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Poems of the Week - Magaly, Rommy and De

We have three gorgeous poems for you today, my friends, written by Magaly Guerrero, who writes at her blog of the same name, Rommy Driks, of Kestril's Rhythms and Groove, and De Jackson, of  Whimsygizmo's Blog. Take a moment's break from your busy day, dive into these luscious lines, and let your soul take a little flight around the ceiling, before  turning your mind back to its daily tasks. Enjoy! 


My glass was half full, but
I was proud of its contents,
excited about possibilities…
“Oh, the life I can bring to fill
my empty half,” I used to say.
Then you came,
bringing your thoughts
into my days.
“Empty your glass,” you said,
“I have a fill of wonders.”
I allowed the emptying…
…and you filled my glass
with clouds
that looked like heavenly dreams
falling like cool expectations
against the flush of my cheeks.
I closed my eyes,
and waited for wonders…
that weren’t meant to be.
with eyes open
and opened again,
I see
huge nothings
filling the space that is you.
And I grin…
as I gather the pieces
of my glass emptied of clouds,
of clouds that seeped into dirt
and were boiled clean by the sun,
in promise of better rains…
under a cloudless sky,
I am
fixing my glass,
prettying its cracks,
naming the breaks,
proud of my work,
excited about possibilities
I will build true…
Magaly Guerrero, May 2017

Sherry: I love "you filled my glass with clouds." So beautiful. And there is  so much strength in "I will build true." Yes!

Magaly:  This poem was written as an explanation - some friends (who didn't know me well enough to understand my behavior) - thought I was acting too strange, too quiet, perhaps not distraught enough...after breaking up with someone I had been with for some time. I wanted to let them know that I was, indeed, quite upset. But endings are the start of new beginnings. So, I was also excited about what would come next. There was no need to cry (for too long) over broken things, especially when we can repair the breaks, while absorbing lessons that can make us better.

Sherry: It takes life wisdom to keep the good, and look forward with hope. Beautiful, Magaly. Our friend Rommy wrote a very beautiful poem that I thought would go beautifully with yours. Let's take a peek.

Wildness floats around you,
wolf wicked,
but I’m no little girl
to be dandelion led.

I am a pebble-strewer,
hoping you’d find your way
to my hidden home.

Delight-whisperer, come
find me quick
amid the mysteries
of the sentinel forest.

Bring your power
midnight mage.
I’ve plenty of my own.
Bring your passion
moon brigand,

and see that I
am just as adept at stealing
kisses and nightingale hours
as you are.

Rommy Driks, May 2017

Sherry: I love "wolf wicked", and "dandelion led" so much! And the speaker's confidence: "I have plenty of my own."

Rommy: The poem came about as a response to a prompt at Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads, Kennings. A kenning is an old Norse Literary device (wikipedia definition: A kenning (Modern Icelandic pronunciation: [cʰɛnːiŋk]; derived from Old Norse) is a type of circumlocution, in the form of a compound that employs figurative language in place of a more concrete single-word noun. Kennings are strongly associated with Old Norse and later Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon poetry.)

It is a strongly passionate piece. I'm not sure I can say what inspired me to go that route with the prompt. I just enjoy writing passionate pieces from time to time. What I like about it is while that the speaker strongly desires to be in the presence of their lover, but there is a confidence in them that you don't always get in the presence of intense emotion. The speaker knows they are as desired (and have as much to offer) as much as they desire their beloved. It's a very mature side of passion.

Sherry: It is wonderful: full of passion, assurance, confidence, and, yes, the mature side of love. Let's see what De has to say about life, and being......and poetry.

We are born of ash and sigh
-lence, quiet spirits caved
in rain and song,
dark skeletal tree limbs
unsure of their own thin origins;
reaching for sky.
We count our rings, the things
that tell us who we are and
how old and why
we might possibly wish
for something more,
something radiating under
all this troubled skin.
You may find us rooted, or
washed away by our own salt.
You may find our syllables
too short,
too long,
but that’s not our fault.
De Jackson, May 2017

Sherry: First, I love your title so much! And how I love the tree limbs reaching for sky. 

De: This is one of those times when the title came first. I pictured poem glow sticks snapping to life, and lighting up the night. The moon, half of her usual golden self, but still illuminating everything.

The things we show the world: our raised limbs, our smallest stories. With an inspiring word list from over at The Sunday Whirl to fuel the fire, the poem just spilled out from there.

Sherry: And so beautifully! Thank you, De. I adore the idea of poems as glow sticks, shedding light.

Many thanks to each of you wonderful poets, for sharing your beautiful poems and thoughts with us today. So much beauty, with which to begin another poetry week.

Do come back and see who we talk to next, my friends. Who knows? It might be you!


  1. I love each one of these poems!!! Each having a title that draws you right into the piece. So glad to have stopped by today to see these wonderful poets and their poems featured.

  2. Wonderful selection of poems from three of my favorite poets... and of course Rommy's I remember well...

  3. Love. These poems entered me like a half glass of wine and I had to go back and read again to get the other half and lick up every drop. Thanks Sherry. Magaly, I love your joy and glass. Rommy, I love your passion and confidence. De, I love the truth of tree rings. My limbs are reaching up after this wonderful refreshment.

  4. A most wonderful selection of poems from three of my all time favorite poets, those who inspire me to keep on writing!❤️ I remember these poems like it was yesterday.. sigh.. thank you for featuring them this week, Sherry!❤️

  5. So good to get to know you all a little more - thanks to all... Wicked lovely poets :-)

  6. They are wicked lovely, aren't they? Such a deep inbreath of peace and joy, reading each one.........thank you, lovely ladies of the passionate pens!

  7. Indeed a lovely start to my day. I always greatly enjoy reading the work of these poets, and I remember being thrilled to the core by Rommy's poem when I first read it at her blog. I'm glad to be thrilled by it all over again! Must have missed the others – which are wonderful too, each in its own uniquely perfect way – so I'm delighted to encounter them now.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I just LOVE Rommy's reading of this poem.

  8. What I like about all the poems and their authors is the strength they convey in their writing, achieving positive outcomes through adversity. How encouraging their words are. PS. I loved the way they all looked at me as I wrote this.

  9. Loved your selection of poems this week, Sherry. I am familiar with - and very much appreciate and enjoy - Magaly's and Rommy's work and have made a note-to-self to watch for De's, now that I have been introduced. Great job - as always - on this feature. Thank you ... and thank you, Magaly, Rommy and De.

    1. I suspect you'll enjoy De's words very much. Her poetry is so full of life (and she can make a soul laugh).

  10. Thank you for this, Sherry.

  11. "We have three gorgeous poems for you today, my friends, written by..."
    - 3 gorgeous ladies! Isn't it wonderful? The 3 ladies who have stamped their mark beautifully for us all. Thanks Sherry!


  12. This is a wonderful selection of poems Sherry. Each a joyful morale booster in its own way. Thank you ladies for making my day :)

  13. You shared one of my favorite poems by Rommy. I love the words, and I really love hearing her read it aloud. And, goodness! I think I just fell in love with the first line of De's poem. What an image.

    Thanks so much for having us, Sherry.

    1. It was such a pleasure, Magaly. Putting together poems like these just makes my day!

  14. Magaly, I love - love - love your poem! It really expresses my philosophy as well, that the 'glass' can be repaired and there is something good (perhaps unexpected) around the corner. This is one of my favorite poems of yours!

    Rommy, I enjoyed the strength of your poem. Indeed it does show the mature side of passion, a love that is not one-sided, a love where both are equal and strong!

    De, you have written a 'writer's poem,' I think. I like the last stanza especially....find it empowering. To me it expresses the idea that we should write as we choose, arrange syllables and words for our own enjoyment. If someone is not pleased with them, it is not 'our' fault! Smiles.

    Sherry, another wonderful collection! You find the best poets & best poems to feature!

    1. I have such a wonderful well to draw from. Smiles. It makes my job such a pleasure.

  15. All three poems are inspirational and uplifting. I like the confident spirit ot the authors. As always, you select the best. Thanks Sherry.

  16. I read each poem as biographical, and each as beautiful as the poet who wrote them. De's poem made me think of, "moon over heart." In Japan many years ago, at a temple, I received the blessing, "of the dark light of the moon," certainly not as bright as the sun, but still lights the way...thank you to you Sherry and to each of the poets!

  17. Sorry for the late visit. I have family in town and didn't get the email notification until this morning. ;) What an honor to have a poem showcased alongside Magaly and Rommy! THANK YOU for your gorgeous work, ladies. And THANK You, Sherry, always, for your gracious ability to gather us.

    1. Sherry's "gracious ability to gather us" Yes, indeed, perfect.

  18. Oh, I so love that phrase! Smiles.

  19. A wonderful selection of lovely and beautiful poets. Thank you for sharing.


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