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My friends, it has been a while since we featured Pearl Ketover Prilik, who writes at Imagine. On March 14, 2011, Pearl became our 200th member, back in the day when Robert Lloyd was our Commander In Chief. We spoke to her last in March of 2012. (How the years zip by!) So I thought checking in on her was long overdue. Pearl lives in a glorious spot, on Long Island, the peninsula across from New York City. Wow. Let's stop by and see if she has the kettle on, shall we?

Sherry: Pearl, it was 2012 when we last interviewed you.  What’s new? Give us a snapshot of your life today. Including the beautiful Sir Oliver.

Pearl: It is difficult to believe that three years have passed  since our last interview.  What is new?  Mhmm.  Actually, what is new is that I only recently realized that I have been in a state of suspended animation – with more emphasis on the suspended and far less on the animation,  for much of these past three years.   Although I have had more than two handfuls of poetry published in hard copy literary journals – little else of a tangible nature has been accomplished.  I believe that the onrush of Superstorm Sandy had a far more profound effect, in that I feel as though I hit pause and have simply been in a state of stasis –

Neighboring Long Beach in days following 
Superstorm Sandy

We emerged blinking
at sand piled streets
upturned cars, boats
flown from sea to land
all manner of tumbled
flung as toddler toys tossed
after a particularly onerous
unexpected temper tantrum
We emerged blinking
staring at splintered boards
torn remains of a walk holding
the footprints and memories
of generations long past
We emerged in crawling
returning lines
with collective held breath
until we reached home
or what still remained
We emerged
and rushed salt
destroyed gardens
through the murdered
pines to see
if our marsh tree
planted as a tender sapling
thirty years ago
still stood
It did.
did we

Sherry: I worried about you when that storm was causing such havoc. It must have been devastating. 

Pearl: One of the first things that happened three years ago was Brady Max, born after Superstorm Sandy. He is a big boy now.

Sherry: He is beautiful, Pearl.

Pearl: Although the poetry has flowed, with many poems written during each week – the weeks have melted into months and months into years and rather than being able to respond to what is “new” – I would be more likely to respond with what is ‘not new.”  Those ready-to-final-edit and resubmit novels have neither been edited nor submitted.  There has been no poetry collection published, nor have any non-fiction books been submitted for publication.

Although this  lack of “productivity” admittedly sounds fairly dire, what is new is that during the past  months I came to the startling realization that I have been rather standing still, and began to venture out into the world and to go more deeply within myself .  On the extrapsychic level, I had my first reading at a well respected summer event last summer, where the former poet laureate of Nassau County took notice, and from there I have received several invitations for readings.  Just a few months ago I was a featured speaker at a local Starbucks for a poetry reading, and am looking forward to being  a featured speaker in December at an event sponsored by Poets & Writers.  More about this later. 

Sherry: Well these events sound quite wonderful, Pearl! It is great you have been giving readings.

Pearl: There have been some personal family celebrations and additions - I was particularly enthralled with the pregnancy and birth of my nephew’s twin boys – They live in Florida which is not at all close to NY – but the photographs and a visit soon after the babies were born was pure poetry. 

My niece, a marine biologist, took this picture - 
I think it is one of the loveliest pregnancy photos 
I have ever seen ...

Twins at several months old

Sherry: The underwater photo is amazing, Pearl. And those babies are adorable.

Pearl: Rounding out the "grands" are my two beautiful granddaughters, Halle and her younger sister Rori.

Sherry: They are beautiful indeed. You have a gorgeous family. I know your son was recently married. From the photos, it looked like a spectacular event.

Pearl: Yes Sherry, I rarely post personal photos on my FB page but make an exception for births and marriages and, lol, poetry readings.  My son Josh, married this summer. My son arranged this wedding with his fiancé, and it was, as you described, a “spectacular event.”

My husband and I at the wedding

Our mother and son dance

Sherry: It looks absolutely magical. 

Pearl: As an aside, three years ago, my husband and I celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary with a renewal of vows. This renewal was a gift from my son. 

Sherry: What a wonderful gift. It must have been such a special event. Since the superstorm, I have wondered if you were still in  your wonderful location on Long Island.

Pearl: Yes, Sherry, I know you are a lover of water, and I still live in this wonderful part of this spinning blue marble. This summer I realized that I am squandering the beauty of living across a large avenue from the beach and made absolutely certain to get myself out, almost running from my car across the sand to the shore, to exhale and to stand in the water as though someone else rather than I had held me from this joy for over two years– I must say that I felt reborn. 

Favorite time of day at beach just before sunset - 
what has possessed me that kept me away from 
enjoying this wonder that is three minutes from my house - 
sheer insanity - now cured!

Sherry: It is so beautiful there, Pearl. Sunset was always my favorite time at the beach, too. Still is.

Pearl: I mentioned an interior journey – I think that this year I realized that I had somehow fallen into a less serene and somehow more driven mindset and have been making great strides in returning to the former me – that found something each day in which to marvel and draw great joy.  I am not quite sure where I had misplaced that way of living, reveling in the most simple of pleasures.

Sherry: ‘Tis the secret of happiness, my friend.

You can find my bf/proof-reader/husband/DJ and I eating 
a frozen yogurt here by the water most evenings at sunset - 
a combination of some of those simple pleasures.

Pearl: I have just about regained the sense of joy and wonder in daily living, and my commitment to doing whatever I can to bring about a kinder, more gentle approach to this surreal thing we call life. 

Sherry: That is wonderful, Pearl.

Pearl: Oh yes – in case I needed a reminder, the Universe decided to slap me upside the head a bit.  Last September my blood count dropped quite dangerously low – and I had a surprise visit to the ER and a stay of three days and four units of transfused blood.  Yikes!

Sherry: Yikes, indeed. That would sort your priorities out pretty quickly, I imagine. 

Pearl: Speaking of the mystical will, of course, lead to thoughts of Oliver.  Oliver is still a magical creature – again the quicksilver passage of time is marked by his fifth birthday.

Oliver - or should I say "Sir Oliver" - 
who has become quite majestic.

Sherry: He is majestic! Are you happy with how your writing is going? Do you have any goals for the coming year? I know you are regularly published in literary mags and periodicals, and have three books out on the topic of step-parenting. Any thought of producing a book of poems?

Pearl: The poems keep on coming.  However…. I have three novels that are basically in the same place they were three years ago-  Odd how they just don’t pick up and move somewhere themselves, isn’t it?  I have more or less decided that perhaps it is time to let Kaitlin go and move onward to other endeavors – if she will let this be so.

In terms of a poetry collection. Yes, there is something in the works… which might come under the heading of a “funny thing happened on the way to that afore-mentioned December poetry reading.”   I was asked if I had a manuscript I could supply and mistakenly thought that I was being asked for a poetry collection manuscript (which I did not have collected – but again within a few weeks – fingers flying on the keyboard - I managed to gather a book of 150 pages, which is ready to be submitted who knows where).  Now, the comical part… the person organizing this reading simply wanted a manuscript of poems I would be reading! – Oh well, everything for a reason, as they say.  I do now have a collection ready to launch, titled Girls in Plum Sweaters and others

Sherry: LOL, a misunderstanding that results in a completed manuscript is serendipitous indeed! We look forward to its release.

I absolutely love your poem, "Cumulonimbus of the Soul", and would love to include it here. Would you tell us a bit about how this poem came to be?
Pearl: Well… this poem began as many others do – with a scattered handful of words from a ‘wordle’ prompt.   I love to take a handful of words and simply look at them and let them “whirl” me wherever they like… I write quickly and hardly ever edit (I am not quite sure whether this is a source of pride or shame).  I do feel that this particular poem spoke to the innermost clouds of negative toxic feelings that may sadly occlude our soul … thankfully this is for me a very rare occurrence – but I have had the opportunity during this past year to experience some very disorienting and painful personal conflicts.  I am one of those who believe all, even the most painful experiences, are opportunities…  I wondered if this clouded feeling was perhaps obscuring an explosion of this gathering negativity.  At least that was my analysis after having read what I wrote!   Here is the poem; you may judge for yourself. 

They float as cotton candy
toys for children to shape
as they lay upon their backs
In the green grass of summer
Seeing forms configure in sun
Sometimes they pass with only
a moment of shadow falling over the
the laughter of childhood innocence–
Sometimes they darken and pour
rain upon barefoot children running

Meteorological cumulonimbus oft times
a pastime – other times a rainstorm benign
But then there is the cumulonimbus of the soul
A different breed altogether- these do not float for
Often anger is a lagging latent cloud
rising unseen –from its grave of toxic blood waste
Mercurial and unstable – activated by a simple word
or blade of veritable non-sense that
opens a vein and in an extravagant
Show of outrage - silver thunderheads
gather and chalk the landscape of the soul
from the topmost to inner core until cumulonimbus
explode into storm - pouring-pounding - on and on and on
drowning all in its wake until spent innocent wide-eyed children
peek from their hiding places and when safe
venture out again upon wet green grass
to imagine shapes in the puffs drifting
through blue skies

Sherry: I love the image of the children creeping out after the cloudburst, to play. Might  we have two more, please?

Pearl: Both poems are written about or from a child’s perspective – the first "The Inevitable Creep of the Tideis more personal, where the second, "RedDust",  is intended to have a more symbolic, larger reach.        
If I had to chose one poem that basically incorporates the emotional quality of the bittersweet inevitability of life itself, this would be it.  A conflation perhaps of actual memory of very young childhood and the sense of the sea, my father, love and loss, and the mystic magic of the way the Universe can hold us, safe and warm, within time, that never truly vanishes.   

There on the shore my father and I
sea breezed blown
he tanned and
black haired
waiting at a sanded
mound I ferrying Fantasia's beach
buckets of seawater
He drizzling into magical
being a castle
three quarters
as tall as I
All afternoon we worked the
sun lowering in the sky
people walking
by and stopping
to look to smile
a trio of tow-headed
siblings watching
for long minutes
thumbs in mouths
until they were called
Finally sand golden sun setting He drizzled
wet sand through his hands squeezing a draped
doorway into life
a small fuchsia flag
posted and waving
in the salty air
and I
watched my father
my castle
and the sudden unnoticed inexorable
creep of the tide
lapping at its sides
I leaned against him
inhaling the scent
of him - cigarettes and salt
we bought creamsicles
from the man who came
around one last time
In the orange light
the bittersweet taste
of citrus and cream
on my lips the gentle tide
turned - rose and pushed
waves closer - inch by inch
until in a sudden lurch
of powerful spray
all that remained
was a tiny fuchsia flag
floating out to sea
My fathers arm
stayed around my shoulders
as we sat warm in the chill
of bittersweet

Sherry: Sigh. You took me right to the shore. I could see the castle and almost taste the creamsicle. Memories of childhood summer, encapsulated in a poem. So lovely. This reminds me of the beautiful tribute you wrote to your father in the poem Rosemary featured in I Wish I'd Written This, "Happy Birthday to My Father." A truly breathtaking poem. (Kids, if you haven't read it, click over - you don't want to miss it!)

Pearl: We live in a world where children must too often be sheltered against all too real terror in all sorts of forms.  As a person and a poet vested in bearing witness  - this poem speaks in rather clear,  perhaps far too simplistic terms, about the plight of innocents all over this spinning blue marble, who are simply insignificant  collateral damage in the insane continuation of violence, war and bloodshed that defies the logic of love. 

On the steps behind the garden gate he sat, a
small dark-eyed boy compact, steely as a newly
minted dart sheathed in the exile of his mother’s
undoubtedly dubious fears.  For outside plain to
see - others shouted, kicking skittering stones into
red baked earth and he watched - billowed joy drifting
through the latch until a child chasing a soccer ball came
to the gate and  waved him out – petulant, dubious, puffing
his sparrowed chest, his dark eyes dancing-disarming the latch
he ran onto the red rusted dust - as the fuses flashed and all was
glinting metallic, but for a boy’s arm, a showering of red rock, that sneakered foot, slice of a soccer ball floating in this conflagration of collateral damage,our-now-gone-boy once safe behind his gate now settling cinders floating flotsam falling into the sun-baked red dust.

Sherry: Very powerful and all too sadly true, Pearl. I can see him, "Puffing his sparrowed chest."
Pearl: I often write from a child’s perspective.  I recognize that my writing is often dark, and yet I am personally filled with boundless hope that we can and shall ultimately live in a world of peace, and so I always try to end any collection of poems with the following….for it is truly wondrous to me that we, as human beings, who have struggled so very much, continue to hope and strive and to write and create and to laugh….

And yet we laugh

and yet we laugh
and sing and toss
off our shoes and
dance barefoot on
aquamarine shores
jiggling babies of hope
on strong hips
built for bearing

Sherry: And thank Goddess we do. Laughter is what gets us through, I do believe. I love those "babies of hope" on the "strong hips built for bearing".What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing, Pearl? 
Pearl: I maintain a small private practice in psychotherapy/ psychoanalysis.  Several years ago I closed my “proper office” in a town about thirty minutes from my home and began to see folks exclusively from my home office – There are times when I miss the “professionalism” of getting up and out and about and unlocking a door with my name on a brass plaque in a professional medical building – however.. those days are very quickly obliterated when it is either hot, or icy, or rainy, or when the sun is shining brightly.  I very much enjoy my ‘commute’ downstairs from my study where I write,  to my office which is basically the entire lower level of the house.  

The people I see enliven me, and I hope that I continue to have something to offer them as they share their journeys on this spinning blue marble with me, and as we together try to remove any obstacles that are in their way toward wherever it is they are traveling.  I also have two folks who have moved to other parts of the country with whom I maintain phone sessions on a bi-weekly basis.  My “patients” enrich my life – I can only hope that I continue to enrich theirs. 

my office - to the right is a fireplace and behind is a small roll top desk... 
through the open door is a sunroom  pictured below ..  

The sunroom adjacent to my office - 
perhaps my favorite room in the house

Sherry: What bliss to be able to work from home. And you have such a lovely one, Pearl!

Pearl: I do my writing upstairs …. here in this room … where I have a window I can look out and in spring see a tree, and through and in between the houses across the road, a glimpse of water of the channel --- the beach is across a wide street around the corner – more easily accessible by car. 

As said, I did realize that time was flowing very quickly even as I stood still.  I often tell others “time marches on with us or without us” .. but somehow … I did not hear the band that was marching on right by my own nose.  As I did, I began to realize that along with going out with my best friend, I know it is time-worn but my husband truly is my best friend. Nevertheless or perhaps because of our intense friendship with each other – I thought that it was important for us to develop other friendships as well and we have done so, especially over the past three years with three lovely couples whom we see one by one, sharing dinner and good conversation.  

Independent films are a love of ours; we make it a point to get out to a small theater on a weekly basis and see a foreign and/or independent film.  There is a lovely town on the other coast of Long Island called Huntington which has a wonderful cinema center and we enjoy both the delightful town and the wonderful films that are shown. 

Town of Huntington, Long Island, NY

For myself, I am returning to a far more mindful state, looking for and enjoying the simple pleasures that surround me, such as going into the lovely little town close to my home to mail a letter in this lovely tiny post office and truly stop smell the flowers. 

Taking a short car trip along a road descriptively called Ocean Parkway at all times of the year and simply enjoying the ride in all ways. 

Ocean Parkway in February

Ocean Parkway in late summer sunset

Sherry: Sigh. Oh, Pearl, you live in such beauty! Is there anything you’d like to say to Poets United?

Pearl: Poets United is a vitally important part of my week.  I eagerly look forward to the Sunday Pantry – to sharing my work , reading feedback and of course reading the work of others and having the opportunity to comment.  It is through Poets United that I have connected with some marvelous poetic people …from across the globe.  I am awed by our ability to connect and to become a family in the whisper of the lyrics that blow across and through my screen and take root in my heart. 

You are all so critically important to my sense of being connected in this thing we call life. Thank you, Sherry, for reaching out to me – I sincerely apologize that I do not have more to share in terms of tangible accomplishment, but I do believe that there has been some growth during this past year in realizing that life is constantly shifting and changing, as much as that water moving across my bare toes – it is up to me to make sure I walk into the water – it will not come to me unbidden. 

Sherry: Do keep dipping those toes in! Never apologize about accomplishments, or perceived lack thereof. It sounds like you accomplished a lot this past year. Louise Erdrich likens these inward-turning times to the period of gestation a pregnant woman enters when bringing forth new life. I love that comparison!

 Well, my friends, isn't it wonderful to virtually step inside our poet-friends' lives and take a peek around at their setting? Then when we read their work, we can picture them, at their desks, or sipping tea on their couches. This is my favorite part of my job. I am such a Looky-Lou, LOL. Thank you, Pearl, for giving us such a generous glimpse in.

Do come back and see who we talk to next. You never know. It might be you!


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    2. * Oh my goodness Sherry - thank you for the chat - you have such wonderful energy that it is far too easy for a private sort such as myself to open up... Thank you for thinking of me and I truly hope my fellow "compoetriates" are not bored to tears with my photos of grandkids, grandnephews and wedding photos ... Thanks again to all at Poets United who are a staple of my not at all virtual universe. Happy poeming to all. I am out of state until tomorrow but did want to be sure to get my thank you and appreciation out to Sherry and all ❤️❤️

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  2. As always, Pearl, it is interesting to see the direction your life has taken. What a lovely family you have! And the poems you shared today are lovely! I always look forward to what you offer in the Pantry. You are one who can always take a collection of Wordle words and make a poem that actually is meaningful...which I consider a true gift. Ah, working at home would agree with me too...especially during cold and snowy winters. Sherry, you have put together another fascinating article. You always know just what questions to ask to bring out the individuality in people!

  3. Oh my dear friend, what a treat to find you being interviewed here!

    Oddly, your description of turning inward and not having much tangible to show for the last few years so closely mirrors my own journey, I wonder if we're not sisters from different mothers (as the saying goes).

    Thank you for posting so many photos and poems. I always love a "baby fix" and yours are so adorable. And your grand-daughters! Are these the same girls that worked with you on the project with Andrea and (oh good goose gravy, I'm drawing a blank on the second name - was it Meena?) - help! I'm sure you remember the month of prompts that we did with children and I'm just wondering if these lovely young ladies are the same girls you wrote with? (Apologies to the second member of that project; I will find out who you are and come back and put it up, if someone doesn't beat me to it.)

    I feel as if I don't have much to add but am glad you mentioned using the Wordle words; some of my favorite poems (yours and mine) have originated with those words.

    I'm guessing I'm a little less chatty than usual because not long ago, I saw you in the for real world (how funny does that sound?) And even tho' I'm making it sound recent, there have been two cities (Philadelphia and Chicago) since then, and almost a week at home in Edmonton - so it feels like forever. It was so wonderful to see you, dear Pearl.

    This interview was icing on a very special cake.

    Thanks Sherry - as always, you hit it out of the park.

    1. Oh Sharon thank you -and yes it often feels as though we whirled here from the same bit of Universe. Seeing you in living color a few weeks ago did feel like reconnecting with a sister or extremely close friend. How lovely that you remember "the girls" from that writing project..for yes, they are the one and the same. What a terrific idea that was and they will be thrilled to know they were remembered. Perhaps we could get something like that cooking again at some point. Again, thanks for stopping by so soon after we had just gotten together - the light in your eyes is still shining for me ❤️ and I must add it was a treat to meet your husband and hear all about the dig and an experience straight out of the dreams of msny.

  4. Yay, I am pleased you are enjoying this visit, my friends. I certainly did. Pearl, thank you for welcoming us so graciously into your home and your life. It was a lovely glimpse of your wonderful lifestyle.

    1. Aww Sherry goodness! I never expected to have so much of my blathering on about myself gathered together here in this warm and welcoming "update". - yes apologies for all the fluff - but apparently a good deal happens in three years even when one feels they are standing still and watching the parade dance by - you give so very much - what can I say or do? - but reach through miles, space and dimension, sing out to the moon and send you a huge hug at the edge of a sparkling sea...Thank you again for thinking of me. ❤️❤️

  5. As promised - the two people who ran the children and poets challenge were Andrea Heiberg and Ina Roy-Faderman (apologies to Meena; I'm not sure why I got you mixed up with this...I do have CRAFT*- maybe, it's that)...that's my story anyhow, and I'm sticking to it. [*CRAFT = Can't Remember A Freakin' Thing - it can be more profane if the speaker/writer desires; this is the sanitized version]

    1. Very funny Sharon and here I thought you were referring to "CRAFT" as explained by Rosemary ❤️❤️

  6. Many thanks, Sherry, for this lovely interview. The generous-hearted, talented and proactive Pearl is one of my favourite online friends. Lovely to get to know more about her life. And thanks to you, Pearl for all the warm sharing. Not a bit boring – how could you think that? And I must say, your commitment to a kind and gentle approach to life does not appear to me to have flagged. And I think you should rate amongst your accomplishments the way you encourage and empower other poets online, and arrange forums for them on facebook. Also, I hope the Kaitlin poems will form a published collection one day.

    1. Oooh Rosemary - your words reach straight through to my heart and sparkle my spirit. Thank you! I believe you must know how very much I feel connected to you and the life you have shared - As far as arranging space for poets online - it truly is a pleasure - for you to see me as encouraging and empowering others is a magnificent compliment for something I feel is the natural way of being for us all. Finally, thank you for encouraging me to gather the Kaitlin poems into a collection - it has crossed my mind but I have not seriously thought they were "enough" for such...i will think seriously about giving Kaitlin a little home of her own. Thank you again for all you have said here and elsewhere and mostly thank you for being you shining out there and right here.

  7. Whew! If this is being unproductive, I hope I can rise at least to that level! I love giving readings, do you? How wonderful to be discovered through one. "We emerged ..." is so important to remember--having survived, to remember the trauma of the storm and respect the powers of it and you and yours. The setting, events and friends you describe are otherwise wonderful. Remembering to step into the sea and memorializing that little boy in Red Dust who cannot. I'll never forget those images nor those of the father "squeezing a draped
    doorway into life."
    Thank you for this interview Sherry and Pearl.

    1. I feel the same way, Susan - if this is being unproductive!!!!! LOL.

    2. Wow Susan! Thank you! To answer your question I was trepidatiious at first about readings - frankly I saw poetry as written to be read in the reader's own voice without intrusion from me (as well as language that was written visually with libe breaks and form and so forth). However, I have come to greatly enjoy readings and look forward to my next. I am deeply moved that the images of which I wrote spoke to you. What a pleasure to receive such support during a time where I am trying to relaunch - so deeeeply helpful and appreciated . Again thank you and look forward to reading you again soon!

  8. Another fabulous interview, Sherry. It was lovely meeting Pearl. And yes, I too, had to smile at her state of suspended animation ... I fear I would fall somewhere on the comatose spectrum, by comparison (lol)! I really enjoyed the poetry. In particular, "The Inevitable Creep of the Tide" resonated deeply, with me. Thanks for this, ladies.

    1. My fave state is comatose, LOL. I hear you, kiddo.

    2. Ayyy Wendy ... thank you for stopping and please no intention at braggadocio - A few years ago I was fortunate enough to send things out into the world and have them welcomed lack of "productivity" is measured only against myself ... I applaud all of us who write a single line or "simply" see the world and this thing we call life through poetic eyes ... Thank you again and how delightful to meet you❤️

  9. How could we be bored! What a delightful interview and such a treat to get a greater insight to your poetry and your beautiful family. Thank you so much both Pearl and Sherry.

    1. Aww thank you OE - I have enjoyed your work for years and as I have said elsewhere seems as though you have now hit a stride of consistent excellence. Looking forward to seeing you at week's end❤️

  10. Oh my dear ones - thank you for such warm and loving words ... I began to respond to each and all of you individually - but my comments are not posting :(. I'm in a hotel attempting to reply from my iPhone - perhaps some kind of glitch... Please know that you have warmed my heart and assured me sweet dreams - will be home tomorrow and be able to reply to you personally ....thank you again ❤️❤️❤️

  11. This is my first time with pearl but it certainly won't be my last. Thank you soo much and the poems you shared!!!! Amazing.
    Please guys I'm looking for a mutual guest post. For someone whose poetry blog I will post on and same on mine. Please I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks

    1. Dear Vanessa - how lovely to meet and I am delighted that you enjoyed ! Wishing you all the best on your search for a good blog match. I'll be looking out for you. Thank you for stopping by ❤️

  12. How lovely to find out more about your Pearl - thank you both...and we certainly understand suspended animation- although your poems always show great breadth of thought and creative productivity - ps gorgeous grandchildren :)

    1. Oh Jae - I always enjoy reading your poems - Thsnk you for the truly kind words - I am still a little surprised at myself for sharing so much personal photos - I am an inveterate non-personal FB poster ...but Sherry brought out the blatherer in me - ps... (thank you on behalf of the kids parents for the "grand" comment)

    2. Sherry is magic at bringing out the best in folk :)

  13. Hi Dr. Pearl, greetings from the equator!
    a delight to read your poems on this interview. The Inevitable Creep of the Tide brings back childhood memories for me too. it's a pleasure to know a bit more of the poet and your works in this post.
    you have such a positive outlook on life and that's something i should learn.

    Long Island seems like a wonderful place but the nearest i have been to there is lifting up a bottle of Long Island Tea. :)

  14. Hi there "ds" how delightful to meet equatorial you .. Where are you geographically? I'm delighted you enjoyed "The Inevitable Creep of the Tide". - aside from my obvious outlook inherent in all writers and writing I don't usually write autobiographically - but I did adore my father at all stages of my life until he stepped off this dimension ... Long Islsnd is a pretty area - although I am a light-weight on drinking and so you have me beaten on Long Island tea! ( long ago I lived in the US Virgin Islands - again curious to know where you are ... I love the way the Internet has brought my philosophy of us all being "connected" to reality in our shared virtual world. Happy poeming.

    1. i am from sunny Singapore. "Clean". "Efficient". "a fine city (as in $$$)". "ban on chewing gum". these are some of the more popular words thrown around to describe the country. rated the 3rd richest country in the world on GDP per capita, though i don't feel that rich, having to drag myself to work every morning to grind out a living. still, a good and safe place to live in. :)

  15. What a lovely interview.. I always find it so interesting to read Sherri's interviews, and you certainly seem to have a very good life.. It is always a joy to pass your blog and read your poetry.

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    2. Oooh Bjorn - thank you so very much for stopping by, reading this partial memoir and commenting. I am certain you realize how much I admire your work from my comments to you and so to hear that you find it a "joy" (!!!) to pass by my blog and read my poetry moves me and is very deeply appreciated. Thank you again... (btw this was the third attempt to reply to your delightful comment ... for some reason I wrote and they vanished .. hope this one sticks).

  16. I LOVE me some Pearl! One of my all-time favorite poetical cheerleaders from what she calls "The Street." Pearl, you're a joy. Your grandbabies are every bit as beautiful as your poems. Keep dipping those toes, and that pen. Keep sharing your words. The world is a better place for knowing them - and you.

    (your "favorite mermaid")

    1. Awwww De - What a grand comment- Thank you so very much... I hope you know that hearing that you get a bit of joy from me is the very highest accolade in my personal "how am I doing in this life book!" As for the babes - As long as most of my life story is now out here in this "little update" where I included just about everything but the color of my nail polish (actually it's a light color called Waltz) the "kids" are the children of my step/son (the two girls) and the now little boy shown here as a baby is the son of my step/daughter both of whom were raised all together with the son who got married this summer. So... can't take any credit for genetic beauty ... but they are all loves. Thank you again De and yes, you are my favorite mermaid ... of course, you know it takes one to know one.... and now off to dip my toes in the sea metaphorically.

  17. Pearl this was a wonderful chat and as usual Sherry just makes it all so easy to flow through the conversation with both of you....many congrats on so many levels Pearl especially with family and your poetry reading....I am confident that in the proper time all those accomplishments will be born....they are there still so no hurrying needed. Like babies they are born on their seems the cosmos knows the time better than we do. Keep dipping your toes in the ocean and enjoying life!!

    1. Oh thank you so very much Donna. Sherry does makes it so very easy to flow - well perhaps in my case spill or tsunami a conversation. :) I love your comment about accomplishments being born in their time.. I have been waiting since third grade for that "book" to come to me. The Universe know the schedule far better than I.. Greatly appreciate your support and yes, I fully plan on dipping my toes and enjoying it all <3

  18. Thank you Sherry for this lovely interview with one of my favorite people and poets! I too met Pearl in the real world and it was such a delight to finally meet after knowing her only on the Internet. Pearl is one of those people who truly cares for other people. This is going to embarrass you, Pearl, but after my husband passed away a year and a half ago she set up a virtual shiva as a memorial to him! She kept it going for weeks as friends posted poems and momentos to help me in my time of grief. Your blf has certainly had a gem of a person on here. Pearl has also edited two anthologies and she has administered several poetry pages. So you have a lot more accomplishments than you think my friend! Her volume of poetry will be coming soon I feel. In the meantime your poems always sing for me and you have inspired more people than you think😊

    1. Awww Barbara - you know me well ...thank you so very much for embarrassing me with this listing of things that I simply enjoyed doing... It fills my heart to think that I may have inspired others and I love the very idea of my poems "singing " for you. It was so wonderful of you to come out and hear me at a local reading and to get a glimpse of your lovely daughter as well - what a treat that was ❤️ Thanks again to one of my favorite authors and the "mother" of a favorite character Carolyn of your book If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor"

  19. I'm so late to comment but just want you both to know how much I enjoyed this. I ditto all the wonderful comments. Thank yoy Sherry and Pearl for such a delightful interview.

  20. Oh thank you Myrna - no such thing as late for stopping by and reaching out so warmly. So very deeply appreciated 😊


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