Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poem of the Week - Vantage Point - Sunning Topless

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Danny Earl Simmons - My Writing

Vantage Point - Sunning Topless

Why create
arbitrary boundaries
and lines of demarcation?

Why separate
brown from white,
white from brown?

I’m all for open borders.

~ Danny Earl Simmons

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  1. I believe I must agree with Mr. Simmons' viewpoint on this subject! :)

  2. Well Done; I enjoyed the width of this piece, leaving so much to reflect on~
    I love the last line!

  3. Fabulous! As a Tucson resident living close to the border issues, I applaud ( of course I share) this attitude!

  4. A very clever take on the prompt. Your few words say a lot!Congrats.


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