Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Thursday Think Tank - #36 Lilies of the Field

Every third Thursday we bring you a music or movie inspired theme usually chosen by signed...bkm. She never ceases to amaze me with her suggestions.

Suggested by signed... bkm

Growing up my parents would always watch old movies, or at least what I thought at the time were old movies, and force me to watch them. I think that is why I became interested in reading. I would mutter under my breath and struggle through the movies in question hoping that I would then get a dose of Bart Simpson or something. I was usually rewarded with another old black and white movie. As I look back today some 20 plus years later I realize it was not all that bad. At some point in my youth I began to like the movies and actually pay attention to them and now I am the silver screen buff that I am today. bkm suggested one of my all time favorites for this week and I was simply elated. She brought memories roaring back.

This week’s clip is from “Lilies of the field” staring an amazing man, Sydney Poitier. It’s a great choice if you ask me. I find this a very fitting selection with this also being Black History Month. Sydney is the first black person to win an Academy Award for Best Actor but that is trivial in the light of the many things he has done for society as a whole.

So with my rambling out of the way find a quiet moment too and listen and watch the Lillies of the Field clip “Amen”.  Let it take you somewhere you may have never been before and let it inspire your inner poet. . This prompt can inspire the idea of thankfulness or equality. It can make you ponder a higher power. Maybe it will affect you like it did me and remind you of your childhood. Whatever it brings to your thoughts please join us in writing for and about it. Sir Sydney Poitier, the movie “Lilies of the Field” and the song “Amen” have been and are inspirational to many people across many generations. Share with us what they inspire in you.  We look forward to reading all your wonderful words.

If you have a prompt idea (even a Music or Film inspired one) that you would like to suggest or share with us please send it to . We keep a folder set aside with all your suggestions and just might use it one day.

There 3 simple rules:

1. Don’t link to more than 3 poems per week.

2. Please visit some of the other poems linked here when you link to yours.

3. Leave a comment after you have posted your link.


  1. Loved the video!Thanks sherry and bmk :)

  2. Love that movie. Brought back some
    long ago memories.


  3. I know I could have gone
    in another direction, but
    what happens when only one
    lily is left?


  4. This is what came to mind.

  5. Always amazed by the places the muse and the prompt conspire to take me.

  6. brought back some memories, the ending was great loved the expression on the Nun's face as she knew he was leaving.

  7. I haven't seen this movie; I love Sidney Poitier.
    I will have to rent it. I found it difficult, but went with faith, seasons n' Mother Nature.

    Great choice, bkm~

  8. I realize my poem comes rather late this week. I'm not what one might call religious, but this scene and song never fail to move me. I wanted to contribute something for the prompt, but it needed some thought.


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