Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Poem of the Week (30 June 2010) - Consent

This poem can be found at:

"The Chocolate Chip Waffle"


Like a yard of green silk,
unroll me on the kitchen table.
Smooth your fingers over my flowers.
Gather my corners to the center,
bury yourself in the folds.
Iron my pleats with steam hot breath.
Pull me taut until I divide,
and your hands hold only silken threads.
Devour me until your fingers,
ten tongues,
are raw with my texture.
Embed me in your rose garden hands.
And remember there's tomorrow
left yet to cultivate.

--Terresa Wellborn


  1. It's an honor to have my poetry posted here. Thank you!!

  2. Beautiful Terresa congrats on being featured poem of the week....found you thanks to Julie....bkm

  3. Beautiful sensual detail. Congratulations on being the featured poet!

  4. Congratulations Terresa you deserve it. Your poetry is amazing. I love your blog!!! :-)

  5. simply splendid.amazing amazing metaphoric skill.


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