Monday, July 12, 2010

Poetry Blog of the Week (12 July, 2010) - Signed.....bkm

Each week at Poets United we try to introduce our members and readers to a poetry blog found here in our community. We introduce each blog by giving a small snippet about the poet responsible for hosting this blog and the style of the blog. We also link to at least one of our favorite poems that can be found in the highlighted poet’s blog. Poets United is about reading, writing and enjoying one another’s poetry and this just one more way to show our support for one another. We hope you enjoy reading the highlighted blogs.

This Weeks Poetry Blog is:

Signed... ..bkm - The mysterious bkm helms this elegant little poetry and writing blog. The poetry and stories found on this site have that old Hollywood feel; it’s as if the prose presented here capture and manipulate an era gone by bringing it to the present. In addition to the poetry offered here, the photos chosen to ride along with the words and the overall layout of the site pull together nicely into a chic little blog. A prime example of the classic appeal that Signed…..bkm presents is the poem “A Lesser God”. This poem, to me, seemingly sets the stage for a silver screen bohemia version of Hepburn arguing the intellects of the day while sitting at a simple outdoor cafĂ©. If that may be too big of a leap for some readers then I offer another example of the nostalgic air that the blog presents, the short story “A Man and A Woman”. It is a flash story that gracefully skirts around a French classic film and two lovers. It is a simply charming and enjoyable must read. Reading either of these two works will not be a disappointment and once you’ve been lured in by the style and appeal of bkm’s writing I am fairly certain you will move beyond these two pieces and explore the rest of the site. Signed…..bkm will leave you craving more after each visit.


  1. I have only just discovered BKM's lovely blog, but I am already a firm fan. I'm delighted to see her blog selected here.

  2. I totally agree with the review, bkm poetry is elegant, bright and classic!

    I enjoy her work!

  3. Gabriela said it all for me...I am new to Bkm's blog as well, and truly love it!


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