Friday, July 16, 2010

Eileen T O'Neill

Born in Belfast, now living in Cheshire, Eileen is a hardworking mother to four great twenty-somethings and a dedicated wife to her husband, whom she often accompanies on business trips to interesting places around the world. She enjoys travel, good food, wine, music, reading and observing the beauty that is everywhere in the natural world.

Having originally trained and worked as a nurse, Eileen then put her career aside in order to be a mother and homemaker. However, Eileen has very recently begun to pursue a lifelong ambition – to write creatively, initially in the form of short poems, some of an observational nature, others simply based on the fun of playing with language and ideas. She has found great encouragement and support from a growing online community of like-minded enthusiasts and mentors, and this is building her confidence to extend her writing challenge even further, maybe into short stories or other longer literary forms.

Her family are all immensely proud of what she has achieved in such a short time already, and are amazed that this talent has apparently remained dormant all these years – but are so gratified to see it having the chance to blossom now. And they eagerly anticipate what may be coming next.

Eileen is also keen to provide reciprocal support to others in the Poets United community, as it is this which gave her the impetus and confidence to continue her writing, and to share it with the wider group. If you would like to find out more about Eileen, please visit the link below.

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