Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Titillating Tuesday Prompts

It seems you have survived the first day of the week because you are reading this right now. Does it mean you need a pick me up?  Does your imagination and pen want a short escape from the daily grind?  If that is the case, this will be the perfect post for you. In this post you will find a short list of all the sites that are live and hot today with poetry and writing prompts! At some point today all the communities listed here will be or have already put forward a fresh new idea to spark your creative urges. You can find a brief description for each prompt site below. Once you find the one that tickles your fancy just click on it and voila! It will open a new window that will have taken you right to the prompt or site.

Magpie Tales - A unique photo prompt is posted every Monday by Willow the talent behind Willow Manor. These photos are always fun, quaint and pen inspiring.  A lynky is supplied for you to share your work and read others.

Carry on Tuesday  - A song, verse or famous phrase inspires your pen here. You are offered a bit of a song, verse from poetry, or famous phrase form somewhere. Use it it all or just bits to inspire your poem and then post it to the Carry On Lynky.  Be sure to visit and comment on other posters as they will yours.

Tuesday Tryouts - A worskshop style prompt to hone your writing skills is what you will find here.  It is hosted by Margo Roby one of our talented Poets United members.  When particpating in these prompts know that they are challenging but fun.

Remember at Poets United we are about the community so if you stumble across a great site that should be included in our Prompt/Meme Directory or posts please feel free to email us about it so we can share it with everyone!


  1. I am having second thoughts about prompts. it seems as if they are taking over the poetry blogging universe, and I am beginning to wonder if so many of them spur or stifle creativity.

    Just posing a question.

    I'm going to continue to do some of them, but I'm going to move away from them, a bit, too.

  2. I can't help feeling Fireblossom has a good point. So many bloggers are tempted to rush to post on the given day, that all careful editing, which most works benefit from, goes out the window. Of course, there are always exceptions, but many lamentable offerings continue to assail our screen with horrible regularity...

  3. It seems there is a great divide where this is concerned and I agree a bit with both sides. Yes there are more and more popping up and diluting the poetry blogosphere with both quality and quantity. Some folks enjoy them very much and search them out while others avoid them. I have listed 35 alone here on this site some of them have just popped up. One has to wonder is it for the art poetry or is for self recognition. This all goes back to my question of is the internet helping or hurting poetry. Am I helping or hurting poetry. I initially did daily prompts but now just do them every so often if I am truly called by the concept.

  4. Another Tuesday, in poetry circles another must on the net, my brain is ready to be fed

  5. I think blog sites which offer prompts have a very definite place in the poetry world because they can give a needed push when a writer is having an occasional block, they often provide a linkage set-up to bring traffic to writers' sites and they bring together a diverse and vibrant writing community.

    For myself, from these prompt sites, I've been given the wonderful opportunity to 'meet' writers whose work I probably never would have had the pleasure of reading otherwise, which is a good thing.

    The point to keep in mind is that one does not have to write to every prompt. I know that I do not do so. That isn't to disparage the people who work hard to provide the prompts, but because either the time is too short or a particular prompt may just not speak to me (at least, immediately.)

    What is fun is to read where a word or a picture can take different writers who 'give it a shot' - because no two takes on a prompt are the same.

    Just my 2¢. ☼

  6. I consider myself a beginner poet. I have been writing lyrics for a while, but always towards a song...not just for the sake of writing down.

    So these prompts help me by exposing me to forms of poetry that I am rather unaware of. Just Monday I wrote and posted my first Haiku ever!

    So it can't be all bad...


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