Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Look who has joined us!

We have a great group of folks that have joined within the last month that we should say hello too.  We havn't done a welcome post in a while so please give these poets a warm hello and try visiting their sites sometime soon.  Our poetry community is always growing and we our glad to welcome these folks into the Poets United family.   Our members are what makes this place so wonderful.

Caribbean Fool @ Caribean Fool        
Saikat @ Songs
Reetam Majumder @ Thoughts of Rain

R.S. Mallari @ Poems about Life and Love and Quotes

Someone Is Special @ Few Miles

Abigail Pearl @ The Flying Dream Poet 

Herotomost @ Mexican Radio




  1. can I Join too!?

  2. I too would like to welcome to Poets United, all the new members.
    I think it lends itself to being a very diverse and thriving group of poets and writers, spread across a wide sector of abilities,styles and geographical locations.

    I look forward 'meeting' via our blogs.

    Best wishes,
    Eileen O'Neill

  3. I have already met some of you through the Poetry Pantry and am so happy to say hi and welcome to all of you. I will enjoy visiting your blogs and getting to know you. You'll find Poets United very welcoming - I know I did. Welcome aboard - yay! More poems!!!!:)

  4. Welcome to the community! =)


  5. Welcome to all new members! Poets United is the place to be! You will love it. :) ~Punam

  6. Wow! what a nice list of new sites and poets...that is wonderful and congrat's Robert you handle Poest's United growing pains so very well - the site is becoming a great place to meet and experience all the interesting and diverse writers out there.....bkm

  7. Thank you all, its wonderful to be part of poets united,its fun sharing place ! I am enjoying.
    so far have visited Eileen, Pamela, Sherry.. looking forward to explore more, share more, and meet more poets here.

    much love


  8. I felt as if I have found the place where I can be myself and not be considered an outcast.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome.

  9. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Happy to be here..

    --Someone Is Special--


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