Sunday, July 16, 2017

Poetry Pantry #362

Sacre Coeur - Montmartre - Paris

 Eiffel Tower - Paris

The Louvre - Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral - Paris

Greetings, Poets! Hope you all had a good week & wrote lots of poetry.  As the French just celebrated Bastille Day on July 14, I decided to share a few photos of Paris that I took a few years ago. They are labelled above.

There is always so much going on at Poets United. I hope you have seen Sherry's wonderful feature last Monday - three poets who have written poems on a political theme:  Colleen, Annell, and Laura.  If you missed it, there is still time to take a look!

Then on Wednesday Sumana's theme at Midweek Motif was Movement.  Many of you wrote to that theme.   (Susan's theme for the coming week will be Masks.  Plan ahead if you have time.)

Cat lovers and cat owners in the blogosphere, I hope you saw Rosemary's "Ode to the Cat" featured for I Wish I'd Written This.  Of course, Rosemary herself is a cat owner/ many of you know.  Nice article...and if you haven't read it, there is still time to scroll back.

This  Monday Sherry is featuring my blog as the Blog of the Week.  Alas, she twisted my arm.  Smiles.

Now with no delay, let's share poetry!  Link your poem before. Stop in and say hello in the comments.  Visit the poems of others who link.  Looking forward to reading your poems!


  1. Happy Sunday. My last linkup in a few weeks, I will go on vacation

    1. Happy vacation, Bjorn. Come back rejuvenated and inspired!

  2. A good Sunday to all thanks for another pantry

  3. Look forward to reading this after noon.

  4. Hello everyone,

    Hope you're having an amazing day so far❤️ sharing my poem Untitled (from dreams and beyond) hope you all like it. Thank you Mary for hosting yet another gorgeous pantry.. love the beautiful pictures of Paris and looking forward to reading your interview on Monday!❤️

    I am currently using my dad's lenovo.. will definitely be there on Midweek Motif next week! Getting ready for work.. will be back later tonight to read and comment ❤️

    Lots of love,

  5. A happy Sunday to you all. Nice photos Mary :)

  6. A happy Sunday to all. Thanks to Mary for being a gracious host.

  7. Good morning and Happy Sunday! Looking forward to reading all your wonderful poems throughout the day....and Mary I can't wait to read your interview with Sherry!

  8. Happy to be back online, blog hopping through the pantry; A good Sunday to everyone. Luv the Paris photos

    much love...

  9. Good morning once again! Nice to see so many in the pantry today already...and it's early. Smiles. Have a good one.

  10. Good morning & Happy Sunday, everybody! Enjoy your day.

  11. Good morning, glad to be back in the pantry.

  12. The photos transported me to Paris for a few lovely moments. Thanks for hosting, Mary. Looking forward to some good reading.

  13. I have always wanted to travel to Paris. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Enjoy your Sunday!

  14. bonne après-midi from London to Paris to poets in the pantry - plodding along with my bull again so somewhat slow

  15. So good to see so many here.
    Thank you, Mary.


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