Sunday, January 29, 2017

Poetry Pantry #338

Photos of Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines
by Totomai Martinez

"The tree house was my accommodation for 2 nights. It felt good to be away
from the city. The room is air-conditioned, with toilet and bath too :)"

"Some of my friends stay here at the floating cottages."

"Each floating cottage has an access to the crystal blue waters."

"This is the view in front of the tree house."

Happy Sunday, Friends.   Well, I am back once again here at the Poetry Pantry.   So glad to have some very interesting photos from Totomai to share.  The captions under each photo are Totomai's as well.   Come back next week as well for some more of his beautiful photos!

I would like to thank Sherry who ran the pantry so expertly in my absence.  And to Susan, Sumana, and Rosemary who did more than their share as well.  Smiles.  And I would like to thank those of you who continued to write and share.

Lots of great features each week here at Poets United.  I do want to give you an advance heads up for Susan's Midweek Motif prompt on Wednesday.......Faith.      We all have to find ways to keep it alive in our lives.

With no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your poem below, and then comment on the poems of others who have posted.  Enjoy your Sunday and your week.


  1. Good to have you back Mary and superb photos Totomai - apologies if we can't repay visits at the moment as ever thank you

  2. Good morning all, what a fantastic tee house. I shall return this evening to enjoy this weeks writings, freinds visiting so must away now. Wishing all a great day.

  3. Totomai, you have such interesting adventures and your photographs capture them so wonderfully. And Mary (as I commented on your blog) it's great to see you back: such a big part of the 'wind beneath our [poetic] wings', here, at Poets United. Looking forward to another Sunday at the Poetry Pantry.

  4. Welcome back, Mary! And thank you Totomai for the fascinating photos.

    May I just give people a little heads-up for our previous post, my 'I Wish I'd Written This' of last Friday? I forgot until this morning to advertise it on our facebook page too, and am sad to notice that not many people seem to have seen what I think is a lovely poem from a most interesting poet – or at any rate have not said so.

    1. Love the photos, and welcome back Mary. I'm not sure how the second entry with my name came to be on the list above, but it is a mistake. Is there any way to remove it?


    2. Indeed, Rosemary, I do hope people will scroll back and take a look and leave a comment!

  5. I just realized it's after 5am and I have spent the night shaping this poem! I'd better catch a few winks before I have to go to worship this afternoon. Gosh. Mary, I'm delighted that you are back. And what an impossibly beautiful vacation spot! I'm glad to know such a place exists, Totomai.

  6. Hey everyone,

    Its a beautiful evening here in K.L ❤️ sharing my poem "Timeless" thank you for hosting yet another gorgeous pantry Mary and Totomai for such lovely pictures ❤️

    Lots of love,

  7. Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I am back today from a long pause. I wish you all a Happy Sunday and long live to life and beauty! Stay blessed everyone.

    Best regards,


  8. Hi everyone - after an absolutely whirlwind horrific, inspiring and tumultuous week .. delighted to be here and will be back to read and comment. Peace to all <3

  9. Nice to see everyone here this morning... Look forward to seeing you 'on the trail.'

  10. Delightful pictures Totomai. A beautiful way to enter the pantry for some great reading.

  11. Thanks for the lovely photos from Totomai, happy the doors are open to another Sunday Pantry

    much love...

  12. What could be better than a tree house with the convenience of air conditioning, a toilet and bath? Sounds utterly divine, Totomai!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos.

  13. I'm so happy to see you back Mary. I almost emailed you. Was worried. Totomai's pictures are wonderful. He's such a good photographer and has such good spirit.

  14. It is SO GOOD to have you back, Mary. I echo Wendy's comment - you are the wind beneath our poetic wings! Totomai, your photos are always amazing. I think we all need a tree house to escape to at the moment...hopefully one with no Bad Newscasts. Rosemary, your Friday feature is wonderful. I do hope people will check it out. It is too good to miss.

  15. Thank you, Mary. The image of a tree house by the sea will keep me smiling all day.

    Have a good Sunday, everyone.

  16. Hello, Mary! So good to have you back. Love the photos. Today I'm sharing a senryu I wrote for Toads. Have a nice week, see you for Mid Week. Hugs!

  17. Love the idea of sleeping in a treehouse. :)

  18. Lovely pictures..inspiring places ...sharing my poem on Motif Change...always loved trees and tree houses,Thank you Mary will share a poem on trees also


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