Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Thursday Think Tank - #1 Acrostic

Poets United will put out weekly poetry prompts in hopes of inspiring great poetry. We will attempt to do so every Thursday. This is not a requirement of our members; it is merely a way to provoke our creative urges. This week’s poetry prompt will be a simple one to start us out, write and Acrostic Poem.

Some of you may be wondering what and Acrostic Poem is. It’s a simple and fun style of poetry that focuses on a single word or phrase. The poem takes whatever you have chosen and begins each line with each letter of the selected word or phrase. For Example: Cloud

Calmly floating along
Lazily in the sky

I think you get the idea. What you choose to do with your poem is up to you. Hopefully some will place it in their own poetry blogs for others to see what they were inspired to write. You are also more than welcome to share it here if you would like. We could create a section for Poetry Prompt Submission if there is demand for it. 

We hope you give this Prompt a try. Good luck and Happy Writing!

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    awards for poets united staff,
    please enjoy,
    I value your efforts.


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