Monday, June 14, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week (14 June, 2010) - A Collection of Poetry

"A Collection of Poetry"

A Collection of Poetry – “A Collection of Poetry” is a poetry blog written by Ladan. When visiting this blog you will be instantly curious by the simple yet celestial feel her blog seems to give off. The image abstract that she uses as her banner is very much like her poetry itself; both are beautiful representations of something beyond our everyday lives. If you are caught up in the world and just can’t find the opportunity to view Ladan’s ethereal offerings then at least read her poem “The Rain”. It is an elegant poem which leads the reader to enjoy the feel of the rain drops, the sadness of the situation and the warm sun soaked resolution. “A Collection of Poetry” is a wonderful of grouping of poems by Ladan, a must visit for any poetry enthusiast.

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