Sunday, July 23, 2017

Poetry Pantry #363

Capsicum baccatum in Saúde flea market, São Paulo, Brazil

Happy Sunday once again, Poets!  Pretty much mid-summer here.  And lots of summer activities going on in this area this time of year.  Festivals, farmers markets, concerts, etc.  It is a wonderful time of year.  I found the photo above in Wikimedia Commons.  Colorful, isn't it?

If you have not read the very relevant poem Rosemary shared on Friday for her I Wish I'd Written This feature, go back and take a look at "The Gentle Hum."

This week on Monday come back to read Sherry's interview of one of our newest young poets, one she had NOT interviewed before.   A clue to whet your curiosity -- she is married to another poet who periodically joins us here at Poets United!

Wednesday Sumana's Midweek Motif prompt is "Finding a Sanctuary."   Alas, I think each of us needs one of those!

With no further delay, let's share poetry!  Link your poem below.  Say hello in comments. Visit others who share their poems.  Come back again and again, as more people will be posting throughout today and tomorrow.  Have a good week!


  1. Good morning every one and thanks for opening the Sunday Pantry. I shall sit down this afternoon and enjoy reading this weeks poetry. Have a great day, until later then. Peace and light to all.

  2. Thanks for another delicious pantry!

  3. Oh such a delicious pantry today!❤️ Happy Sunday, everyone!❤️

  4. Good morning again, Friends!

  5. How cool (or deliciously hot?) it is to start a Sunday surrounded by peppers. They are so pretty I can almost smell them through the screen.

    Happiest Sunday, everyone!

  6. Good morning and happy reading today! Hoping I can get a bit of peppers like these from my garden this year.

  7. Luv the peppers; a happy Sunday to everyone

    much love...

  8. A beautiful and colorful entrance into the pantry this morning. Looking forward to some creative treats. :)

  9. Good morning, poetry buddies. It is a gorgeous Sunday morning,sunny and full of hummingbirds. Hope you all have a lovely day. Thanks, Mary, for hosting.

  10. Hi everyone--I am not posting today but have missed being here--the last couple of months have been difficult for me--and I am having a hard time writing right now, but I want to visit

    1. Audrey, thank you for your visits. I hope life is better soon.

  11. Well. I visited as many as I could. Thank you, Mary.

  12. Hello, Voo here............nice to meet you


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