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The Poetry Pantry: Second Anthology

Poets United is preparing to begin work on our second Poetry Pantry Anthology. It is our hopes for it to possibly be done in time for the winter holidays. We are considering themes, submission requirements and deadlines at this time and would really like your feedback for this. If you have any ideas or suggestion for this anthology please let us know by emailing us at or simply comment in the comment section below. All suggestions will be considered.

The Poetry Pantry, independent and unaffiliated, is an international poetry anthology published annually or biannually by Poets United, an online poetry blog community. It is run entirely by its community participants under the guidance of its founder Robert Lloyd. The Poetry Pantry features poetry, prose and art submitted and approved by the members of Poets United.

Our first edition was published March 2011 shipping well over 70 copies worldwide. There was and still is a free downloadable copy available to anyone who wants one. The last book was printed through Lulu and we had over 50 members of the Poets United Community whose poetry, prose, art or photography was published in the Anthology. We want to take the experience of our first anthology and improve upon it and in order to do this we will need your help.

Click the Anthology Image for a free pdf copy of our last anthology

As was the case with our first anthology we want to stress the fact that this endeavor is not meant for profit. This is intended only as an opportunity for our members to experience and share themselves in print with family and friends. Your creativity is what we wish to share. We will yet again keep the cost to an absolute minimum. Our last copy was set at the basic Lulu price of $7.50 (not including S&H). If we can get it cheaper we will but for now this will be our target. This means that Lulu sees nearly every penny of the book due to production costs save for about 27 cents. Again it is our goal that all of our members have the opportunity to see themselves in print however depending on the amount of submissions we receive we will determine if there will need to be a limit or cutoff point.

Our current proposed standards are as follows:

  • You must be an active member of Poets United for 60 days or more prior to the submission deadline to qualify for consideration. We will check this as we had to do so last time because we received many random non member submissions. Our priority with this project is to our members.
  • You may submit a minimum of two poems and a maximum of four to be considered by our panel for the anthology.
  • Current proposed submission start and end period August 1st through October 15th.
  • Current proposed print or publish date December 15th.
Please keep in mind that should we not garner enough participation in the project we may forgo the idea all together and try again next year. If you have been with Poets United for quite sometime you will see that this project is very transparent.  We keep our members updated every step of the way as it is your community and anthology. As always is the case with Poets United all works revert to the original Author or artists as we are doing this for our community and the poets.

So now that we have the basics out of the way please feel free to share your thoughts on this. We welcome all comments.  What should the theme be?  What should the title be this time The Poetry Pantry:  Blank blank blank.


  1. best luck...i hope it is published :)

  2. Yippee! Wonderful, Robb! You work hard at providing a supportive environment full of opportunities for we poets and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Thanks Robb - this news, the venture - and you - totally rocks!

  4. you are such an encouragement for all of us Robb ... thank you so much for all your efforts.

  5. to see second anthology.Poets united was the first community I have joined from the day I started my blog and I was growing along with it.Thanks for the encouragement you gave me to write with those mind evoking prompts .I would submit few of my poems to be considered for the second anthology the way where to submit the links ? can anyone tell me?

  6. Hello.
    I read this post yesterday and slept on it overnight in hopes I could conjure up some useful suggestions.

    I think a second anthology is a great idea and I applaud you for wanting to recognize and encourage all our members. I agree with your proposals re timeline, etc.

    My suggestion for title is: The Poetry Pantry - Odes To Timeless Beauty

    I quite like Punam's idea of priority to first-timers followed by second-time participants or a 60/40 first/second ratio. Also, do you need help with funding?

  7. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. I plan to take these and line them up fro comparison and what not. To answer a few questions posted so far is my next task.

    Yes you can particpate again if you were published in our first one. We will haev to see how the response is submission wise before we begin cutting or disallowing people. the style of book we are doing allws for plenty fo more to be added form our last one.

    I do like the name suggestions

    We have not begun accepting any submission yet as we are in the planning stage.

    Funding is not needed as we go through Lulu. Lulu is a print to order press. Kind of a book on demand site. Once the design is finalized whoever wishes to have a copy must go to them to order one. Then they print it and send it you. I will say do not bother with the express shipping. Get the minimum shipping and wait.

    As more questions come up I wil try and answer them. Our first Anthology was much bette rthan i expected but there are areas that can be improved upon. I will need at elast 60 days to get them ready as I do it on my time after work and what not with the help of many others form within the community.

  8. Wonderful to see you take this on again, Rob. I very much enjoyed the variety that was in the first anthology and look forward to seeing more poetry from the members in a book form. As nice as the PDF is, the paper copy is nice to carry around and leaf through periodically for inspiration and contemplation. I don't have any suggestions for you at this time, only words of encouragement and thanks for taking this task on again. :)

  9. How exciting!

    May I suggest~ The Poetry Pantry: A Smorgasbord of Words

  10. I like this a lot. I hope I can be included this time around. I just missed out on the last one. I suggest this theme: Hope/Love (old but broad and versatile)

    With this title: The Poetry Pantry: Far from Fear

  11. I saw the Anthology for the first time today using the link above. I was thrilled to be included with such a wonderful group of poets. I simply do not know how to PURCHASE an actual copy. Can you help me with an address or link? Please send to my email address,

    Thanks. As to the title? LIFE: Peering Through the Poetic Lens.

  12. I like Amy's suggestion a play on Poetic Lens.

    Reflection of Life: The Poetic Lens
    Yes, I like that word "reflection", lol~

    Thanks Robb and everyone involved in our first endeavor! Thank you for being so supportive and encouraging of our soul's view! It was amazing to see and wonderful to have a copy~ I would be thrilled to be part of another book. My view is let the panel pick what fits the theme. I don't think we should pick older members first. I think talent should dictate selection. If that means I don't get selected;I'm fine with it~

    I'll be back with more suggestions for names~

  13. I love Amy's idea - Life: Peering Through the Poetic Lens. Cool.

  14. I think the poetry should apply to the title, the theme selected. If it was about book sales, then everyone should have a poem. If it is about representation, than raw talent should speak for our community!


    Abandoned Exposure
    Relinquished Dreams
    Whispers among the Shadows
    No ordinary eye
    Surreal Navigation
    Aviary's Imprint
    Etched Rhythm
    Iridescent Portal
    Iridescent Alignment
    Paved Pigment
    The Discernible Doorway

    I know out there; I think we just have to keep tossing coins in the fountain. We will get there~

  15. so many luscious names suggested already! i'll be happy for a chance to submit something, whatever the theme and title.

    i can't even keep up with my blog, Robert, let alone take on a project like this. thank you to you {and everyone who assists you} for Poets United ~ it's forming a wonderful poetry community!
    dani ♥


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