Monday, October 5, 2015

Blog of the Week ~ an Update with Natasa Dolenc

This week we are very happy to feature the talented young poet Natasa Dolenc, who writes at Tales of Autumn. Natasa lives in a very scenic part of the world, Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has shared some wonderful photos and poems with us, so let's pour a cup of tea and prepare to be delightfully entertained.

Sherry: Natasa, fill us in on your life since our interview in November 2013. How have you been?

Natasa: You know, it’s like everything is the same, but everything changed, if you know what I mean :) I’ve spent two interesting years since the last time we talked. Time sure puts a new perspective on things. 

The year 2014 had a few losses but also a few gains. For example, we lost our dog Dina, but I published my second poetry book. At the moment I’m trying my best to find a regular job at something that I feel is right for me. 

I’ve taken up  running, so this year I went on three organized runs of 10 km. And I try to run 3-4 times a week. The most km I ran at once was 12 km, and it was the best run so far. 

Sherry: Way to look good while running, kiddo!

Natasa: And I've been studying. I’m very curious by nature, especially if it has to do with preventive care and alternative medicine. Last time we spoke I told you that I had IBS for years, and had thought it had developed into IBD... but I'm happy to report the colon looks good, but I have some food sensitivities. That's so much easier to live with!  I’m trying my best to get to the root of the problem and cure it. I’ve seen improvement so far, and I have tears in my eyes when I think how much better I feel now. I did some travelling. Last year I went to Ireland, which was a wish of mine for years, and I’d love to return and see Scotland as well. That’s about it, in short :)

This church is in our village, Črni Vrh, I can see it from my window. It is dedicated to saint Leonard. A church at the site was first mentioned in 1526, reworked in 1758. The current structure was built in 1899 after the earthquake of 1895, which destroyed the previous structure.
Sherry: You have a beautiful view out your window, kiddo. I'm happy you are making progress with your health. And that you made it to Ireland. How wonderful! I am so sorry you lost Dina. And I also know you have the most adorable and beautiful puppy. Introduce him to us, wont you? 

Natasa: Yeah, he sure is a charmer :) He’s named after the dog we lost last year, so we call him Dino. Also a karst shepherd, a stubborn Slovenian breed ;) He’s so full of energy, it’s annoying sometimes :) and I think he might have been a gardener in his previous life, ‘cause he has to nibble on every flower he finds. Also has an appetite for fruits, he can find blackberries in the forest. But when he feels lazy, only the cat can wake him up ;)

Sherry: He is adorable, and I envy you him. You are a photographer and painter, as well as a poet. Are you still painting? Is there anything you'd like to share?

Natasa: I do scribble in my notebook, but yes, I think I can find something ;) I haven’t been that productive this year.

Sherry:  Your work is beautiful, Natasa. The ship makes me want to sail away!  You have produced two books. Tell us how you felt, holding each one in your hand. 

Natasa: First one was Colours of the sea, and I was so frantically happy when I got it in my hands. You know.. first born. But when I got the second one, I felt proud, like I’ve done something really good. 

They are available on all the Amazons and other online retailers. I was also surprised when I found them on Book Depository. I always order books from there, because they have free shipping, so I will include the links to there, but as I’ve said, you can find them elsewhere as well (even in Kindle).

(Note here: it’s more expensive because it also includes coloured photographs)

Sherry: They are wonderful, my friend. Good for you! Would you like to pick two or three of your poems for us to enjoy, and tell us a bit about each one?

Natasa: This one was written as a prompt for The Magpie Tales. I guess autumn has always been like a new beginning for me. I do seem to think deeper thoughts than I would year round. There’s always good and bad and all shades in between. It has to do with the way we see things. And the end is pretty clear, something we should be reminded of.

Autumn in Madeira

“when autumn wind blows
and brings with it that familiar scent
I pack my bags and move to my tree house
in the shelter of tree trunks I create
a village where my soul becomes alive again
I put my thoughts on the leaves
and watch them disappear
for everything that is, perishes
I know the world to be written in tragedies
but beauty of life shines through them
in all the seconds we get
we can guess which one will be our last
which one will bring change
and in which one we will get lost
but in one second your life can pass you by
and it's up to you what you made out of it
divide your days into the things
your heart believes in
and observe it grow”

Sherry: Those closing lines could not be more true.

Natasa: Another prompt :) The beginning started as a reflection of how we end up with diseases... you have a problem, you look for a quick fix, and then you run onwards, cause we make our lives so busy... it’s really the society we live in. And for me there is nothing more comforting than finding solace in nature, especially the late summer days when there is still some warmth. And how many problems we face, because we alienate from the being we were as a child. I’m reminded of a talk Dr. Gabor Mate gave, I’ve been listening to him lately. He really has the whole perspective on health.

Late Summer

how much of your life
has been spent riding
on a wild horse, 'cause
one thing led to another
and you never stopped
to think and reflect
if it's the right way
do your lungs still breathe?
does your heart know passion?
do your feet touch the ground?
when something fails
causes you seek everywhere
but you failed yourself first
stroke the fields of grain
with your hand and feel
how the wind caresses everything
the feet yearn to feel the earth
connection to that old self they seek
and lungs to find that limit of their ability
like a child in foetus position
yearning to feel home surrounding
in the late summer you seek home

Sherry: I so love "In the late summer you seek home." As does every creature.

Natasa: And another one ;) I passed by an older man, limping, but determined to get somewhere, and he was carrying some grass flowers he picked up. It made me think who they were for, who does he still have in life, and what they have been through together. It also made me wonder who will I have in my life at his age... And what kind of attitude we have towards one another... do we put them down or do we allow them to grow and shine in who they are.

Let it grow

I was in a hurry
following the plan
not to be late
as I passed by an older man
limping, slowly walking
from his morning walk
through the meadow
for in his hands he held
a bouquet of freshly picked
wild flowers
it made me wonder who they were for
who in his life journey did he meet
to care, to cherish
and how many life battles
did they undertake
not to fear this war
through little battles
we write our stories
either bleeding from the bruises left open
either rejoicing in learning and carrying on
teaching others how to dance
you are the master of your tones
under the skin is where we hide
do we allow to be happy and just to be?
and do we let others grow
do we speak in a matter that allows
roses to still grow as roses?

Sherry: There is so much wisdom in this poem, my friend.
In closing, is there anything you’d like to say to Poets United?

Natasa: I haven’t visited that regularly this year, but I do enjoy visiting and seeing new faces and reading your poems. It is a wonderful and supportive community, and a lot of new ideas can be taken from it. I do hope this will carry on the years to come. And I’ll see you there ;)

Sherry: We are always happy when our old friends pop up again in Mr Linky. Keep writing your way along, Natasa. Chart your journey. We will be most happy to read your poems and walk along with you.

Another lovely visit to a talented young poet , in a beautiful location. I truly have the best job in the world! Do come back and see who we talk to next. Here is a hint: It is Someone Very Special, and there will be Very Witchy Doings. 'Nuff said.


  1. Natasha has a lovely view of the wold, from her window and from her mind. Her poetry is sensitive and wise. So nice.
    Thanks Sherry for bringing us glimpses inot her life, and her poetry.

  2. Hey, I have 'Endless Space..' on my shelf.
    Always good to see you when you do pop through Natasa.
    Your pups is very cute. We want to get a pups for the boys,
    but recently got a second kitten - who sounds like she sleeps
    like your pups does. Ha.

    I am glad to hear that your health issues were just food sensitivities because that can be controlled. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you! It's such a strange feeling that someone somewhere has a book of mine on the shelf. Kittens are also so much fun, full of energy. It sure doesn't get boring.

  3. Kittens and puppies can be raised together, X....just sayin'. LOL. Natasa, thank you for saying yes to an update. I always love hearing from you. The landscape where you live is incredibly beautiful. Wow. I cant get enough of it.

    1. yes they can. just need to find someone willing to part with a Bassett hound pup for less than a second mortgage. ha

  4. Really wonderful to read an update from you, Natasa. You certainly have been busy for the last years. And I am so glad to see you back at Poetry Pantry on occasion once again with your insightful poetry. Your new dog is certainly a beauty. Thanks for sending photos for the Pantry. They are ready to go for next week. Smiles. Keep writing AND running!

  5. Glad to know more of you through this update, Natasa! Your running and your pets are stabilizing factors. Take good care of yourself, Ma'am as health is so important for our well-being!


    1. Thank you Hank. You said it right, I need pets and running for peace of mind.

  6. oh you live in paradise Natasa..such a beauty spot of our glad you're doing well's always a pleasure to visit you for your beautiful and insightful the poems you shared here specially Late Summer...Thanks Sherry for another wonderful interview...

  7. Such a bright an optimistic interview - the view is amazing from your window Natasa and i can see how it inspires your writing and spirit...good to catch up with you and learn more - and Dino - aww - he does look like a wilful little boy...which is good!

    1. Thank you Jae, nature sure is something for the spirit.

  8. I do think the view from your window is like looking into a fairytale, Natasa. So beautiful. And I want to scoop your little furry puppy up and bring him home!!!!! He is adorable. I so enjoyed this visit with you. And am looking forward to reading many more of your poems.

    1. Thank you Sherry! My puppy would sure enjoy your company, especially in Canada!

  9. Walt, I finally got to read the interview today and enjoyed it.Natasha is the most humble talented poet I know. I loved the poems you have shared here, Natasha. Your Dino is beautiful... actually, pawsome, Smiles. .
    An excellent article, Sherry, and thanks for revealing a bit more about one of the gifted poets in this community that inspires my creativity....

    1. Thank you for visiting Panchali! Pawsome, that's a good word.

  10. I loved this post and loved reading about Natasa, her puppy, seeing where she lives, and reading her poems. Thank you so much Sherry and Natasa.

  11. Thank you Loredana, I can say the same about your poetry and photography.

  12. Sherry I love these interviews where you revisit...for me being only a year here, I get to see them for the first time. Natasa you have so many talents...congrats on the second book and oh my a painter as well. You are such a creative being. Enjoy that new pup!

    1. I began doing these "updates" for that reason, Donna, so our newer members can get to know some of the poets who've been here a while. I am so happy you are enjoying them.

  13. What a wonderful interview. So nice to learn a bit about you, Natasa (you are so creative AND very energetic) - and, of course, another great job, from you Sherry ... your interviews are such a treat!

  14. Natasa, you have a gracious spirit~ I love the new addition to your family-so sweet~ I hope you will continue on your creative journey and taking care of your spirit!!

    Nicely done, ladies~

  15. Another treat of an interview. Many thanks to you both. Great to get to know you better, Natasa. I loved getting a peek at your beautiful, mountainous countryside and especially that adorable puppy!

  16. Mighty fine interview, Ladies! "you are the master of your tones" (I love that!) You do so many arts, Nataša, and do them very well. I see we can look forward to more of your photos later this week--and I hope another poem too.

  17. Natasa, great to learn a little bit more of you.
    i really like your poem,"Let it grow". there is indeed so much wisdom in it. we see a person holding a bouquet of flowers and we may wonder what is it for. i can relate to that. on the eve of my wedding day (a long time ago), i was holding a bunch of lilies in the train on my way home, and i can feel the other passengers looking at me (or maybe that's what i thought). :)

    1. That's a lovely memory... thank you for visiting!

  18. How fascinating it is to find out more about you Nataša, Your poetry probably says so much about yourself. Dog lovers are the best people and Dino looks like a lot of fun.

    1. It is hard to hide behind poetry.. Cat and dog lovers are great :) Thank you!

  19. Natasa, so nice to meet you. Your paintings and poems are just beautiful. I love the idea of putting thoughts on leaves, and watching them disappear. Just gorgeous.


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