Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Verse First ~ The Work is Not About Place

Verse First ~ The Work Is Not About Place

Welcome to VERSE FIRST, where simple notions prompt amazing poems.
Today's notion?


Writer's often assume they must be in a particular place, using specific tools, with just the write atmosphere to write. I challenge that. Today, do not allow yourself to follow you own ritual and routine. Go to a place where you've never before written. Then write. 

One poem.
7 lines in length.
Make it perfect. 

Post your poem on your site, then link it here. Please! Only share original work and honor the Poets United spirit of community by visiting and commenting on others' contributions.

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  1. oo...hmmm....i need to think on where i have never written
    i was going to get arrested but i have been in jail
    just on the good side of the bars...ha

    7 lines on it....

  2. Thank you for the challenge - I don't normally write spontaneously and share, so this was a good exercise for me.

  3. Hello friends, a Happy Wednesday to you all......

    1. Sumana. loved the piece. Not able to post a comment there. The fox is quick! :)

  4. Glad I read this on the way to acupuncture. Never written beneath needles before.
    Kim, you always fine the creative angles of writing - Thanks!!!

  5. I am an off the cuff poet so no strict ritual... the seven lines will be a challenge... :)

  6. Awesome prompt, as always, Kim!! Only one place I havent been.......

  7. Cool idea. I've found paper and pen almost everywhere, so for this one chose just to do it while walking, not letting myself write anything down... was fun.

  8. Kim,

    I really enjoyed this prompt, especially as I was able to write from experience, and yesterday I found a white feather on the pathway into my front door:)


  9. Kim, I am intrigued~ Off to gather moss and roll a stone to impart new insight!
    What a great idea~

  10. Mine souldn't say "PG 13" that's a typo

  11. great prompt, good sometimes to write to specified limitations... & i know lots of people write in coffee shops, but i never have, till now ;)

  12. Fun prompt, Kim, though I couldn't go far today. I used to lead "walk arounds" with students to write in a few places, stopping to read back what we had written. I need to put that back in my life and not save it for travelling. I'll be back to read.

  13. Thanks for prompt, Kim...seems never knows before which encounters become a poem...:)

  14. I have been dabbling a little in poetry myself. I am not near how great you all are. I love a great piece. I have been browsing a lot of free poetry websites as well and I think it is helping! Keep up the great work guys!

  15. Mine is up.


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