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Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Smoking Tobacco

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“Some mysterious revenge of nature has seen to it that no poem in praise of drink or tobacco (or snuff, if any) can succeed.” 
― Kingsley Amis

        Hmm . . .     

"No matter what Aristotle and the Philosophers say, nothing 
is equal to tobacco; it's the passion of the well-bred, and he 
who lives without tobacco lives a life not worth living." 

"Neither do thou lust after that tawny weed tobacco." 

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Ash trays with fresh flowers are a common symbol of 

Midweek Motif ~ 
Smoking Tobacco 

Have you ever smoked tobacco?  
Once I shared a Trailways Bus seat with an old man who told me tobacco was safe before air pollution.   Hmm.

Your Challenge: Write a new poem in which you address your experience (or thoughts) about smoking tobacco. 

The Best Cigarette

There are many that I miss

having sent my last one out a car window
sparking along the road one night, years ago.

The heralded one, of course:
after sex, the two glowing tips
now the lights of a single ship;
at the end of a long dinner
with more wine to come
and a smoke ring coasting into the chandelier;
or on a white beach,
holding one with fingers still wet from a swim.

How bittersweet these punctuations
of flame and gesture;
but the best were on those mornings
when I would have a little something going
in the typewriter,
the sun bright in the windows,
maybe some Berlioz on in the background.
I would go into the kitchen for coffee
and on the way back to the page,
curled in its roller,
I would light one up and feel
its dry rush mix with the dark taste of coffee.

Then I would be my own locomotive,
trailing behind me as I returned to work
little puffs of smoke,
indicators of progress,
signs of industry and thought,
the signal that told the nineteenth century
it was moving forward.
That was the best cigarette,
when I would steam into the study
full of vaporous hope
and stand there,
the big headlamp of my face
pointed down at all the words in parallel lines

Edifying Thoughts of a Tobacco Smoker

by Johann Sebastian Bach
Whene’er I take my pipe and stuff it
And smoke to pass the time away,
My thoughts, as I sit there and puff it,
Dwell on a picture sad and gray:
It teaches me that very like
Am I unto my pipe.
Like me, this pipe so fragrant burning
Is made of naught but earth and clay;
To earth I too shall be returning.
It falls and, ere I’d think to say,
It breaks in two before my eyes;
In store for me a like fate lies.
No stain the pipe’s hue yet doth darken;
It remains white. Thus do I know
That when to death’s call I must harken
My body, too, all pale will grow.
To black beneath the sod ‘twill turn,
Likewise the pipe, if oft it burn.
Or when the pipe is fairly glowing
Behold then instantaneously,
The smoke off into thin air going,
Till naught but ash is left to see.
Man’s fame likewise away will burn
And into dust his body turn.
 How oft it happens when one’s smoking:
The stopper’s missing from the shelf,
And one goes with one’s finger poking
Into the bowl and burns oneself.
If in the pipe such pain doth dwell,
How hot must be the pains of Hell.
Thus o’er my pipe, in contemplation
Of such things, I can constantly
Indulge in fruitful meditation,
And so, puffing contentedly,
On land, on sea, at home, abroad,
I smoke my pipe and worship God


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  1. Thank you for the midweek jolt!

    1. Whew. It is an odd little jolt, isn't it? You are very welcome.

  2. Awesome prompt, Susan💖 I'll be back later tonight after work with a poem💖

    Lots of love,

  3. added a memory of my father today...thank you Susan :)

  4. For a person who has never smoked, I think you'll find that I do smoking well in my poem...
    Thanks for the prompt and the all-important reminder that tobacco (and other drugs) never solves any problems, it just creates more and more!

  5. Ha, and in Canada they are even legalizing pot. Sigh. Interesting prompt, Susan.

    1. I've heard Marijuana is better for you, though I suppose it depends on the quantity and whether or not you are driving.

  6. Thanks for this interesting prompt, Susan. :-)

    1. I am very happy you wrote for it. I wasn't sure it was a poetic topic, but yes. It is.

  7. Didn't know there was a World No Tobacco Day

    Have a nice Wednesday all

    much love...

    1. It's not very well publicized, probably because no one is profiting by helping people quit. I only found it out by searching google for what was special about my prompt day.

      Always good to see you.

  8. Loved your prompt Susan. Cheers! (she wrote as she lit up...)
    Anna :o]

    1. I am delighted that you came to post a poem and to read others. (Just don't blow that smoke in my direction!)

  9. Thanks for bringing us together, Susan

  10. Sorry, am extremely late this time, Susan. Loved your prompt...hence, had to write something! going to read others in a while! :)

    1. I'm glad to see you--and certain you're not even the latest!


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