Monday, October 25, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week - (25 October 2010) Modernity's Muse

Written by Robert Lloyd

This week we go where words become the sound that gives voice to dreams. Now that’s a quotable line if I ever heard one, just not a line that I wrote. That poignant and wonderful statement belongs to our latest blog of the week Modernity’s Muse. When you visit this unique and thought provoking blog you will find that statement dangling right below the page title, calling to those who pass through to delve deeper into the heart of this site. This teaser is just merely the beginning of a poet’s blog that is overflowing with a wealth of creativity and poetic talent. That poet is Dasuntoucha.

Dasuntoucha (The Sun Toucher) is a talented writer with a unique way of displaying his poetry. Imagine any form of stationary or media that displays writing or letters and you can find it here complimenting his poetry in the most extraordinary way. One such example is the very first poem posted at Modernity’s Muse, “isnob “. This poem is modern art and irony all rolled into one. Dasuntoucha’s poetic disdain for the I-Phone is a poem displayed on…wait for it… an I-Phone. It’s a short quick piece worth your read and most likely appreciation.

There are numerous poems found here, displayed with a near perfect style and unique flare that a reader can get lost in. A murder being witnessed and described by a freshly waxed floor “Scrub & Wax” is just another one that I had to mention as I found it a peculiar and fun set of prose. But before you quickly surf on over to Modernity’s Muse I must express my extreme fondness for the very first poem I recall reading from Dasuntoucha. The poem is Hypnotic Rendering. It is a sensual and tantalizing poem about woman dancing. The description found is this poem is both alluring and truth. It is a must read and read again in my book.

If this is the first time you have heard of Modernity’s Muse it won’t be the last. Take the time to visit this poetry blog and see what style and art can be when peppered with just the right words. This site will make you want to go back to again and again just to see what is new.


  1. Great site to feature, Robb. Thanks. I am enjoying dipping into this site - the writing is remarkable! And I ADORE the iphone poem!!!!

  2. Dasuntoucha,
    Congratulations on being selected as Poetry Blog of the week.
    We have already met via our blogs and comments!
    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. this is a beautiful choice
    loved his blog and poetry.
    Glad to see him shine here.

  4. Thanks for the selection and the kind words Robert…this space that you maintain is definitely a slice of poetic heaven.

    Besides being able to read and be read by others, one can always, if they choose to, interact with fellow bloggers and find insightful information about past poets whose words will continue to inspire future generations.

    Thanks again for all you do for us bloggers…it is much appreciated.

  5. dassssssssssss you deserve every bit of this.
    you are a phenomenal writer and a wondrous inspiration...


  6. i have enjoyed each of his writings... thanks Das for these beautiful poems...

  7. Congrats Dasuntoucha! I enjoy your words, work!


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