice, in poetry, it is good to stay true to what flows naturally. That’s what keeps it authentic. What do you love about poetry?
Therisa: A different format to express myself creatively, beyond the clay sculpting and writing out of my thoughts in paragraph form. In that, free verse has no right or wrong way to express these thoughts, only that they flow, in a smooth stream, like a river does. And grammar, for the most part, is secondary to the message being expressed to the reader. I don’t feel confined or restricted, like I did in elementary and secondary school, when they exposed us to limited forms that ran counter to my learning disabilities.
Sherry: Well, you write very well, and seem to have come a long way from those difficult days. You asked me to choose a few of your poems to share. Shall we start with “Prepping for Soul Soup?”

Sitting down
With a paring knife
And a cooking onion
In my hands.

Taking my time
To ensure
No fingers are nicked
By the slicing blade.

Pruning back
The dry and crumbly
Dead layers
Into the garbage bag.

As if
I'm paring back
My life
Before me.

Trying not
To rub
My burning eyes.

Whose tear ducts
Are overflowing
With sadness
From past memories.

With each layer
I have removed
Before placing it
On the cutting board.

All the time
I was handling
Its milder cousin
The Leek.

For the soup pot.

As a stray hand
Starts rubbing
An eye or two.

Trying to ease
The stinging
I feel.

It's a task
I have to face.

As crying
Is cathartic
For one’s soul.

In removing
The dead memories
We have gathered
Over our life.

Allowing us
To move on.

Therisa © 2016

Sherry: Brave and wise – the tears, and then the moving on. This is a wonderful poem, Therisa!
Therisa: Yes, but I don’t want people to feel that’s all I write about. As there is more to my writing, which highlights my various struggles and events that affect me, as a person, and the greater community.
Especially, those issues concerning mental illness, transgender human rights, and other marginalized communities, who often don’t have anyone to speak for them. Having lived through years of discrimination, by the education system and by society, at large, I have a unique understanding of what it means to struggle, on a daily basis, while trying to enlighten others.
Sherry: I hear you. I do believe people who struggle the most wind up being the strongest. I especially love “Remembering the Debt Owed”, which has a wonderful message.

As a child
I was taught
By my dad
To show respect
Towards all lifeforms.

Of what I thought
Of them.
It be
A weed plant
Or a pest insect.
In returning
The great gifts
That they provide
To us.

In the form
Of food
Or simple beauty
In our lives.

Our debt
To Mother Earth.

For sharing
Her creation
With us.

Without it
There wouldn't be

Therisa © 2016

Sherry: By now, you must know how deeply this poem resonates with me, Therisa. It’s beautiful.  When did you begin blogging?  Does the support and encouragement of the poetry community help you to keep on writing?
Therisa: I only really started to keep a blog on January 2, 2016. Prior to this, I have been involved, with various closed sites, which I felt restricted by, over time. And the drama that seems to accompany them. In seeing many truly talented writers leave, because of the unnecessary drama.
Truthfully, I never figured anyone would read my posts, and when it did happen, I wasn’t prepared, for the supportive and encouraging reaction. On one site, within two weeks there, I had two hateful transphobic and homophobic responses to my posts, which really hurt me.
So far, I have had only one misguided soul, who has spewed their venom upon my posts here. But, sadly, I had to go to the situation where I am pre-approving all comments to my posts.
I think I am more able to express my opinions that run counter to conventional norms, on certain issues that affect me on a very personal level, which I couldn’t do on a closed site. Without having to worry, how people will react to my writing.
Sherry: All we can do is speak our truth. Those who disagree can simply click on by. What activities do you enjoy when you’re not writing?   
Therisa: Beyond spending quality time with Venus, Squeak and Star, I am a huge fan of anime (Japanese animation), especially from Studio Ghibli, whose influence is seen through Pixar animated films, whose films cover a wide spectrum of subject matters in their storytelling.

Studio Ghibli's My Neighbour Totoro

A byproduct of this is a very sizable collection of Blu-Ray and DVDs, which comes in handy, on those nights my brain won’t shut down, and sleep is a distant thought, thousands of km away. Also, during my bouts of agoraphobia. I tend to watch old comedies and drama, from the 1930s to the 1960s, as I find the writing, to be better, and I love the actors/actresses, from this era. Especially, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant and Gregory Peck.

Sherry: I have a large collection, too, as watching a movie is the best way for me to get a total rest, in mind and body. I prefer older movies to the newer, much of the time, as well. I like the tried and true. Your blog photo shows you cooking. Do you enjoy it?
Therisa: The gauge of my mental health is whether or not I’m cooking. In that, I love to start from scratch, with fresh ingredients, like an artist, combining various herbs and spices, together, by intuition, like my writing. Where recipes are guidelines, which I can divert, if I don’t like the ingredients that are called for, like animal meat or certain vegetables and seasonings. Will admit, no two dishes are ever the same, when I cook.
Unfortunately, Squeak isn’t a big fan of me cooking, as he views this as cutting into our personal time together, whether it’s a hallway stroll, or holding him in my arms. I make sure all of the cats get to share with me, when I make a greens salad. They love red leaf lettuce.
Sherry: That is surprising, but very cool! In browsing your site, I found a wonderful statement, in the poem “Wednesday Morning Thoughts”. Let’s take a look at it.

Silence of the soul
From internal fighting.

Universal celebration
Of love.

Not another buzz word
Uttered by the political elite
To mask indifference.

Of one's self
Warts and all.

Binding glue
For all.

Therisa © 2013

Sherry: It sounds like you have created a peaceful refuge for yourself, Therisa. I applaud you for choosing to heal and grow, for not giving up, in the face of difficulties. I so admire that.
I would love to take a look at “Healing Blossoms” now, for it really seems to sum up very beautifully the healing journey you are making.

Am dreamin'
The long hard winter
Of my soul
Is slowly

Having survived
Those long terror filled nights
Of my turbulent past
That replayed
Before me
In crystal clarity.

As the first 
Tender shoots
Of hope
Start to push through
My soul's frozen soil.

There will be times
I'll find myself
In the blackest
Of weather.

The worse has

The last killer storm
Had blown across
My soul
Five years ago.

The holiday season
Of 2010-11.

As I reach out
To the emerging Sun
In its warmth
And light.

In the moment
Real change is

Therisa © 2016

Sherry: This is very beautiful, brave and hopeful, Therisa. I would love to think the harsh winter is over and real change is slowly occurring – for you, for all of us, and for the planet. A wonderful poem!

Therisa, since we did this interview, you posted a poem I feel would add to this conversation, which was inspired by the film "The Danish Girl", about Lili Elbe, the first transgender person to undergo sex reassignment surgery. I would like to add it here, if you agree.

Therisa: Yes, please, Sherry. It completes who I am, as a transgender person.

Tat, Lili 

Dear Miss Elbe;

Please forgive me
In my ignorance
Of your journey
And life.

As The Danish Girl
Before me
A constant stream
Of tears
Stains my blouse.

Finding myself
Needing to write this
In letting go
Of your fears
You have faced
Head on

I could tell you
Society has changed
In accepting us
As the men and women
We are.

A century later
The pain and stress
Of self-acceptance
And expressing it
The same.

Giving truth
To our true self
Means death
To our bodies
As the world
Knew us.

Some may call it
On the surgeries
We undergo.

Soul peace
Knows no price
We must pay
To experience it.

Even if
It means death
To our physical body.

Therisa © 2016

Author's note: On Mother's Day (May 8), I watched, for the first time, The Danish Girl, the story of Lili Elbe, and her struggle to be true, to herself, in being, the first transwoman, to undergo SRS. 

Personally, I felt the film underplayed, the level of homophobic and transphobic violence, in Europe, at the time, considering, it was late 1920s, and the rise of ultra-right wing nationalistic parties, across Europe, as a whole. 

I only wish our community had talked more about the true bravery, Ms. Elbe showed, in being the first candidate to complete SRS surgery, even though, she lost her life, to it. Only hope I have your inner strength, when my turn comes around.

Sherry: A powerful poem, Therisa, and a most moving film. She was brave. I love most "soul peace knows no price we must pay to experience it." In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to Poets United?
Therisa: This may surprise people, but I am a rather private person, despite the very personal and open nature of my postings. Often, I feel overwhelmed by the number of responses to my poems, that I don’t know where to start, in returning your love. Especially, if I get behind, for a given posting.
Sherry: We are happy you are here among us, Therisa. All you need to do is Be You. Smiles. Thank you for being willing to share your poems, yourself,  and your adorable cats with us.

Wasn’t this a sweet visit, kids? I love features that are full of animal-love. Smiles. Do come back and see who we talk to next. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. Its always a pleasure to get up close to fellow poets in this
    Monday feature
    Thanks Sherry and thanks Therisa

    Much love...

    1. Your welcome, Gillena, and thank you, for your kind words.

  2. Welcome Therisa...what a wonderful interview Sherry, and I adored your cats and their lovely stories Therisa. Your poetry is so beautifully layered with life, that I was drawn to it...I especially loved Healing Blossoms and Prepping For Soul Soup....I think that would be a great title for a book. I look forward to reading more of your poetry....your voice is strong and wondrous.

    1. Thank you, Donna, for your generous praise, of my writing. Please feel free to use it, for yourself, if you have a book coming out. I write to heal, and not, for a commercial market.

    2. It is a wonderful title, for certain. Maybe one day a few years down the road? Never say never, kiddo. I once thought I would NEVER be able to do a book, but with online self-publishing, it is so easy (and affordable) to do, even if only to archive our work for ourselves.

  3. Uhm, Sherry, can we make that a herbal tea, as I'm deadly allergic to caffeine, one of the reasons, I carry an Epipen on me, 24/7/365. And yes, it would be, death by chocolate, too. Sigh. So do miss not being able to eat chocolate.

    1. OY! YES, herbal tea for SURE! I would hate to poison one of our poets, LOL. Oh, I would miss chocolate. That must be tough.

    2. It has, it's moments, Sherry.

  4. Therisa, what an interesting interview! And I can see that you are as much a cat person as I am a dog person. Smiles. I really do enjoy your poetry, and I am glad that you shared the poem "Prepping for Soul Soup" as it goes along with your blog motif. I really like that poem. And, yes, sometimes it IS good and necessary to move on. And reading "Healing Blossoms" - I am struck by how amazing this poem is. It is good to recognize that the winter has ended & real change is occurring. I really like the optimism here. Therisa, it does not surprise me that you are a private person. I really think that many of us in the blogosphere are, but we find a niche in the blogosphere where we can be who we are, and that is a good thing. I am glad you are with us at Poets United & always look forward to your poems!

    1. And thank you, Sherry, for your excellent interview!! You always find such an interesting slant.

    2. I am simply the scribe, is the poets' stories that make these features shine! Each one so remarkable.

    3. Until Venus and Squeak, I have never lived, with cats, as a constant companion, in my life, Mary. Must admit, Venus' fierce bonding with me, scared me, silly. Never had another being express such strong emotions, in a positive way, to me, before. As my poems, on any given day or moment, they can change, reflecting my feelings, at that particular time and place. And thank you, Mary, for your very strong and positive support, over my brief time, here, and on other sites.

  5. Im so glad you have Venus Squeak and Star. Pets love us everyday of the week no matter our moods.
    I love that time period of movies also - we used to have a large library of VHS oldies. Much harder to find them. Thanks for opening the door a crack so we could see your world. Therisa, We are glad that you joined us in sharing your verse.

    1. Thank you, Leslie, for the kindness and healing words, you have shared with me, over the short time, I have been here.

  6. Lovely to read! Many thanks to you both., Sherry and Therisa. Therisa, despite the challenges you've faced, and continue to face, I was particularly struck by the poem about your dad and what he taught you. I had a dad who taught me such things too, and I think it is a great blessing in my life, a source of clarity and strength. (My dad didn't always live up to his own ideals, but he did have them and did impart them.) And, being a besotted cat lady myself, I love your poems about your darlings, and the stories of their unique interactions with you.

    1. Thank you, Rosemary. My dad was, a guiding soul for me, who took time, to listen to me, even if, he didn't understand me, or my emotional needs. Without him, I wouldn't have finished university, and probably, would have taken my life, during the first year of study.

  7. What a beautiful insight to you and your furry family Therisa. What I liked about your poetry is the brevity of the lines leaving no doubt to their meaning and providing such an impact on the reader. I too am an avid fan of Studio Ghibli films which have such amazing artwork. Thank you both for this great interview.

    1. Thank you, Old Egg, for your kind and generous words. My writing style is, the result of my various learning disabilities, which my university profs nailed me, on my exams and tests.

  8. I love the kitties! Animals are such wonderful companions.

    1. Thank You, Fireblossom. Venus and Squeak, came from a friend, who I have lost contact with, since. While Star is, a rescued kitten, who was abused and abandoned when I took her, in. You're so right, about theme, making wonderful companions, wouldn't be here, without them.

  9. It's exhilarating when harsh winter comes to an end making room for new life, so refreshing it is.Thanks for sharing with us your world of words and your courageous and inspirational journey. Love all the poems selected here, specially Prepping For Soul Soup. Though I am not a pet person I must admit that I love your feline beauties :)

    1. Thank you, Sumana, for very kind words and honesty, about being an animal person. To me, they're not pets, but companions, who are sharing my life and apartment, together.

  10. Thank you Sherry and Therisa for this amazing chat :)

  11. So very good to read about you Therisa and learn about how came to our blogging community - of which we are very glad you are a have so much to contribute.. I am glad your cats and writing came into your life and gave you something more gentle, forgiving and loving to connect to..we all need that and it is so special to be accepted by an animal - I love Prepping for Soul Soup - now your banner pictures falls into focus - long may you keeping cooking up soup and words - thank you both

    1. Thank you, Jae Rose. Have plans for this weekend, to cook up another large pot of vegetable soup. Might change the type of beans that I'll add, like Chick peas, instead of red kidney beans.

  12. I popped back to read more comments and saw the addition of the poem to Lili Elbe. Yes, that was an incredibly moving film and she was most amazingly courageous. I was also blown away by the great love shown by the wife. Thank God these surgeries no longer kill ... and may we all find such love.

    1. I was struck by Lili's wife's love too, Rosemary - truly unconditional, she loved the person within. Wish the world of humans could all be like that, wouldnt it be a fine thing? We have made some slow progress though, judging from Therisa's struggles, we still have such a long way to go.

    2. Without Gerda, Lili may have not realize, who she is. At the same time, Lili was Gerda's lifetime inspiration and muse for her paintings.

      Wouldn't go that far, Rosemary, as anytime, you experience a medical procedure, where you're put under, there's always a risk of something going wrong.

  13. Wow! I LOVE your Lili poem, Theresa, and "Soul Soup" too, so much more than "stone soup." Cats are the best housemates, and I love the poems you wrote acknowledging them. I've been partnered by such affectionate cats over the years that I am having a hard time waiting for my new 5-year-old rescues to come close enough for physical affection. They are still sizing me up, and I hope will move in closer--but it's been more than a month. Sigh. Thank God you have found an outlet in poetry and become part of Poets United. Thanks for a fine and gentle interview, Sherry and Theresa.

    1. Thank you, Susan, for generous words. To gain Star's confidence, I used a food trail, leading to me. And yes, it took a lot of time, before she felt confident around me. Still, have to careful, in the way, I touch her, otherwise, she will start crying, and that breaks my heart.

  14. all i can think of is, you are a very strong person, Therisa.

    ah, My Neighbour Totoro, one of my favourite films. i am never tired of it. somehow, the film reassures me that this world is still good.
    have you watched Grave of the Fireflies, also by the same studio? it has been rated as "one of the most depressing" animation movies and also hailed as a "profoundly beautiful, haunting work".

    1. I try my best, dsnake, just grateful, no one sees me, during my bouts of tears and anxiety. I think, I have, several years ago. Graves Of The Fireflies, is about the final days of WWII, in Kobe, Japan. So yeah, it will be dark and depressing.

  15. Thank you, my friends, for such a warm welcome to one of our newer members. I do love these features so much. I think they help us know each other better, and form a truly united community. I do love Poets United, so full of fine poets and wonderful human beings!

  16. I'm glad I'm late to comment so I could read the Lily poem. I've been so impressed with you Theresa, for your openness and bravery. Thank you for joining us all as we pursue the poetry that expresses our souls. Your cats are all adorable and itsn't it wonderful how our animal companions help us get through life. Keep writing Theresa, your poems are so sincere and full of your heart.
    Sherry thank you for this lovely interview that helps us know Theresa better. As always, your love of people and this world is evident in your interviews.

    1. Thank you, Myrna. You are so kind.

    2. Thank you, Myrna, this means, a lot, given the nature of your own poetry. I have no other way, for true healing, to happen. Besides, most people can spot a poser, who's trying to past themselves off, as something, they're not.

  17. Such a lovely and interesting interview, thanks Sherry ~

    I really appreciate the perspective of the world from the poet's eyes are it is unique ~ Thanks for sharing the poems Therisa ~


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