Monday, November 11, 2013

Blog of the Week - MindLoveMisery

I'm sure you are familiar with this talented poet. Mindlovemisery lives in Sweden with her husband and small daughter, and explains that her blog's name "reflects the subjects most extensively explored in my poetry". I selected three poems I am especially impressed with from MindLoveMisery, our Blog of the Week. The first one especially knocked my socks off. Enjoy!


My bat-like  psyche hangs inverted
From the bough of a restive elm
The stars are my familiars
They anoint and endow me
A shaman poet
I drink of ink and ether equally
My eyes are composed of dark matter
They remain poised beneath felt lashes
Dare me and I’ll unmake the world
I surrender savage and Mesozoic
To instincts and intuitions
Bone dragons nest inside my entrails
Lungs articulating fire, spleen an oil well
My language is unpalatable
Toxic when combined
With the nectar of a foreign tongue
I know the dusk, I have borne her
My vestal daughter courting
Elysian nocturnes, her coronet
Is lined with violets and chrysoprases
She adjusts her moods to my psychophoria
She understands me
But would never knowingly
Become me
Fantastic writing, isn't it, kids? Check this one out:
Your fingers catch on the windowsill
Impatient pulse nailing my coffin closed
In the night you creep, the stars spilling
From your lips, our villainous needs wept
Into silk sheets, beautiful only after the
Negatives are exposed. Beautiful when
Our voices collide like earth and sea
I dream only of your sex of these moments
Interred like fingernails in flesh. I’ll never
Let go of your soul, the way we fit, the way
We dissolve, seamlessly. The sun rise deceives,
Twists our words so delicately into elusion, there
Is no forgiving a faithless moon, let’s love each
Other viciously but only when it’s dark, only
When I am blind enough to believe that love
Binds our limbs. I want to be more than misery’s
Daughter, more than salt, more than a Band Aid
Placed carelessly over a lonely wounded heart
Warm me in your furnace, make me meaningful,
Make me worthy, just call my name when we rise,
Just call my name like there is no one else at all
I want to be your river, to give you life, to rinse
Away the guilt of too many misplaced consequences
And another:
I cast off my shackles, the hollow-ringed
Anxiety that tethers ankles and wings to an
Inert platform, to a potentiality framed by the
Deformations of dreams left to harden into a
Sparrow-cell of regrets. I have assumed a slavery
So claustrophobic that my breath is measured and
Vilified for its occupation of space and resources.
Primitive and neglected I flap only, the heavens have
Never expressed my higher instincts. The ceiling hangs
So low that I cannot stand with my back erect, I can
Only stoop, humiliated by self-imposed limitations
I cast out these euphemistic silences
The bony dialogues rendered unsteady
By a bewitched tongue, the volatile plexus
Of hysterical butterfly nerves that summon
The essence of rose into the morbid pallor
Of flesh. Blushes erupting, volcanic and
Dangerous, irrespective of the provocateur,
Irrespective of the prosaicness of the incident
I cast off false grievances the imagined
Scenarios that decimate will, alternate universe
Alternating between gradations of a black hopeless
Panic. I have experienced the most terrible, despicable
Acts of criminality at the behest of my own imagination
Events that bare not the slightest resemblance to life but
To which I nevertheless offer my paranoid convictions
I want to embrace a world beyond my cloistered ego, to
Love mightily, madly and with ruthless abandon let this
Ubiquitous womb of a mind, this bone-guarded architect
Break free like the entrails of a pumpkin scooped cleanly,
Spaciousness allowing for the passage of light. Happiness
Is orange, invigorating it does not last but it will come again
And again if the door remains open, even a window would do
What a glorious feast of words! Thank you so much, Mindlovemisery, for your participation at Poets United. We appreciate you!


  1. Really fascinating and evocative writing!! Cool choice, Sherry. Mindlovemisery, I enjoyed your work.

    1. Thank you so much Mary that means a lot!

  2. smiles....def a great writer that i have been following for some time....very intense and vivid imagery in her writing usually as well...and a nice prose writer as well...

    1. Awww thank you Brian your support and encouragement means so much to me =)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Vandana your work is lovely too!

  4. O WOW! Where is she published. These are luscious with new concepts. Yes anxiety is a shackle, yes "Dare me and I'll unmake the world." Thank you, Sherry. Thank you M-L-M, I'll be visiting!

    1. Thank you so much Susan I am deeply touched by your comment =)

  5. She is a wonderful poet. I have been following her blog since a while now and I always get a dose of some great imagery and meanings in her written word. :-)

    1. Thank you so much for your support and kindness =)

  6. Great choices, Sherry. A nice way to begin my day.

  7. Wow, truly beautiful and powerful (and raw) writing...thank you for sharing. I will go check out her blog immediately.

    1. Thank you so much Sherri for your kind words =)

  8. Thank you so much Sherry for your support of my blog (hugs)

  9. :) This just made me so happy to see someone giving you the attention you deserve my friend. You really are so talented and have such a huge heart. Thrilled others are getting to see your work.

    1. Anja you are so sweet thank you (hugs)

  10. a well-deserved highlight :) ~ M

  11. Wonderful pick! Congrats~ I will be sure to visit!
    I love the vivid details of your poems


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