Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday's Words To Write By!

We have made it to the mid point of the week.  The rest of the way should be smooth sailing and to help start that journey downhill you will find a short list of all the sites that are live and hot today with poetry and writing prompts waiting to inspire your imagination. At some point today all the communities listed here will be or have already put forward a fresh new idea to spark your creative urges. You can find a brief description for each prompt site below. Once you find the one that tickles your fancy just click on it and voila! It will open a new window that will have taken you right to the prompt or site.

3 Word Wednesday - 3W has been around a while and its always fun to try.  You get three words here to inspire your pen.  Use them all!  Its amazing how a few words can tell so many stories

One Stop Poetry (One Shot Wednesday) - Every Wednesday you get the chance to share whatever you wish.  Posts and links are accepted all week.

ABC Wednesday - A fun project, now in its fourth year! Each wednesday a letter of the alphabet is offered as the prompt.  If you have something to share, be it a photograph, piece of art or poetry post in on your blog and link it on their page.

Wicked Wednesdays - Va Va Voom! A daring passion prompt goes up each week but any fiery tale can be posted if you'd like.  This one is just starting out so be sur eto stop by.  It seems it will attract the feme fatales.

Remember at Poets United we are about the community so if you stumble across a great site that should be included in our Prompt/Meme Directory or posts please feel free to email us about it so we can share it with everyone!


  1. I must be missing something on ABC Wednesday. Do they post the letter of the alphabet or does the number of the round equate to the letter of the alphabet and where is the link? I felt like I was missing something obvious so I looked for quite a while. Help!

  2. Margo, They post the letter of the week. This week is E. It went up on tuesday. Along with the letter a guest poster will write something relevant toward the letter itself. What you choose to write for the selected lette ris up to you. Then after you post it on your blog you use their linky tool. Its a little different than most but you can find it at the bottom fo their post in light blue. I hope this helps a bit.

  3. Ah! Tuesdays, thank you, Robb. I will make a note. When I visited Wednesday, I saw nothing.

  4. Got it! My computer must have been playing me up.


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