Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poem of the Week (20 July 2010) - Where

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Everyone asks me where are you going?

What is it you will do with your life now?

I have no answers to these questions

Where am I going?

And what will I do with my life now?

Where is a relative space in time

What means nothing to me

Where did you go?

What are you doing?

Those are the answers that I want

I feel the cold it chills me

I have my dreams and my desires

Where is not important and what I do is less

Where is on a beach watching the waves come upon the shore

I miss what you were doing and regardless of me

Where are you?

What is it you do now without me?

By  flaubert


  1. Congratulations Pamela on your poem being chosen! Great choice, asking greatest of questions...

    - Dina

  2. Great piece, great questions Pam, most of us have been there some time in our life..you lay out the questions so eloquently..Congratulations, well deserved....bkm

  3. Hooray for you, Pamela! I'm with Dina and bkm...great questions! There is sadness and beauty. A winner indeed! Congrats! ~Brenda

  4. Pamela, a heart-felt congratulations to you! An honor well-deserved!

  5. you guys are much too kind!

  6. Congratulation =D and you totally deserved it! I love this poem so much :D

  7. Pamela, this is a wonderful poem. So glad Robert chose it.


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