Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poem of the Week (22 June 2010) - Mr. Sociable

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Mr. Sociable

He is graceful and charming
completely disarming
essential to any social affair

obligingly devout
mingling about
dispensing kind words here and there.

Hands reach to touch him
elbows to nudge him
eyes seek a glimpse of his smile

he’s a man with flair,
obvious savoir-faire
a portrait of tactful style.

But sometimes I wonder
if deep down under
he tires of this endless game?

I think his fa├žade
is becoming slipshod
I don’t think he’s living up to his name

for I detected a hint
of a reticent glint
in his otherwise jovial eyes

perhaps his desire
is to simply retire
and watch all the fuss pass him by.

By Robert Cameron Hazelton

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