Sunday, July 2, 2017

Poetry Pantry #360

Fireworks over East Village - New York City

Greetings, friends.  Hope all is well with each of you in your part of the world.  We here in the US will be celebrating our Independence Day on Tuesday.  This means parades, fireworks, family barbecues, etc.  Do some of the rest have a special holiday that you celebrate around this time of year?

Hope you all have read Rosemary's feature which preceded this one.  She features a wonderful Neruda poem "Tonight I Can Write (the Saddest Lines)."  After reading this poem and her write-up, I definitely want to read some Neruda.

And thank you to all of you who participated in Sumana's prompt "War and Peace" this past Wednesday.

Sherry is featuring poems by three wonderful poets on Monday.  Please stop by.

We welcome Susan back again this week for Midweek Motif  with her prompt "independence."  Hopefully the theme will trigger a poem in each of you.

And now with no further delay, let's share poetry.  Link your poem below.  Stop in and say hello.  Then visit other poets who post.  Looking forward to seeing you on the trail!


  1. Thank you for another pantry - happy sunday to all

  2. Good morning everyone, wonderful sunshine here, so I will go out and be back later.

  3. Looking forward to making 'the rounds' tomorrow. Thank you - once again - for opening the pantry doors for us, Mary, and giving our community of poets a place to gather.

  4. Well, a fine good morning / evening to all. I shall look forward to reading this eveing. Have a good day.

  5. Hey everyone,

    Hope you're having an amazing day so far❤️ sharing my poem Untitled (recipe for a timeless muse) and rushing to work as i m running a bit late. I' ll be back later tonight to read and comment. Thank you Mary for hosting yet another gorgeous pantry!❤️

    Lots of love,

  6. A very happy Sunday to you all :)

  7. Good Sunday, everyone! I am enjoying reading what you have written! See you on the trail.

  8. Good Sunday, and a Happy Independence to those of you in the USA.
    will not be linking today. Have to have some ISP technical stuff worked out

    Much love...

  9. Good morning, poetry friends. We had our Canada Day yesterday, a concert on the village green and fireworks last night. Happy 4th to our friends in the US.

  10. p.s. It actually was a bigger celebration than usual, as it was our 150th. Quite the goings on, especially in the east, and it was carried much of the day and evening on tv. My thoughts were with First Nations, who are still waiting for a place at the table. Awareness is slowly growing. But it is time for action, not words.

  11. Good Morning to y'all. This one has nothing to do with the Fourth. To those in Canada and US, have a great holiday.

  12. Great to see so many poets today. Don't forget to light up those Likes and G+1's.

  13. Oops, nearly forgot to leave a comment!Hop you have all been having a great weekend. Mine is well over now, but was certainly enjoyable, busy in good ways. Still catching up with reading everyone's poems.


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