Monday, June 21, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week (21 June, 2010) - Hope Whispers

Hope Whispers – "Hope Whispers" is given to us courtesy of poetess Carrie Burt. This poetry blog carries a nostalgic and philosophical air to it. Carrie’s prose are thought provoking glimpses of her world and the world that we share. Her pieces of perspective are works meant to be read more than once, each time giving way to a new and incredible idea or viewpoint. The blending of her poems with her chosen photos adds to the serene and calm appeal of her blog. If time does not permit you to get lost in her poetry at least take a moment to read “To Bring a Sparrow Down”.  This poem puts on display Carrie’s wonderful ability to make her readers think beyond her words. The concept of how much effort goes into the making of something so small, which is used to bring down something so precious, is well questioned and proven foolish with this poem. It is Carrie at her best. Take a moment to visit “Hope Whispers”. You will not be the least bit disappointed when you stop by and read her poetry; it may just brighten your day and give you the chance to see things just a bit more clearly.

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