Sunday, January 8, 2017


Frank's Island, Chestermans Beach
Tofino, B.C.

South Chestermans

Today in the Pantry, my friends, we are enjoying some photos taken by my daughter, Stephanie Oien, on our recent trip to Tofino, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. There, Stephanie, her husband, Gord,  their two dogs and I spent a few days in a cabin on the beach. We made some wonderful memories, and enjoyed  spectacular sunrises and sunsets, beautiful enough to restore one's spirits. What a way to begin the new year!

These panoramic shots show the glorious sweep 
of Chestermans Beach, our favourite  of the local beaches. 
The top shot is a close-up of Frank's Island,
shown from farther away in the second photo.
You will never meet happier dogs than the ones
you find on the beach! It is dog heaven.

As sunset beckons, all along the beach, 
people come out of their houses 
with their mugs of tea.  Small fires dot the beach, 
as all attend the closing 
of another glorious day on the West Coast.

From sunrise to sunset, the magic never ends. 
We hope you enjoyed this trip to the beach.
Thanks, Stephanie, for allowing me
to share your photos
(and for that special time with you, Gord,
and the puppies.)

***   ***   ***

Do stop by tomorrow to read a wonderfully positive chat with Wendy Bourke, entitled "Star Dreams and Rainbow Hopes," beginning the new year with hope and some good poetry. On Wednesday, Sumana will challenge us at Midweek Motif with the words "The Door", offering many possibilities for poetic inspiration.  And be sure to stop by Rosemary's The Living Dead on Friday.

Now it is time to dive into the Pantry and see what goodies await us there. Mary is having a little down time, so I am pinch-hitting for her. Thanks for stopping by so faithfully every week. We truly appreciate you!

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  1. Thank you for opening the pantry doors - especially to those gorgeous photos

  2. Wonderful pictures. Here it's all white with snow.

    1. We are having snow on and off too.....but it is usually more moderate at the beach.

  3. Hello everyone,

    It's a beautiful sunny afternoon here in K.L ❤️ sharing my poem "Conviction" thank you Sherry for hosting and for such gorgeous pictures of Tofino ❤️

    Lots of love,

  4. I am sharing a sonnet I wrote recently. Thanks for the opportunity, Sherry. It would be wonderful to spend a Sunday walking those beautiful beaches.

  5. Looking at these photos, brought memories of the time, spent at White Rock, and the beach, there, as a 10 yr old/. Wish, I could say, the same about the poem, poster here, day, which I wrote, a month ago.

    1. Wonderful to see you linking, Therisa. All the best in 2017. It has to be better than 2016, Right?

  6. Wonderful photos, Sherry! Obviously a very magical place indeed. No wonder you love it so.

    I'm linking to a slightly naught little bit of nonsense I wrote a few months ago.

    1. Well, not 'slightly naught' so much as 'naughty'. LOL

  7. Good day everyone!
    ha! i am linking a bit of nonsense too.

    Thank you, Sherry, for sharing those lovely photos. :)

  8. It is four in the morning where I am, and I am awake. Ack! Am happy you enjoyed the photos, friends. I will be back after a likely futile attempt to go back to sleep. Looking forward to reading poetry with my morning tea.

  9. Warm wishes to those in the cold climates.
    Happy New Year to first Sunday 2017 pantry poets posting

    much love...

  10. Oops! seems im star dazed after watchin a one bright star my inspiration for today's post
    So i linked a 2015 in error and im linking my 2016 as corrected link

    much love...

  11. Fantastic photos, thankyou for sharing. Happy Sunday to all

  12. Oh my goodness - stunning photographs - my computer crashed and I've been away far too long... will be back to read and catch my breath - a Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year to you all :)

  13. Happy New Year to everyone- time to get back to writing...bkm

  14. Yes, nice to start a brand new year of writing, after the distraction of politics and holidays. I am watching the news less, in the interest of inner Peace!

  15. Beautiful photos! I can see why you (Sherry)love that shore.
    May This year fill the Pantry with creative joy and the chitter chatter of poetic exchanges.

  16. What an incredibly beautiful place!

  17. Sherry, I didn't get a chance to participate today but did stop by. Your pictures are spectacular. I want to go to Tofino now at least in my dreams. Glad you had a good time.

  18. Friends! I love visiting this community. I'm not sure what the parameters are for the Poetry Pantry as the info link was disabled, but I hope you enjoy my most recent tercet. I look forward to reading others' writing!


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