Monday, December 24, 2012

Poem of the Week ~ Sola, and Ordinary Saints

Kids, in the spirit of the season, I have chosen Peggy Goetz's inspiring poem, Sola, as our Poem of the Week. Do click over to Peggy's site to read about this wonderful woman, who devoted her life to helping others in Africa.


She was a cheeky girl she said
before the German army and
Dresden and walking
home. She searched. Had to do
something good with her life.
Discovered a convent, stayed, didn't
like the name they gave her, Sola.
Became a nurse, went to
Africa, been there
more than 50 years, caring and caring
and caring. Still works
every day keeping traditional
beadwork alive now in an
AIDS ravaged land. 
Happy 93rd birthday, Sola.

What a fantastic human being! Ordinary Saints, which follows,  was in the same post. It speaks of the "small kindnesses" which warm the heart. I include it here, in keeping with the spirit of the season. 

Ordinary Saints

Its the small acts of kindness,

the mailman who carries dog biscuits
and stoops to talk to every child,

the gardener who cuts a rose
for the woman with Alzheimers
who sits alone each day,

the teacher who cries
with joy when the struggling boy
finally can read his first book,

the police officer who buys
boots for a homeless man,

the clerk who always
listens and
has a kind word.

It's those small acts of kindness
that keep the world going.

It is indeed, Peggy. This old world needs all the kindness it can get. Thank you for your inspiring contribution to the season, and for your participation at Poets United. We appreciate you!

Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones, kids, and may the love and joy of the season rest happily in your hearts.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Kwaanza!
Happy Solstice!

Celebrate Life!


  1. Oh Sherry thank you so much for featuring my poems! Sister Sola is really an extraordinary person, though she would probably deny this. And I honestly believe we must take notice every day of all the small acts of kindness that keep this world going. Happy season to everyone.

  2. Yes, it is the acts of kindness that so counteract all of the bad news we are bombarded with - during the worst of times, it is the best in humans which keep us hoping and believing in a better day. Thanks for featuring this wonderful woman, Peggy - inspiring!

  3. Wonderful words-I love these poems! Yes, kindness needs to spread...
    Thank you Peggy, for these they are bright, warm and wonderful! We need to make kindness an epidemic!

    Thank you Sherry-great pick~ :D

  4. Beautiful poem choices, Sherry! I always enjoy your work, Peggy.

  5. What marvelous, touching poems at this special time of year. You couldn't have made a better choice, Sherry. I love Peggy's work. She has the insight and the words to capture moments, sensations, and the nuances of life. I wish I could meet Sola! I so agree that we don't have to do big things to do great things in this world. That's what the second poem says to me. Love these!

  6. Perfect picks, Sherry, beautiful poems, Peggy. Thank you both.

  7. I'm glad you celebrate the "small" acts of kindness that can make such a big difference. Well crafted.


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