Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Tent Poetry

Every so often Poets United will highlight other great poetry sources, communities or organizations that help to strengthen the foothold of poetry in the blogosphere. By doing this we open up other avenues or chances at creativity for our members and readers. It will not always be a major organization, it can be a small community with a unique twist or addition to the poetry world. If you as a reader stumble across a place you find to be great for the poets gathered here at Poets United please feel free to let us know so that we can possibly share them here.

Today we share with our readers: Big Tent Poetry

Big Tent Poetry was created in March of 2010 to fill the void left in the poetry community when “Read Write Poem” closed its doors. If you are not familiar with RWP it was a wonderful place for poets of all sorts and from all over to gather and share their work. Now in a similar fashion we have been blessed with “Big Tent Poetry”.

Big Tent Poetry has done a magnificent job in attempting to keep the poetry world connected since its inception. It is a well presented community that is open to any and all that wish to be a part of the poetry blogosphere. A main draw to the site, the weekly prompts, is just a small portion of what “Big Tent Poetry” offers its members. Members you ask? It’s harder to not be a member than it is to be considered one. Keeping with the Big Tent idea it is a “come one come all” kind of place. If you are there, you are a member, just remember to always treat others with respect. In addition to its popular prompts Big Tent Poetry also offers columns, interviews, writing challenges, groups and so much more. Some of these concepts are just taking shape but if the site so far is any indication of what they will be like then it should be a great experience.

Big Tent Poetry is a rapidly growing site that is being shaped by both its creators and the poets who visit the site. If you are looking for a poetry community to be a part of or just visit every so often, give Big Tent Poetry a try you will not be disappointed. It destined to be one of the greatest shows on earth.


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