Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week (28 June, 2010) - Fenny’s Bla Bla Blog

Fenny’s Bla Bla Blog - Fenny’s Bla Bla Blog is written by Fenny Sterenborg, a worldly poetess living in the Netherlands. Her blog takes a pure approach to presenting her poems. It is an unadorned and simple white canvas sprinkled with subtle yet stirring black and white photos. There are no bright colors or loud headers found here. She saves her strength for her poems. Fenny’s poetry is delicate and poignant and at times simply mesmerizing. Her words seem to act as a camera capturing small but powerful moments in life. One of my favorite examples of this is her poem “One Lonely Tear". With this poem she captures so much emotion with a few perfectly placed words. In 12 short verses she has her readers feeling as if they were right there witnessing events unfold. If you can’t spend time walking slowly through her poetry blog then at least read this poem. Fenny’s poetry has a magnetic rainy day appeal. If its drizzling where you live, open a window and your browser and experience the world with the poetry found at Fenny’s Bla Bla Blog.

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