Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Verse First ~ The Body Becomes The Landscape

Welcome to VERSE FIRST, where simple notions prompt amazing poems.
Today's notion?


American poet Meridel Le Sueur , whose "immense love, respect and belief in the power of the people was ever present in her work" once said "The body becomes the landscape." Do you think she could have imagined the photoshopped creations of Carl Warner when she made that statement?

I wonder. At the wonder. Have a look at Warner's fascinating photography collection here and use the work to inspire your next creation.

Post your poem on your site and then link here. Post only original work that speaks to the prompt; and then honor the Poets United spirit of community by visiting and commenting on others' contributions.

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  1. oh wow....these are them much...
    will work on it during planning

    1. will see what i can do tonight kim...had a pretty rough day on campus today and got no break....

  2. Thanks so much for this, Kim. I'm in awe over this body work!!

  3. Amazing, magnificent, seductive, sensual! O, Kim, thanks for this vision. It brought me to a bizarre question, but I do not think I am done with these pictures.

  4. They are amazing, aren't they? Enjoy the opportunity, fellow poets!

  5. I cannot figure out how to comment on PT's lovely poem. Being part of earth's body, God's body, spirit is stellar!

  6. The pictures were incredible and the challenge fun. I accidentally posted mine twice. could you remove that for me. Thanks

    1. No worries, Sreejit. Both of your pieces are delightful.

  7. Intriguing prompt, Kim. Thanks. I am running out of time online so will come back tomorrow to visit any other responders. Peace, kids!

  8. shoulder hill valley
    (from the picture of the same name)

    it's the dimples, the tucks
    not just
    but where life shows,
    the marks, scars
    worn areas

    where you lay in the grass
    chasing cloud formations,
    where you skid out,
    where you took one for us

    that map your back
    in mountains, in valleys
    in that warm spot at the base of neck
    where i tuck my head each night

    &dream of being lost,
    letting hope slip
    through my fingers
    i'll ever be found

    & that's ok.
    that's ok.

    my compass
    ain't broke.

    1. Oh, wow, Brian. You found your spot!

    2. Wow! you painted the pic Brian!

    3. You take the images, Brian, and amplify the imagery. What a fabulous homage to that particular body...

  9. Oh, these are priceless, Kim. ‎


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