Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do you know of a good Prompt or Meme Site?

As of late it seems the poetry blogosphere has been increasing steadily and with that steady increase more and more prompt sites are popping up.  While we realize that not everyone writes for a prompt we still would like to update our listing to give our members as many options as possible if they are looking for inspiration to write.  Our list hasn’t been updated in quite some time. 

If you manage, participate in a regular prompt site, or just know of one that we should list here to share with our members and readers please feel free to do so by leaving the link or title in the comment section below.

We thank you in advance for helping us out and hope to see a few new suggestions to add to our current listings.


  1. The ones I visit regularly are my own site which offers exercises every Tuesday; Donna Vorreyer's Poetry Tow Truck which comes out Saturdays on her blog: Put Words Together. Make Meaning; Big Tent whose prompts come out on Monday; One Stop Poetry which seems to have an irregular schedule of prompts, so I visit them often; We Write Poems posts new prompts on Thursdays; Carry On Tuesdays posts prompts on Sundays; Magpie Tales posts on Tuesdays; and Poets and Writers has a poetry prompt on Mondays. I figure it will take you less time to find any of those you don't have than for me to try linking them, but I will if you can't find one.

  2. Thanks Margo. There are a few you listed that are new to me. I think I have about half of them but Im sure a quick google can find it. I dindt realize you had one.

  3. I have one that I just started for the romantic writers. I was trying to start a place for those Poets and Writers who delve a bit into the seduction and passionate side of writing. Its called Wicked Wednesdays.

    I hope you stop by. Its just starting out.

  4. There are three that I participate in
    It is "Poetry Potluck Monday" (prompted)
    They have a prompt for Wednesday OSW (open entry, no prompt)
    Poetry Tow Truck
    Donna has only had this for a month.
    She has had some very interesting prompts.
    I am sure she would like to see more folks
    visit her.

    Any one of these is a good option, if looking for more writing activities.


  5. Theme Thursday:

  6. Three Word Wednesday

    Sepia Saturday

    Sunday Scribblings

    One Single Impression

    Writer's Island

    these are my suggestions.

    Kisses! =*

  7. i participate in:
    Magpie Tales, Childrens' Verse (Monday's Child), (Microfiction Monday),
    Haiku Heights,
    3 Words Wednesday,
    Big tentpoetry,
    One stop Wednesday (One stop poetry),

  8. new one! eric alder's photography site, bifocal univision. monday photo prompts!

  9. I participate in my new prompts that are given in many sites.Recently opened up my new prompt page for everyone to try out writing on different poetry forms.

    Experimenting With Poetry Forms:

    Every week new poetry form is explained with an example and shared among poeters

  10. I thought of three other sites that accept
    poems to their blog:
    I suppose they are considered "meme"




    Just visit and check out their criteria
    for submitting

  11. Hi. I run weekly Limerick-Offs:
    Mad Kane's Limerick-Offs

    I generally post them late Sunday evening or early Monday. Thanks!

  12. I might add:

    Saturday 9 (
    Sunday Stealing (
    Thursday Dating Profiles (http:/

    But Bubba's got a start...

  13. Acrostic Only, a monthly prompt at

    There are 12 special prompts, that will challenge your writing skills, but are fun to do!


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