Sunday, November 24, 2013

Poetry Pantry # 177


Thanksgiving Postcard 1900

Greetings, Poets!  

Glad to see each of you here this week. Hope you each had a poetic week & also will share one of your poems here.  It is always fun to get to know you through your poetry; and I hope you feel the same. 

This week I have a photo of a Thanksgiving postcard from 1900, which is in the public domain. This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, so there will be a lot of celebrating and, traditionally,  eating!  I just thought the postcard showed a little bit of light-hearted fun!

I will issue an invitation here to those of you who participate in Poetry Pantry.  If YOU have special photos that you would like me to feature some week, let me know what kind of photos you have.  I am especially interested in scenic views of your area or an area you have visited.  Send inquiries first to letting me know what you have.  I am interested in city or country views - in your home area or places you have traveled.

Anyway, with no further adieu, this is one of my favorite spaces to post poetry each week.  I hope you look forward to it too.  An older one or a new one, it's your choice.

Link your ONE poem.   Then leave a comment below. Then visit other poets.  And I will too.  (If I miss your poem, visit me, and I will visit you... I am like anyone else, appreciating reciprocity.) We ALL like comments, so if you link please DO spend time visiting others.  That is part of the fun as well.  We really like it if you link back to Poets United too, so we spread the Poetry Pantry word in the blogosphere.

Come back a few times on Sunday and Monday to see what's new.  Visit some strangers, and they will become new friends!  Making new friends and reading new poetry, what more could one want?

Also, don't forget to visit Poets United other days of the week.  For example, every Wednesday Kim posts a new "Verse First" prompt.  Hope you will join us there as well!  Sherry Blue Sky does a feature (it varies) on Monday, and Rosemary Nissen-Wade does "I Wish I'd Written This" every Friday!

If you are on Facebook, look for us there as well. Join our site.  It is one more way to stay in touch!

And is the procedure, for those who are new here:  Each Sunday we start a new post with a New Mr. Linky for you. This is so that you can post a link to a poem in your blog. The link will close Monday at 12:00 p.m. (CDT), but you can still visit the links of those who have posted them.



  1. Good morning, Everyone. Hope you will enjoy the Pantry today. I will visit when it is proper morning or afternoon here rather than the middle of my night. Do look forward to reading your words today. It is so cold here it is hard to believe it is November rather than January. Brrrrrrr.

  2. It's freezing cold here in NYC as well and they're predicting some scary storm.

    Happy Sunday! And thanks!

    Madeleine Begun Kane

  3. Good morning poets! Have a great Sunday.

  4. good morning mary....cold here as well...the winds blew it in over night....they were howling all night....

  5. good morning! we had a touch of snow, but it's not that cold yet.. oh, how the time flies..
    off to making the rounds now..

  6. It's freezing cold in Virginia! For all those who celebrate, I'm wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. And for those who don't, have a wonderful week! Thanks, as always, for this wonderful weekly place to visit and join in.

    1. yes it is...

      natasa, i am envious your snow...
      if its going to be this cold, we need snow

  7. Hope everyone stays warm! The sun is shining on our 10 degree (F) morning. I'll take the blessings where I find them. :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving for everything that is in our pockets and in our hearts. :-)

  9. Happy Sunday, everyone!

    will be reading later. :)

  10. Thank you for the opportunity to share a poem here today.

  11. Guess I can stop shivering then - after listening to you, guys 39 (4C) feels positively balmy. Stay warm!

  12. Happy Week of Thankfulness and my Great Niece's First Birthday! This poem is from last year and you have read it before, but I couldn't resist publishing it again for my own heart. Gratitude for this marvelous Pantry and for Mary who opens its doors on Sundays.

  13. Hello friends, a very Happy Sunday to you all

    1. hey, your comment box is not working need to disable the google+ commenting on your settings...there are glitches with is what i wrote...

      beautiful end on her being at peace and breathing in all sad to lose a child or family member to something as gly as war, but she is an example we can look to..

    2. hi brian, i have just disabled the google+ comments on my setting....hope it'll calm down now.......thanks for the visit and the nice comment... :)

  14. Mary,

    I am a late-night-caller to The Pantry this week again. I was caring for my little grandson and had to leave creative words until now!!!
    I shall visit and comment to other writers, during the next few days, as per reciprocation....
    Happy new week ahead,

  15. THANKS...
    that's all I can say for giving this platform every week.

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