Sunday, January 15, 2017


Ha, Google informs us that January 15 is National Hat Day.  No kidding! My old wolf-Pup wore his hats with considerable flair. I thought this might bring a smile this morning, as we delve into another well-stocked Pantry.

Do come back tomorrow, as we will be featuring poems by Three Real Toads: Shay, Mama Zen and Hedgewitch. Their poems are not to be missed! On Wednesday, Susan challenges us with the prompt: Unity, at Midweek Motif, something we need now more than ever before, when the news is so full of divisiveness. And Rosemary always has something interesting for us on Fridays. This week is looking good for poetry!

Link your poem below and say hi in the comments. And be sure to visit your fellow poets in the spirit of reciprocity. Enjoy!



  1. Thank you for making us smile today - a dog of distinction :-)

  2. Good morning to all. Fantastic photo.

  3. Hello everyone,

    Hope you're having an amazing day so far, sharing my poem "Brume" thank you for hosting yet another gorgeous pantry, Sherry ❤️ good to see you!

    Lots of love,

  4. I absolutely love that wonderful photo, Sherry. Your beloved Pup is rockin' that hat. Happy Hat Day - Poets ... and Pups!

  5. I am sharing a poem I posted last week. Many thanks to those who have already shared their thoughts.
    Thanks for hosting today, Sherry.

  6. Aw; he is such a cutie in his straw hat. Just right for the dry hot day we are having here in Trinidad and Tobago now, Its good weather for the up comin Carnival parades in the street some February.

    A nice Sunday to all in the pantry

    much love...

  7. Hi Everyone! It is very early where I am. I will be back later to read, with my morning tea. Happy hat day, lol (says she who never wears a Hat!)

  8. What a cute photo.. I will be around to read later today

  9. Hmm. I so wish I looked good in hats.

  10. Hi friends, what a well stocked Pantry this morning. I enjoyed all the reads and will tiptoe back in as the day goes on, watching for more sustenance for the soul.

  11. National Hat Day? Who knew :-) Great little fact to stash away this Sunday. Thanks, Sherry. Looking forward to reading what's in the pantry today. Happy Sunday everyone.

  12. Hi everyone, glad to visit, missing your union... Have a Happy Sun-day!

  13. haha - Smiling - National Hat Day - that photo is amazing..
    We best not let Pat know might go to his head.

  14. Nice picture and I had no idea about National Hat Day! Lol!

    I linked a new form I tried and also posted for Monday WRites. It was fun. I'm doing the best I can to link up and read but still very busy. As soon as something comes up a week has gone by again and I didn't get to read. I do this to read as well as have you visit my takes so I do apoligize and am aware of missing some of your poetry. I am trying my best and it won't last. (At least I hope!)

    Have a great week friends! Sending my love.


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