Sunday, July 9, 2017

Poetry Pantry #361

Hamburg City Hall

A Bridge in Hamburg

Hamburg - Ohnsorg Theater

Good Sunday to everyone!  The photos I shared today are Wikimedia photos of Hamburg, Germany, the site of the G20 which was going on this week.  Undoubtedly, if you watched the news, you are familiar with that.

Well, we really are in the middle of summer here in the northern hemisphere, and I know those of you in the southern hemisphere must be feeling your winter.  I do hope that each of you has found time to write some poetry.

First of all, be sure that you take time to read Rosemary's feature The Living Dead this week.  She features the poem "The Wishbone" by the Australian poet Rae Desmond Jones, a poet (interestingly) that Rosemary had featured back in 2011 when she first started doing I Wish I'd Written This posts.  Rae, a friend of Rosemary's, just recently died.  Anyway, don't miss the poem and the excellent article.

So many good poems were written for Susan's "Independence" prompt for Midweek Motif last week.  I am going to take the liberty of pointing out the poem that Susan wrote for her own prompt.  It really, truly is an excellent one; and I think it needs a larger audience:   Still Dreaming.  Another poem that really moved me was Marja's poem - The Shadow.  Take a look.       Next week Sumana's prompt for Midweek Motif is "Movement!"

On Monday Sherry will be featuring poets who have written political poems!   It seems these times bring out political perspectives even in poets who have not generally been political. Don't miss this Monday's feature!

Now, with no delay let's share some poetry!  Share your poem below.  Stop in with a comment.  Visit others who share their work.  We all enjoy visits!  See you on the trail.


  1. Thanks for another pantry - happy Sunday to all

  2. Hello all..missed a few prompts while I've been travelling. Looking forward to a lot of poetry reading today!! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I prefer the images of Hamburg here to those of the news.

  4. Hi all, I'm busy right now so I shall look forward to reading later on. Peace and light and happy Sunday too.

  5. Happy Sunday everyone❤️ getting ready for work, will be back later tonight to read and comment on your wonderful poems. xoxo

  6. Good Sunday Morning to all! It has been almost a year since I have been writing, but I am so happy to be back to read and share poetry with everyone here....I have missed you all so very much! Can't wait to get around to everyone throughout today.

    1. So good to see you, Donna. Glad you are back to writing again.

  7. part 2 of a poem about meditation but must practice what I preach before catching up with others today - I'll be back though.

  8. May everyone enjoy a happy week.
    Thanks for the pictures Mary. The city looks so much nicer without the violence.
    Not sure if or how much I'll be posting for the next month. but I'll try to peak in once in a while.

  9. Good morning, friends! Mary, thank you for hosting, and for the photos of Hamburg.......these are sobering times, and society, at large, is too slow in comprehending the situation we are in, which calls for drastic changes that are too slow coming. Sigh. I am late to the party today as I am enjoying planting a few little growing things on my porch. But I will make the rounds as well and am looking forward to each poem. I have realized, once again this morning, how poetry makes connections and touches lives. Keep writing your glorious poems, my friends!

  10. The sun is lowering, but just posted a poem.

  11. Thanks for mentioning my poem I feel honoured. Would love to participate in this but I am at work actually haha

  12. So good to see so many friends. Will read as many as possible.

  13. Hey everyone! I have shared a link to my recent post here. Though it's not exactly poetry, but I wanted to share it with my friends here on Poetry Pantry. Hope it's not an issue and u will take out time to read my work. :)


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