Monday, February 21, 2011

Manic Monday Writing Inspirations!

Do you have a case of the Mondays?  Do you need a break from the frenzy? Maybe your imagination and pen would like a quick escape from the begining of the new week, if that is the case, this will be the perfect post for you. In this post you will find a short list of all the sites that are live and hot today with poetry and writing prompts! At some point today all the communities listed here will be or have already put forward a fresh new idea to spark your creative urges. You can find a brief description for each prompt site below. Once you find the one that tickles your fancy just click on it and voila! It will open a new window that will have taken you right to the prompt or site. We hope your Monday is not too busy to write!

Poetry Train - Get on board and post any Poetry you like all week.

Monday's Child - Each week a classic children's illustration is posted to inspire poems, stories and fairy tales.  This one is hosted by Poets United Member signed...bkm.

Bifocal Univision (Monday Photo Prompt) - A photo is snapped by Eric, use it as you see fit.  You can post your inspired writings all week.  This one is hosted by Poets United Member Eric Adler.

Big Tent Poetry - A prompt is offered each monday then come back and post it Friday's.

Stony River (Microfiction Monday) - 140 letters or characters is all you get to write for this prompt.  You can post all week.

Inside My Poem Book (Experimenting with Poetry Forms) - Each week a new style and form is introduced for poets to write in.  If you are willing to learn and try new styles this is a good place.  This one is hosted by Poets United Member Uma

Mad Kane's Humor Blog (Limerick-Off) - Each week Mad Kane hosts a Limerick-Off in which she posts a limerick and invites poets to write their own limericks using the same first line.  This one is hosted by Poets United Member Madeline Kane.

Poets & Writers (Writing Prompts) Each monday a workshoop quality prompt is put up. Participate to get better here.  This is a wonderful and professional source for all things writing.

Remember at Poets United we are about the community so if you stumble across a great site that should be included in our Prompt/Meme Directory or posts please feel free to email us about it so we can share it with everyone!

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